5 tools to heal your ascension symptoms

Are you having the constant thought of “how do I cope or deal with spiritual awakening symptoms?” In this week’s episode, We’re going to boldly talk about how to start healing the symptoms of awakening.

Many people are on the path to spiritual awakening, but sometimes the process is bumpy. It brings up all sorts of emotional Chaos and Ascension Symptoms, such as hypersensitivity, negative self-talk, Out of body experiences, headaches, and physical symptoms that affect us emotionally with overwhelm.

I’m going to share 5 tools that can help you to heal and progress on your path to spiritual awakening. If you’re struggling with symptoms of spiritual awakening, then keep reading because this episode is for you!

This is probably the Top #1 problem that I see repeatedly gets misunderstood and it’s this: 

 It’s possible to heal symptoms of Awakening. and you don’t need to ‘suffer’ for your Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening Transformational journey #saidit

IMO suffering in the name of transformation is a Copout. (Now before you throw the phone, hear me out)

There’s a different story at play and it’s time to start Expanding your perception around it, okay?

So let’s talk about just that! 

If you are suffering from symptoms of Awakening,
having a hard time with shadow work,
You’re not really getting anywhere when it comes to healing work
or you’re simply getting sucked into the new age cult dogma (said with love)


( Honestly, to be transparent with you, it’s taken me over 12 years on the journey  to confidently create this episode for you. I do not think i had it in me to share this with people 5 years ago because I know it will ruffle feathers specially those who are in the thick of it or suffering. 

BUT that’s exactly WHY I needed to create this episode. 

So grab a nice cuppa, get a notebook and dive in, I packed a lot of value into this one, 

I hope this new Episode sheds a ton of Light for you on your intuitive Journey. 

Tune in Below for the Full Episode and All the Awakening Tips!

The Five Energy Tools You Need in Your Back Pocket as an Awakened Empath or Intuitive

If you’re taking action, but not seeing the results you’ve desired, here are five methods to consider exploring and begin Shifting your Perspective on.

1. Energy Management

 Energy Management is about understanding How your Energy Works and Fundamentally knowing how to Manage your Personal Vibrations with Your Intuition. It has nothing to do with High vibe only and everything to do with establishing Solid Energy boundaries with pure conscious Awareness.

A lot of what occurs for people who don’t have this energy management system in their life is they’ve completely lost touch with their spiritual power. it’s way too common that many highly sensitive and spiritual awakening individuals suppress their intuitive power.

Our intuitive power is really learning how to properly access and use our intuition. it’s about really learning how to access your intuitive gifts and all of this is rooted in energy management because if you don’t have control of your energy or how to manage your energy, it’s very very hard to raise your vibration. When we embrace Energy Management we take back our Self-Accountability on our healing journey

2. Question your Resistance aka Ego

What really perpetuates the symptoms is you’re teaching your mind not to question the ego. Consequentially, what occurs if you don’t question the ego it stays unconscious. Now, because it stays unconscious it makes you believe that you’re out of control of it but this is just an illusion of perception. Then it just kind of runs rampant in your life.

However, you always have the power and the ability to question it because you are a conscious human being. You hold the power of inductive reasoning. Your Ability to have Conscious Thought and Logical Reasoning to Think outside of the box. One of The Best Energy Tools to Begin creating Rapid shifts in your Consciousness is to Question your Ego, limited thoughts, and negative emotions.

3. Energy work or Mind-Body Healing Work

Ask yourself: Do I use Energy work for my spiritual awakening? Energy Work helps aid you successfully in the process of true spiritual transformation. It helps Shift Consciousness from the energetic level allowing you to process emotionally and create sustainable healing on the mind-body.

Energy work can change your relationship to Spiritual Awakeningas it gives you proper tools to manage your vibration and create Emotional Healing on the body. It guides you to understand how energy works, How to Know your Chakra System from the Mind Body connection & Release emotional baggage coming up through the Symptoms of Awakening.

Energy Work helps you properly understand what is happening to you, how your energy body works and the energetic systems you’re operating on and well…now officially conscious of, so that you can end misaligned symptoms of awakening and start to experience more Fulfillment, Better health, while feeling an increase in self-esteem, present awareness and even Clarity of Life purpose. 

4. Work From the Internal State Vs only the External

if you really want a good glimpse into how you raise your vibration, not just Wishing on a Star and thinking positive…. know your mind, know your energy, know your emotions, know your habits. know your behaviors & Start to Get Conscious of these things.

This what I love to teach in-depth inside of The Ultimate Chakra Academy. Know what creates change through your internal state. You cannot solve an internal problem that’s happening due to Spiritual Awakening with an external tool, that’s truth because it won’t work. it’s not working for you because it’s not on the energetic level meaning It’s not changing Consciousness.

The inner work is what actually causes real shifts. I see this very very commonly in the spiritual Community is we try to heal or get “relief” with our spiritual awakening with external tools.

At the same time, we’re not getting to the root cause of the issue which is internally in our energy, our mindset and emotions. due to the lack of energy work occurring. When you’re working with the internal State, this is when things actually change.

5. Learn Manifestation

 Manifestation teaches you you can take something immaterial from the planes of consciousness and make it material. How does this connect to spiritual awakening? As you work on the Internal state and use manifestation principles to shift your mindset. The healing work generates a byproduct of manifesting your desires. At the same time, you also realize that you don’t have to live with Ascension symptoms because you can work on healing them.

Now after you’ve worked on healing those symptoms they’ll show up less and less and less. Then what you’ll find is that you are a conscious Creator and you’ll start to learn that instead of focusing more on suffering, pain, uncertainty and fear. you now see it as a CHOICE.

Now you are Consciously aware, you start to live in a higher vibrational state which attracts your purpose, authentic self and you start to learn that you can manifest your desires with your mindset by becoming an energetic match now.

How does Manifestation Connect to Awakening?

In simple terms, when it comes to manifestation how does it connect to Spiritual Awakening? Look at it like this, the more you become conscious of Consciousness itself, you’re learning that you hold the power to literally change and shape your reality.

So what do you think? Which Tool do you need the most on your spiritual awakening journey?

Let me know your Thoughts after diving into the tools, your own experience with healing or leave any questions you may have after this conversation opens up new perspectives for you. 

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Have a great week!

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