When it comes to understanding how to shift energy, the first thing we usually think is that we need to slap on a bunch of affirmations, force ourselves to be positive and get high vibe. However, contrary to popular opinion, The Real first step to reclaiming your co-creative power is to actually figure out what is taking you out of that power to begin with.

I know this is really revolutionary talk but sometimes in order to change something you first have to figure out where you are actually at first. In other words, we have to ask ourselves, “what really isn’t working in your life?” in order to start Shifting it.

We cannot change something when our head is in the sand about that, whether we’re talking money, losing weight, a bad relationship or anything in our lives.

You gotta look at the naked truth – Where are you right now, what is your focus?

The truth is “high vibe only” will only get you so far because you’re not touching on the root of the issue, you’re putting on a glittery band-aid over the problem.

As a Result you’re not actually addressing WHY the negative emotion or the resistance keeps appearing on repeat. So How can you actually shift it and get rid of it, if you don’t know why it keeps coming up?

Crazy right.

When we begin to understand what is taking us out of our power,
now we have some potent material to work with and we have the awareness to create change.

As I explain in the Video below, we CANNOT do that from a Reactive state of fear-led consciousness. For example, It is physically impossible due to our biology.

think about it like this,

Every time you are triggered by fear, uncertainty, LACK – doubt, your brain enters a state called ‘reserve mode’. Basically, what happens is you conserve that energy, in case you need to defeat a tiger that crosses your path on your way to hunt. 

This is literally true!

While, I’m sure there aren’t many tigers on your way to the shopping mall or grocery store, your mind does not know the difference. This is your biology and we’ve evolved a little since the sabertooth tiger days.

So While it may be a tiny baby fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone to do something different – your brain tells you it’s a tiger, you get triggered by fear and you need to contract your energy –  for safety and in case you need to go into fight mode. 

(just envision yourself fighting a tiger…see)

Lions, tigers and bears – aside: 

This is what I found out, 

Whenever I found myself taking fear led action, 
 having misaligned decisions, 

feeling discouraged, 

doubting myself 

or that awful feeling of overthinking, 

I began to notice a pattern: 

It was because I stopped listening to my intuition 


My Soul is the person beyond my basic conditioning, 

My soul is beyond the survivalist mind –  

We are not meant to stay in the survival mode – it’s a protection mechanism for real danger that’s IT – 

It shouldn’t stop us from taking solid action on our goals, dreams, and desire to create a youtube video channel  


And I learned how to Bootcamp my Mind to nurture my Intuition. 

It begins with reconnecting to your soul &  Listening to your Soul
over your fear- led mind, who is still convinced there is a tiger coming out of nowhere (Okay i’ll stop now, but you have to admit its a little comical when you see it that way LOL) 

 If you ever found yourself, 

Overanalyzing, overthinking, overdoing,

even over-committing? 

I know why – You stopped listening to your Soul’s Intuitive Wisdom. 


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