When we first start out on this spiritual journey, our eyes are wide with wonder and terrified of Letting go – so we resist, we push, we pull and as a result – we experience the ego death.

the death of the old you, the death of the old identity, shedding apart like a old skin from a snake of kundalini – the part of us that feels so lost yet so found.

the journey doesn’t make sense – it feels illogical at times, crazy even as the knowledge comes in so rapid – how did i know that? It shakes up your ego, it shakes you to the core, and sometimes you even wonder,

What was I even thinking before?

The old you is gone, dissipated, faded away in the night and suddenly you wake up – wondering how did I even get HERE? this space of revelation, soul truth and bewilderment, the sacred and the mundane merging – the concept of Normal so far gone – it’s now a game of exciting possiblities.

And instead you begin to see – so obvious – so in your face the entire time, it was all just a moment to remember who you are in the present, a moment to remember it all was simply –

The Identity shift was inevitable. It came on a like a bat out of hell in the middle of the night and you suddenly saw as if for the first time – your power.

It was always available. It was always inevitable but yet you push and pull, you fight and decide this path is better, you push and pull, no i will not change, i no I don’t want to accept the good that is meant for me

and yet your soul knows – it was always available.

The soul always knows the pathway,

the shift was inevitable,

but you fought, you pushed, you decided there must be a better way – i need to go find it

But the path you decide – is the one you create

isn’t it time to decide it’s available. It’s all on your terms and the moment you begin to see differently…

Is the moment you begin to act differently

and in acting differently,

You start to see the shift was inevitable,

the moment you woke up and decided it was…

No more Struggle is required.

the Moment you decide,

The pathway reveals itself and reality begins to catch up

just like it was inevitable all along

you are the gateway,

you are the portal

and that’s the real Shift to embrace,

It’s all a choice and Belief away,

You are only one decision away, from a different perspective,

A different choice, and that Choice,

Changes the trajectory of

your Life.


The Universe is inside of you and you hold the power

to design your life.

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The Moment the illusions Collapse, break and dissolve –

The Lightworker Activation Bundle – Receive 5 Activations of soul work downloaded from me to you, a soul injection on Activating your Power as a Lightworker.

Introducing a new class at The Awakening School: The Lightworker Activation Bundle.

A 15 Pre-recorded Training Bundle touching on 5 different Activation Topics to help you learn how to transcend your negative stories and welcome in new levels of Receiving in more Abundance, success, freedom and your potent aligned desires

ACTIVATION 1. The Chakras

ACTIVATION 2. Reclaim Your Power Back




Receive the Activation Downloads on the above topics – diving into numerous new perspectives on Quantum Magnetism, the energetics behind the Chakras, Exploring Alignment, & Reclaiming your Personal Power.

If you ever wanted to purchase one of my courses but couldn’t decide? This is totally the bundle for you. there is a little bit of everything included in this bundle. the Lightworker activation bundle starts with the earliest foundation of energy work: 

1. Understanding our Energy & Energetic Centers with the chakra system 

then it goes deeper as you move through each module and lesson. 

2. Reclaiming Your Power to Co-create and learn how to activate your personal power to elevate your self-worth. 

3. Understanding what it means to Live from a Place of Soul alignment. How to bring Practicality to our Spirituality and begin changing the way we show up in life. 

4. Get a powerful rare training on alignment, where we talk a TON about how to Activate your POWER in the path of least resistance to manifest what you want. 

5. Quantum Magnetism. – Explore heavier topics surrounding the energetics of the Law of Attraction, Resonance, and Magnetism. Get a behind the scenes look as if you’re in my head on my perspective shifts on understanding Quantum Manifestation, Energetic Vibrations, how to be a vibrational match and shadow Alchemy. 

this bundle is not for the average – We go DEEP into Energetic Work and build up as we go through the trainings. 

Each Activation is made to build onto the next so that you receive a potent Perspective Shift on your Path as a Lightworker. 

I also like it’s whole “pick your own adventure” vibe as you can Choose which activation you need the most. 

Why This Bundle is Powerful: 

If you’re a beginner to Energy work or calling yourself a Lightworker, it’s time to get a crash course on what it means to really be a lightworker. 

Your ability to transmute, alchemize and transcend your EGO. 

We are OVER – These stories of looking for how to get rid of our ego, shame our negative emotions and dismiss our feelings, okay? 


You hold the power to Transcend any Pattern in your Power with the gifts and abilities you hold 

but we are DONE with the old paradigm telling us to: 

+ Suppress these gifts, 

+ dumb down our intuition with DOUBT

+ focus more on what is going wrong than what is going right 

+ feeling uncertain and not trusting ourselves 

NO – This ends now. 

The New paradigm is made for Lightworkers who are in touch with their own Shadow Alchemy they are born with. 

They can Channel. Use their Intuition, and natural Magnetism to their advantage. 

They wake up knowing they hold the power to Transmute their EGO BULLSHIT 

They are not afraid of their doubt – because they see it as a perspective just waiting to be shifted and alchemized. 

The Lightworker Activation bundle – 

is Made for the Lightworkers who feel the call 

but need help stepping into it. 

This activation is made for The change-makers 

who are suppressing their gifts and need a crash course on energy principles to remember who the fuck they are. 

This bundle is not for the average – 

This is a conversation on Energetics and Radical Perspective Shifts on Lightwork. 

Enter the Activation if you feel called: 


This sales is only until July 22nd at Midnight. 

this is for those who feel called and are Ready Now. 



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