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This month on the channel we’re entering into a How to Manifest series by TOPIC. 

A fun Summer Series to discuss how there are sooo many different areas you can use manifestation to your personal advantage. 

One of the MOST important areas I find is Manifesting Great Health and Vitality. Due to my own Background on Mind-body healing practices, manifesting health is one of my specialites – besides love, health is one of the first areas i definitely mastered when it comes to using manifestation and energy work principles. 

Due to my own childhood, I developed a lot of fears around healing, health, feeling something was innately ‘wrong with me’ and constantly on a journey of revisiting healing. 

Many don’t know this unless you’ve been around here for awhile – but I had a very sick childhood, and as a teen i had gallbladder disease, missing about a month of school with surgery at age 15. This moment actually really started my own spiritual awakening. I questioned many different things in my life, rebelled more, and questioned God/faith. 

The journey of health and healing hasn’t always been easy for me – I have learned SOO MUCH when it comes to Healing. 

this is why i love to teach it because its a real part of the journey for me that goes beyond just these surface level concepts like treating the symptoms, eff that. 

That’s why this week – I really wanted to spend some time talking about how we can use manifestation for healing and Learn how we can Empower our own healing journey. 

I’m sharing my top 3 tips on how you can Manifest Divine Health and Empower your own healing Journey. 

This conversation is for you if you; 

+ Have a hard time with health and illness, frequently find yourself getting sick

+ Have some misconceptions around energy work and Struggling to heal yourself 

+ Want a different conversation on Energy Healing that goes deep into the Mind-Body Connection and Energetic Patterns. 

Whether you are suffering from an illness or just simply want to reinforce good health, this is a great conversation on what you need to be focused on to manifest divine health in your life.

What we discuss in this video:

+ What really causes illness my personal perspective

+ How Energetics play a massive role in Healing ourselves from the inside out.

+ Learn ways you may be sabotaging your own Health and how to immediately shift this!

Is there a Particular Topic on manifestation you’d love me to cover?

Just hit reply below or let me know in our new contact box featured on the website(you can’t miss it, it’s bright teal 😉 ) 


Tune into the Video for the full download:

Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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