4 ways to get back into spiritual alignment

Have you ever wondered How do you get yourself Back into Spiritual Alignment?

What does it look like?

Have you ever asked yourself how do I get back in the flow state? 

Sometimes It’s easy to slip out of alignment, due to our ego and negative thinking. I was just talking about this the other day with my partner. 

I was telling him, so many people need to realize that their mindset is what helps them or stops them from getting real results. 

It’s when the ego and fear take over, this is when we start to become more misaligned. 

we could even safely say that misalignment is really operating from the survival mind( I mentioned this in the latest training Ascend 🙂 Have you watched it yet? )

This makes it tricky to sometimes navigate the resistance of the ego.

The resistance just exists in the mind, however the MIND is powerful. It dominates our point of attraction and it helps GUIDE US to the correct action to take. 

And spoiler Alert: 


So that makes the misalignment worse, that is until…

You begin focusing on bringing yourself BACK into your natural Spiritual Alignment, 

Where fear turns into determination, 

Doubt turns to confidence, 

and anxiety turns to PURE LIMITLESS EXCITEMENT 

What if you all just saw it as Temporary moving energy, like the moving energy of excitement comes from the transcending of anxiety due to fear of future. 

In short, we’re either letting the misaligned fear run the show or we’re overriding that sh*T so we take action from an ALIGNED state. 

I was just telling my partner, Do you know how many times I hesitated on going Live, hitting publish, had a negative thought about my video and didn’t want to publish it or just was afraid to really be “too much” with my writing….BUT I DID IT ANYWAY?  

Sometime you have to put fear aside and just start, just keep going, just allow the unfolding.

It’s because I stopped letting the fear run the show.

Here’s my TOP FOUR ways you can help yourself get back into Spiritual Alignment

You’re in for a treat, tune into this packed episode on all the different practices you can use to get back into Spiritual Alignment.

In this video, I’m sharing the journey to spiritual alignment, a transformative process that can help you reach your fullest potential.

If you’re looking for tools to help you on your spiritual journey, then you’re in the right place.

In this video, I’ll share 4 transformative practices that can help you reach your spiritual potential.

Whether you’re new to the process or are just starting out, these practices will help you journey to your authentic self!

Steal my official Spiritual Alignment framework for more intuition, success, confidence, and natural abundance in your life.

Find out How to Easily bring yourself back into Spiritual Alignment and Let me give you a hint (It’s not just about meditation 😉 )  Tune in to this week’s episode and find out:

How does this topic land for you, what ways do you get back into spiritual alignment ?

 Let me know in the comments 

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