5 ways an abundance mindset transforms your life

Are you Living in a Vibration of Abundance Mindset or Scarcity Thinking? We’re kicking off the first Live workshop in the membership: Rooted into Abundance and I wanted to talk a bit deeper into WHY having an Abundance Mindset can completely transform your life and relationships.

With being in mid Inflation, Recession talk and an ever-changing landscape of stressed-out grocery visits with humor-induced poverty memes floating across social media – This current era is reeking of scarcity talk 😱👻💀

Let’s Face it – Understanding the concept of Abundance vs Scarcity thinking is an important Discussion now more than ever.

It’s a level of Law of attraction that goes a bit deeper than just Materialism – it’s about going into the ROOT OF MINDSET and ENERGETICS.

and Mindset is my specialty 😉

Here’s the Question, you need to embrace:

Are you living in a vibration of Abundance or a vibration of Scarcity?

This is a concept that can seriously change your life as I often see this problem with so many people especially within the Spiritual Community.

If you’re looking for the secret to a happier, more peaceful or even gentler life, all you need to do is open up to New Mindsets. The one in particular i’m talking about is learning to condition your mind to an Abundance Mindset.

Scarcity Thinking Keeps you Limited

In a Scarcity mindset we’re always associating from the illusion of separation by believing there is never enough and there is only a limited supply available to us.

our vibrations give off a desperate, needy energy that feels like we’re trying to push too much to get a desired result. This mentality keeps us contracted, stuck and gets us to believe we’re only in a very limited reality.

In a limited reality you can only see what is right in front of you, instead of believing beyond what you can physically see.The Abundance that is always available to us.

This is why a scarcity mindset can bring a lot of unconscious pain, struggle and suffering.

Signs You’re in a Scarcity Mindset:

  • Energetic attachments. You overly attach to people, things or even outcomes.
  • You desperately Cling to Relationships or try to Control them
  • Creating a pushy and needy energy – gotta gotta gotta get it done
  • You often are afraid to make investments or spend money (especially on yourself) due to fear.
  • You may have a fear of getting rid of things and have trouble letting go, (hoarders anyone?)
  • Always Jealous or envious of what others have and you don’t
  • Holding a lot of resentment, especially over wealthy people, more fortunate people or people who have more than you
  • You create a lot of Judgment, Negative self-talk and prone to trolling or picking up debates
  • Time is often your enemy – there is never enough time – right?
  • Comparisonitis – We compare ourselves to others, feeling we’re not good enough in our true authenticity
  • You feel inferior to higher brands, luxury stores or can’t even imagine being close to one.
  • You believe people are stealing energy from you or you are worried about others copying you
  • You are a miser when it comes to ideas, money or things – not willing to share
  • You fear change or dislike heavily feeling uncomfortable if your routine is off creating a ton of cognitive dissonance when experiencing change
  • You tend to merely settle for less than what you deserve.
  • You tell yourself you can’t have what you want and you have a whole story of excuses to go with it.

5 ways an Abundance Mindset Can Transform Your Thinking and Inevitably Your Life

1. An Abundance Mindset Trains You to KEEP GOING + ATTRACT MORE

When you Focus on conditioning yourself to have an Abundance Mindset –

You DROP your negative Bias and Begin to Keep going.

You Start Attracting More abundance in all forms such as Love, More than enough of what you need, desire and want, money, abundance of health, etc.

Scarcity: Stops you in your Tracks from taking action you need to take due to FEAR and UNCERTAINTY

2. Abundance Mindset Enhances your Relationships

When you’re in an Abundance Mindset, you naturally attract deeply loving fulfilling relationships, good support, communication and active listening.

Because you’re focused on the natural abundance IN the relationship – you’re not constantly projecting that this person isn’t enough, you’re not weighing pros and cons and you’re certainly not being inauthentic with who you are so you don’t attract that either.

Scarcity: highlights flaws: Nothing IS WORSE than when someone picks you apart, when you come at a lens of scarcity all you see is what someone isn’t doing, their weaknesses or misgivings – you’re deflecting the love and abundance in your actual relationship

3. We Believe unconditionally there is always more than Enough

When you train your mind to believe unconditionally there is always more than enough, you soften your nervous system to feel safer.

You suddenly are okay to relax, let go of ‘there’s never enough time, food, money, etc. and ‘you’re not enough.

You Shift your Perception to filter from ‘there is always more than enough for my needs, desires and wants to be met always no matter what, i am infinitely supported by the divine supply.

Scarcity: Heightens your Anxiety of fear of the future which products an unconscious reaction to go into Fight/flight Mode – producing a survivalist reaction to simple mundane things – even if it’s simply ‘the day to get groceries’ your BRAIN DOESNT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE and panics.

4. You Allow Yourself the Freedom to JUST BE ENOUGH

This is SO COMMON and an issue i’ve also dealt with time and time again – When you focus on your Abundance internally – You allow yourself to be enough as you are.

You stop trying to be something or someone you’re not, you relax into being the fullness of you – the abundance of YOU (we’ll be talking about this concept in the workshop for sure)

The Abundance of You is you in your fullest authentic expression of self.

Scarcity: Projects an illusion that you’re always doing it wrong, you’re never enough or too much for people, you can’t just settle into being you. This causes a reactive habit of external influence and project success always telling you WHO TO BE.

5. When you Think Differently – You ACT DIFFERENTLY

When conditioning yourself to operate from an Abundance Mindset, you suddenly will start to take different intuitive aligned actions forward.

You will suddenly gain: energy, insight, love of self, intuition, passion, and even confidence

Scarcity: Because Scarcity thinking keeps you in doubt and limited thought.

What do you think? Which one most resonates with you?

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