Increase your intuition in 5 ways

I truly believe understanding and strengthening my intuition has been an ever-evolving Journey.

As I recently released a Podcast episode all about How to Cultivate your Intuition and truly Listen to Soul. I wanted to drop some Tips on what truly helps you Strengthen it even more!

First, It’s actually pretty common to be blocking your intuition, part of this is due to society and how many of us were raised.

We haven’t normalized our intuition.

Often in society, the idea of using your intuition to solve your problems is often seen as laughable and the normal is actually to Push ourselves harder, hustle more, strive and go faster (which is weird…)

It’s a little rebellious to consider: Slowing down, tuning in, waiting for the drop, and really LISTENING to Spirit

might actually be where the true solutions to our problems live.

And yet society tells us the opposite!

It’s why one of the first podcast episodes I made, I wanted to make sure I cover that We must stop suppressing our natural intuitive magic.

So In order to understand how to Properly Increase your Intuition –

It’s also sooo important to recognize what is taking you OUT of your intuitive power.

How Are You Taking Yourself Out Of Your Power?

you may have what i like to call Power Leaks or Intuition Blocks, we address this really heavily in Soul Nourishment Bootcamp.

This is where you’re essentially cutting off your intuition and as a result taking misaligned action.

So What Are Intuition Blocks?

❤️What are some of the red flags that you may be blocking your intuition and spirit?

Here are some of the most common ways, I’ve seen that we block our intuition,

Note which one resonates the strongest with you! This is the one I would work on shifting immediately.

1. Not Asking for Help or Support from Spirit:

This is the MOST common one I see,

We may think that Intuition is all about Just “Knowing” but it’s actually about more times than not, Listening.

Whenever we DEFLECT Help, Support, or Advice being given to us. We’re telling the universe we’d rather take the hard path and do it ourselves.

we’re like a kid going “la la la I’m not hearing you, la la”


Have you ever had a moment where someone gave you advice on something you could try to make the process easier? But instead, you decided you know better & your way was better so you shrugged it off. “you know you could try this…”

Or Maybe someone offered to help you with something but your response was “NO, I can just do it myself pshh”

pushes angel who was going to help you to the side nope

OR Maybe you are simply quite Literally NOT ASKING SPIRIT FOR HELP.

I am just naturally like, when i get fed up with something, I just ask higher self or angels for help. like what am i not seeing higher self? Show me the words of wisdom.


  • BLOCK 1: You cut off your intuition when you decided to stop RECEIVING and ALLOWING
    spiritual /physical support.
  • LESSON TO INCREASE INTUITION: Get out of the way and let spirit help you. Spirit works
    through other people. When in doubt – ASK.

2. Being Arrogant – I know this already okay? Ashley Stop writing the same things, I heard it already…

A lot of times arrogance is rooted in missing a perception we need to see. i’ve overcome this one a lot. I used to be hella arrogant until i realized that this was blocking my intuition and coming from ego.

Say someone recommends a book to you that you already read before, they say to go read a certain chapter again. but your response is:

“Yeah but I already read that, so it doesn’t matter”

But if you were to just stop and go look up the chapter, you would gain a new insight that you didn’t even THINK about. However you decided to close off solutions and said Nope.


  • BLOCK: Fact check your arrogance, is it coming from wisdom or ego(limited thinking)
  • LESSON TO INCREASE INTUITION: Rather than focus on being Arrogance, I always say – Stay OPEN-MINDED with a Beginners mind attitude about things. You learn things soo much faster this way.

3. Narrow-minded, Limited thinking: Being Rigid with how you approach an idea/solution.

As my dad would say “stop being bull-headed” and gain some perspective. When we limit our perception, we limit our results.

When we stay open in limitless possibilities, we open up to more creative and aligned solutions for our highest good.

this one is a little obvious –

think outside the box – the solutions never live in the problem. so when we stay limited by one idea, one way of seeing, we’re cutting off our intuition from the magic of limitless perceptions of reality at our finger tips.


  • BLOCK: Staying in a Limited Mindset
  • Lesson to Increase Intuition: Stay OPEN to Limitless Possibilities. I choose to be Open to creative Possibilities of seeing this situation!

4. Feeding Resistance aka Negative Emotions and/or Triggers

Resistance is nothing more than the energy of deflecting what you truly want. Are you starting to notice a theme here? The hugest red flag that you are cutting off your intuition is when you’re in a state of deflecting.

This is what resistance truly is.

It is a form of cognitive dissonance where you are fighting with two conflicting ideas/beliefs in your mind.

As a result – you feel resistance to change.

Whenever we feel emotionally triggered, drastically negative out of nowhere, or simply reactive towards a loved one.

it’s a sign you’re out of alignment and not connecting to soul/your intuition.

It’s human to do this – but what I’ve learned when resistance hits – ask – oooh what are you trying to show me higher self? What am I missing?


  • BLOCK: Feeling more reactive than conscious about a situation. Feeling emotionally
    overloaded, burnout, adrenal fatigue, or emotionally triggered
  • LESSON TO INCREASE INTUITION: Pause. Negative emotion or Resistance is a teacher
    showing you what you need to get back into alignment. Look at what it is trying to teach you.

    ***Here’s a Genius Tip: I always say, whenever something really pisses me off – it’s something
    I need to acknowledge within myself 😉 Make’s life a little more peaceful.

5. Letting Excuses Dictate Your Actions:

This is my least favorite because it’s soooo sneaky! Sometimes this can be an unconscious behavior we have.

We often block our intuition and natural growth when we let our excuses do the talking for us instead of acting from our intuition.

This is tricky – it can look like “well I can’t do video yet, I don’t have a lightbox or a fancy camera… so i’m not good enough”

or “Why can’t I just manifest X, why is it soo flippin hard to manifest X, Why won’t it just happen already, arghhh?”


  • BLOCK: Saying excuses on why you can’t have something, do something, achieve something
    or solve something.
  • LESSON TO INCREASE INTUITION: Observe your Excuses and complaints. EXCUSES are
    unconscious Limited Beliefs and Deflectors of receiving in what you desire.

Woo hoo, that concludes are 5 Tips to Increase your Intuition!

Which one do you feel speaks to you the most? Let me know in the comments!

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