why do ascension symptoms happen

Do you feel like in your spiritual awakening you have a hard time with ascension symptoms? 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend going here first, and coming back, okay? 

Alright, I’m assuming you know what “ascension symptoms” mean…

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, Why are they coming up continuously on your awakening journey? 

It’s more Common than you Think, Let me explain.

Did you know this is extremely common in almost ALL Spiritual Awakenings and especially Kundalini Awakening Experiences to have Symptoms of Awakening start to occur?

Let me explain, around 2013, I sent out one of these huge research surveys. I asked everyone that was in my community to submit what their symptoms were, and I literally compiled a list of the most common symptoms that we experience in the various categories. My blog at the time was bringing in over 50,000 people, so it was a lot of data to sort through.

It was a lot of real data from real humans who submitted to me. and most of all I noticed common patterns and I created a page on my website with this data.

So if you aren’t familiar with Ascension symptoms, that list is composed of numerous people who have submitted to me the same thing over and over again.

Of course, there’s a huge disclaimer here. You know, if something’s wrong with you, please seek medical attention. It’s important that you can’t just blame every single tiny little thing that happens to you as an ascension symptom. Please don’t do that.

But instead, see this as a guide on what’s most common when you have a spiritual awakening.

So if you don’t know what those ascension symptoms are, I highly recommend looking at that list and then coming back to this video below. Now, if you do know what Ascension symptoms are, I am going to hope that you’re on the same page as me, and we’re just gonna dive more into the depths of why they happen.

One of the Most Common is Heightened Sensitivity

I know one of the more common problems is Extreme Heightened Sensitivity to People, Environments, Energy, and Emotions, right?  Maybe you even call yourself a Highly Sensitive person or an empath? 

This was totally me – I didn’t know i was an empath and natural energy reader but one of the symptoms I kept experiencing was Heightened sensitivity. on. repeat. 

As an intuitive empath and someone who naturally has clairsentience, this was one of the first things that really shook me when I first woke up. 

You can Heal your Symptoms

Over the years, I’ve consistently healed my symptoms of Awakening and I now teach others to do the same. I felt inspired to talk about this and wanted to share my own take on WHY you’re experiencing Ascension Symptoms.

Mainly because I learned how to defeat a lot of the ascension symptoms, the more I started teaching myself energy management tools and Mindset hacks. 

I wanted to share a little bit about the process, what I discovered, and Shed some light on Ascension Symptoms to give you some personal advice on what happens during Kundalini/spiritual awakening.

Tune into the episode below:

Maybe this episode will help clear it up for you! 

let me know in the comments, Does this help with knowing why ascension symptoms happen?

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