Let’s Meditate together!

I don’t know about you but I have been having download after download since all the crazy started. 

Spirit has been so loud, my soul is calling for expression. I’ve been on the pursue of recording a 21 day video challenge out of nowhere to help so far named The alignment reset. 

In the meantime, I recorded this meditation after receiving a potent vision towards lightworkers rising up at this time. We are anchoring in the light right now. 

If you are feeling activated right now, you are so not alone. There has been increase in hypersensitivity, many people are suddenly feeling ascension symptoms, we are in the mists of a global paradigm shift. 

This has been a calling towards Global Alignment 

Lightworkers are feeling the call to step up, the energy coming in right now is calling towards global alignment.

Join me today for a Healing Meditation to Anchor in the age of Light towards the Collective.

This is a very healing meditation for yourself and for the world.

This meditation will help you recalibrate your energy & anchor in more light towards the collective. 

I invite you to open up your heart, Heal your mind and give back blessing light to Gaia at this time.

I personally received this vision of the world, gathering our hearts together with light, coming together to heal the world at this time. I decided to make it into a meditation to share my vision with our community.

The power of Collective meditation is proven to lift the consciousness of the planet. The power of visualization is proven to help your subconscious mind process information and Heal through Light. The power of your mind is something we all possess – Its time to step up.

I am seeing changemakers, lightworkers, Light leaders, and all sort rising up at this time, whether they are sharing workshops for relief, somantic dance activations, EFT, shamanic shaking, videos, audios, podcast, we are all feeling the call to step up – Remember you hold the power to Anchor in healing energy just as much as anyone.

This is a calling to Remember to awaken your light.

and ultimately Be the change you wish to see.  


Try the meditation and share with me in the comments your experience! 🙂 

This is a potent energy where it’s time to stay reconnected to soul & release fear.

What will you choose fear or faith?



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