Your Life is Nothing But A Bunch of Habits.

All of your Life is literally made as a string of habits that you have personally installed, & chosen on repeat. So when it comes to understanding Manifestation, we must realize that we can always change our Habits. We can replace bad habits with good habits. We can actively shift mindset habits that drastically don’t serve us like overthinking or negative self-talk and change these with repetition into true good habits.

How can we develop & manifest good habits using the law of attraction?

Repetition, consistency and Persistency leads to Mastery. 

I remember the first time I really followed through on my habits, I set a commitment to do a 40 day Kundalini Yoga challenge to lose my post-prego weight.

After those 40 days, with a solid intention, mindset and habit, i lost almost all of that weight in 40 days or less.

It was in that moment – I realized something pivotal,

If I just stay the course, push through my resistance with consistency and momentum – I can have what I want.

After that I became obsessed with understanding the power of Energetic Patterns, Mindset & Habit creation.

How is a habit formed?
What is the way is it Broken?
How is a pattern created in the mind?
Now, How is it broken in the Mind?

Habits have been a continuous obsession of mine for good reason – I see the power they hold in our reality.

Your Life is nothing more but a string of habits you developed over time through your past thoughts, behaviors, feelings and actions you decided to take. Isn’t that MIND BLOWING?

After that Kundalini yoga challenge,
I started doing gratitude challenges for 30 days, just like the one you see in my newly published book Awaken your Power to Manifest.

Then I started doing Mindset mantras and talking to higher self for 30 plus days to build a relationship with my Spiritual self/my higher self,

Following that, I did meditation challenges with deepka chopra for 40 days to work on mindfulness and present awareness, 

finally, I started setting intentions every single day with the innate power of Manifestation – My Life has NEVER been the same since.

What was the point of all that?

Endurance. Mind discipline. FOCUS.

Repetition yields results.

Momentum Breeds Change and Sustainable Results.

If at first it feels tedious, annoying, downright stupid, dumb or like you’re doing a whole lot for nothing, KEEP GOING – that’s just the death of the ego talking,

If you meet a shit ton of resistance, a lot of whiny ‘i don’t really wanna’, feeling like it’s all for nothing and that you don’t know what you’re even doing – Stay the course and keep going,

At the beginning of every workout, when first starting, it’s painfully slow, you feel like you’re either dying, annoyed, frustrated, or beating yourself up – but if you need picking up that weight, if you keep building that habit,

eventually it overflows into REAL tangible snapped into the physical real results.

Sometimes we gloss over the journey with highlight reels and end results forgetting the Endurance of navigating change in the JOURNEY is the TRANSFORMATION PROCESS.

The Process of Transformation is a Rebirth, a Death of the old you, a BIRTH of the new you, It alters you, it is an ego death, It’s a rebirth.

But the transformation built from the habit – sustains and you reap those benefits becoming smarter, stronger, more capable, more adaptable to change,

more open to creative wild expression and without that – we snap to baseline, we don’t push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

If you’re living comfortably – you’re not listening to your soul’s wild expression burning in your heart – It’s in the cultivation of new habits, new choices, new decisions THAT – Is what Breeds real results.

It is not about doing what familiar – it’s about training yourself to do the impossible so you can normalize it that it is possible.

The journey of transformation is not always for the faint of heart – but Rarely do we see extraordinary results, when we decide to do things in a familiar, ordinary ways…

This week on Youtube I am sharing with you my TOP 3 tips on How to develop habits with the compound effect and the law of attraction.

If you are OVER your bad Habits or simply want to improve an area of your life.

Tune and watch, these tips can shift your life:

Here’s your Soul Work Exercise:

Step 1. What is the habit that isn’t working?

What are the top 3 habits that are not serving me or my personal wellbeing?

Remember You always hold the power to change your habits by changing your decisions.

When you change your decisions, you change your energy.

When you change your HABITS, You start to change your Identity.

This is always the beginning thread of every manifestation.

Step 2. What are 3 Habits that are drastically not serving you! List them out.

What is triggering those bad habits – what are the triggering that connect to that habit that are essentially fueling the habit’s momentum. For example, Late at night reaching for the ice cream or every emotional storm, you reach for the alcohol. etc.

What are simple actions that you can start to do to start implementing that?

Step 3. Create Good habits to Change Out & Replace the Bad Habits.

What are healthier behaviors that I can change that habit with to fully replace that habit.

What would you essentially let go and walk away from, but then what would you replace that with so you don’t fall into the trap of the “trying to fill the void” syndrome where you basically get sucked right back into the old habit. that’s the secret you know. The more you replace the new habit, the easier it is to exercise the muscle and train it so it becomes stronger and stronger. When we think about the Habit, the easiest way to replace it is to fucking replace it fully and drop all shoulds, supposed tos and identity habits that are sufficating the NEW habit from taking form

which leads me to step 4.


Step 4. Start Practicing the new habit.

Consistency leads to Mastery, I am always a firm believer of conscious choice and habit go hand in hand like brushing your teeth and flossing. You have to see that habit is built on repetition. You don’t just drink coffee once a week, eat once a week or brush your teeth once a week. that shit is trained in on repeat –

So if you want something different than your old normal, its’ time to work out that mindset habit like a muscle with practice. Consistency and repetition.

So what do you think?

Are you working on shifting your habits? I would love to hear your thoughts about habit creation and law of attraction in the comments.


the universe is inside of you

and you hold the power to design your life,


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