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Let’s talk about 3 things that are holding you back from knowing your psychic abilities. We’ll explore what these things are, and how you can overcome them to unlock your Intuitive gifts! If you’re interested in developing your intuition and psychic abilities, then this new episode is for you!

Let me ask you something, When it comes to your Intuition do you find yourself Second-guessing yourself or doubting your capabilities? 

It’s honestly more common than you think, 

one of my greatest pleasures is helping people rediscover their Gifts. This was a core focus in Last Month’s Intensive in the Membership, Intuition Mastery. 

But I wonder, 

Are you Truly holding back your Intuitive Gifts?

When I’m talking about spiritual gifts or intuitive gifts, It’s often kind of this mixed perception of what’s known as psychic abilities. However, what you’ll find is that a lot of it can have so much mixed, dogmatic, very societal-based opinions that tell us repeatedly this isn’t normal. For example, even our upbringing of beliefs could have told us that: it is crazy, abnormal or Too mystical. Psychic Abilities are often associated with concepts such as the occult. In religion, we’re taught You’re going to hell. It can be where you’re told you are crazy for thinking outside the norm of tangible reality.

At the same time, this gives us a very narrow and almost Shameful perception of being naturally an Intuitive who has unique gifts. Instead, you’re seen as the person who’s crazy if you have an intuitive power or an intuitive gift. You feel that…right?

There’s Also a Lot of Media and Movie Influence that reinforces this perception and belief around Paranormal Activity. Movies predict it as abnormal, scary, evil, or demonic. We have all of this bizarre conditioning that teaches us to suppress this part of ourselves. Then we Also have MANY people who have cognitive dissonance around spiritual and energetic concepts labeling them as parapsychology or pseudoscience. It is no WONDER we don’t feel safe or trust ourselves to explore our psychic abilities or intuitive gifts! Most of the external world and conditioning give us plenty of reasons why it shouldn’t feel natural or safe to do so.

As a result, We Start holding Ourselves Back

And What occurs from that is you have inherited ways to Hold yourself back, shut it down, suppress something that comes so natural and effortless to you and as a result?

You struggle to manage your personal energy, understand yourself, and your innate abilities as an intuitive empath or you FEAR your own Intuitive Power and natural gifts.

It’s more like you don’t even realize that you have a gift because you are completely neglecting it.

You’re suppressing them due to fear or conditioning. You’re turning them off and cutting off connection to Spirit. So you’re shrugging them off. You’re saying, that’s not possible and what occurs is you have all this conditioning that reinforces that suppression. I’ve seen it so many, so many, so many times that This element of we condition ourselves to suppress our intuitive power and naturally what occurs is so much fear, so much uncertainty, so much doubt, and as a result, it makes us lose our natural intuitive gifts.

Top Three Things to Look Out For

Let’s Talk about what are the Top Three Things you need to look out for in terms of suppressing your intuitive power so you can Embrace it: What if Your Intuition is as natural as your arms and Legs?
It’s SAFE to Honor Your Intuition and develop your Intuitive Gifts.

It’s safe to trust yourself. It’s safe to not be afraid of talking to spirit. It’s safe to really let go and allow. And this concept really is so powerful because it can teach you so much about who you are.

This week’s episode I’m sharing 3 Ways you may be Holding Back from Knowing Your psychic Abilities and Intuitive gifts. #3 you might not even be putting two and two together, This one blew my mind when I figured it out. 

Tune into the Episode now on the YouTube and Podcast to Learn the 3 Things holding you back:

Your Intuition is one of your BEST SKILLS to Develop as an Energy work or Sensitive.

When I first discovered I was an Energy Reader, developing my intuition and having proper energy management skills helped so so much. Suddenly things made a lot more sense. 

I can tell you after knowing you’ve been sensitive since a child but never having a word for it. Then Later after Spiritually Awakening KNOWING your intuition is one of your highest skills as an Intuitive and having the words for it? 

everything. makes. sense. again. and you feel peace.

I can attest that if you’re struggling with your gifts or spiritual journey and  you’re not working with your intuition?! 

It’s time to start! 

It can help you so much. 

I hope this new Episode sheds a ton of Light for you on your intuitive Journey. 

Let me know your #1 Soul Takeaway from this episode by dropping a Comment! 

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Excited to be back creating, I seriously do get bored when I’m not unleashing from Soul 👻

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