If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

Scorpio Rises; pastel on black paper; 14 x 16; by Zuzanna Vee
Scorpio Rises; pastel on black paper; 14 x 16; by Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Scorpio (17,500 – 19,000 BCE) finds our consciousness reaching ever upward, longing for the Divine, as the claws of the constellation of Scorpio reach up toward Libra, anticipating a long awaited Golden Age of unprecedented ease, peace and harmony. It is a time of sweetness when life is not quite perfect, but optimism is so high, joy and love so fierce that most always the correct path is inevitably known and taken.

Scorpio is the only sign that has three symbols linked with it: the snake, the bird and the scorpion. I suspect the scorpion is of Egyptian origins, much later historically than the Age of Scorpio itself. The Goddess Selket heralded the coming sandstorms and hordes of scorpions as Her constellation rose in the east. She welcomed the dead with opened arms as a divine, compassionate Mother. (God-Herself, Geraldine Thorsten, p 192)

The symbol of the bird for the Goddess is ancient beyond measure. Thus far bird-Goddess figurines have been excavated across the globe dating from 30,000 – 5,000 BCE; the single symbol that is so far reaching across time and space (The Myth of the Goddess, by Jules Cashford and Anne Baring, Viking Press, 1991). This means that bird-goddess images were first created sometime during the previous Kali Yuga. I am not convinced that the time frame for each Age remains the same each Cycle, so this is just an estimate.

Here is something to give us a reality check regarding the far reaches of time and our Goddess history: The Goddess of Hohls Fels is dated to 33,000 – 38,000 BCE (two previous Ages of Taurus ago).  The Goddess of Dolni Vestonice is dated 29 – 25,000 BCE (the previous Pisces through Aquarius Age). The startlingly contemporary Goddess of Brassempouy is dated 23,000 BCE (the last Age of Sagittarius).

Snake symbolism is one of regeneration and rebirth, transformation and wisdom. Over time Snake morphed into the Dragon, revered in the East for its gifts to humanity of such civilizing tools as astronomy, the I Ching, and the arts. In the West as the patriarchy developed, the dragon and snake became something to fear and revile. Strongly linked with Goddess we have been programmed to kill snakes on sight and to fear them tremendously.

There is an odd linking of the snake much later during patriarchal times with the phallus that I find amusing. If the patriarchy taught us that snake is to be feared and killed instantly (which they have), what is this link? Is this a collective memory of the damage done to women by the patriarchy, or an ill-conceived attempt by patriarchy to usurp Goddess’ power? The message is clear: fear the patriarchal ‘snake’.

The Age of Scorpio is deep into Mother Goddess wisdom. She is at the height of Her manifestation. Soon, in the Age of Libra, She gives way to the more androgynous unity of neutral gendered deity, our internal Friend. But right now, she is powerful, approachable and the Mother of us all.

The veils between dimensions are thin during Scorpio. This is the age of myth and magic more so than at any other time; of unicorns, dragons, and gryphons; star-being races – not with space ships, but with open doorways to dimensions; mer-folk, nature spirits, and all manner of things we no longer believe in. But some things are true whether we believe in them or not. There is a wonder to life that many, presently, cannot grasp. One day, when the veils are again much thinner, we will see and interact with our dimensional friends.

The Age of Scorpio represents the last stages before total dawning of the zenith of our consciousness, and therefore necessary journeys into the dark Underworld are undertaken: the stuff of myth and legend. Collective consciousness experiences the trials of Inanna/Erishkagal, Kali is born of Durga to fight the last battle against Ignorance, and Horus struggles against Set to bring order to chaos. These are the internal, spiritual struggles; in the Age of Leo they manifest as physical deprivations brought by Earth changes.

All these ages seem so deep in mist and shrouded in legend that we cannot grasp how life was experienced then. We won’t know until the time comes again for us to cycle into the zenith of a new Golden Age. All of the artifacts from these far, deep times mislead our thinking. It was a low-tech/high-consciousness time. The seeing and feeling of how life is meant to be lived. To judge them by our standards is folly and will never grant us understanding or insight.

Isis re-membering Osiris is the way the consciousness of the time poetically interpreted our sister star, Sirius, coming back in closest proximity to Earth, bringing with it the long-awaited heightened consciousness. Osiris is the green, fecund Earth. Isis is Sirius, igniter of wisdom. The clues are all there in myth and legend, but we need right-brain vision to see. The much later reenactment and retelling of these stories were a ‘spell’ to bring back Zep Tepi, the First Time, The Golden Age, when awakening was nearly universal, and not limited to a few individuals. The spell cannot work, for it is a chronicled memory of astronomical cycle, not a method of return to better times. This journey is dependent upon consciousness; and consciousness cycles repetitively, regularly and reliably.

We, in our present time, view with such preconceived notions that we see forward or back only through projecting our present consciousness onto the past and into the future using the evidence and extrapolation of our skewed logic. We negate what is in front of us because we believe it couldn’t possibly be true, and hence create a flawed picture of who we were, of who we are.

Panel of horses from Lascaux Caves, France. It looks like a study of different breeds, species or types of horse.
Panel of horses from Lascaux Caves, France. This beautiful image looks like a study of different breeds, species or types of horse.

The Lascaux cave paintings were created in societies where there was leisure time to create for creation’s sake; it is not practical creation per se – it is aesthetic, divine, necessary. These paintings may have been a kind of library of pictorially encoded information about the local animals. Life allowed for a relaxed observation, contemplation and stylized, joyful representation of the world in which the artists lived. They were created for seven generations of use and beyond. They were a life viewed through thin veils.

The Healing: We travel to the Underworld and deal with our shadow material. Dare we? The healing for the Age of Scorpio is to embrace both the heightened cosmic connections whilst simultaneously embracing our dark side and remaining functional in our own dimension. Do the shadow work, or learn how to do the work if unfamiliar. Dreams, feelings, urges, our compulsive cravings all give us workable clues to delve deeper. Pay attention to these helpful signs of shadow surfacing. Will we continue to ignore the issues that come up again and again during the holidays or will we address them head-on and unblock the energetic logjam that stifles our authenticity?  What are family, friends and colleagues mirroring back to us? Life is the cosmic classroom.

Astronology: This New Moon is 19º tropical Scorpio and where you will see it in the sky, if you look up, is at 25º sidereal Libra. Mercury is at 21º sidereal Libra. It is our ways of thinking and perceiving as well as modes of communication that we can transform this new moon. A perfect time to open to the magic of the season, and get in touch with those non-ordinary realms of consciousness. Perhaps we will get messages through dreams, meditation, or being quiet in nature. Be prepared to act on them tempered with the logic of reason. We don’t let fear prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone to bring healing and balance back to our life and those around us.

Tarot for the Scorpio New Moon

Each month for the new moon I pull, at random, a three-card narrative and a major arcana card to help us further navigate the energies for that month. At the full moon I offer herbal recipes, gifts from the Mother.


King of Swords/Ace of Pentacles/2 of Wands: The energy of new-ness! We are ready to open to new ways of thinking; releasing the old, outmoded ways our minds have habitually travelled. As we do so, new opportunities open in the material realm – perhaps regarding health, being-ness or other physical aspects of life. It is time to be be aware of creative opportunities too and be ready to say ‘yes’ when we feel all things fall into place for us.

Waite-Smith Wheel of Fortune major arcana tarot card

X The Wheel of Fortune: This major arcana supports the theme of newness. Changes coming. The wheel of karma turns. Be sensitive to all that may yet need to be released to make way for the new energies coming our way. Let go without hesitation. Guidance toward wisdom and transformative experiences are at hand if we are ready and have done the work required to empty the vessel. This is also one of three cards in the Waite-Smith deck that signifies the turning Great Year. In the corners you can see the images symbolic of Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo, the anchor points of the Great Year.

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