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On Today’s Conversations with Soul: Let’s talk Dimensions!

Our first Convo with Soul Asks: I know we live in a 3D world and are moving towards a 5D world, but I’m just curious if you could explain the different dimensions and what they mean.

Dimensions are such a buzzword in the spiritual community. There is so much talk on 5d consciousness with everything going on, especially what it means to be in 4d vs. 5d and what the heck is the difference between all three. What does it even mean to shift dimensional states? We often hear this concept of we are Multidimensional Beings but from a practical standpoint what does that actually look like and feel like?

Today I wanted to break it down From the Practical into the Spiritual so we all begin to think outside the tesseract. I mean the box 😉


In the Video Below I go a bit deeper into understanding dimensions from the spiritual to the practical perspective but Here’s a rundown on the basics of Dimensions.

First a special note that a lot of new age text will have you drink the kool-aid that dimensions are a method of escapism to “ascend” (does it not sound like a secret cult or what? lol) to a physical world where we run off to a distant utopia and sing kumbaya. I’m really about keeping it real with y’all, dimensions actually aren’t about that at all. if you thought that, i’m sorry to burst the fantasy bubble.

Dimensions are various states of consciousness and how we measure the curvature of space/time.

Does this mean that 5d doesn’t exist? Not necessarily,

Let’s go deeper!


So there’s actually a lot of dimensions in existence ranging from 1D – 13d+ But we perceive dimensions mostly from a 3d-4d-5d perspective. 1D-2D technically don’t exist, they are just mathematical models for understanding dimensional planes. If you’ve ever seen the kids movie Inside Out, there’s a fun skit where they break down into Abstract dimensional form if you’re more of a visual learner like me it’s hilarious. (if you have a moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ-geVMR_Jw)

I have a running theory that we actually probably reach higher states when we’re in an altered state of consciousness where ego death is possible such as on mushrooms or tryptamines but its hard to say for certain. It’s a fun theory to exercise.

Anyway moving on

Dimensions in Physics and mathematics actually look like this.

6d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn7HDBj9ZQQ

If you want to really geek out I suggest checking out Nassim Haramein, bad ass physicist – Here’s a Physicist look on dimensions. teaching how boundaries scale and create dimensions. (my inner nerd is showing, but this is neat stuff for cosmic nerds)


One of the Easiest ways to Define dimensions is to begin to see them as different perspectives of seeing the world around us. This is what it means to truly open the Third Eye Chakra. We begin to open up our awareness to believe beyond what we can see.

When we open up our Third eye chakra, what we’re actually doing is expanding our awareness from a narrow limited view into a much more broader perspective of seeing where we move into multiple perspectives of seeing the world around us. This is why in spiritual cultures there is so much emphasis on opening the third eye. It not only helps open up “psychic abilities” like clairovoyance but it helps us move beyond the 3rd-dimensional state of consciousness.

In today’s video Let’s break this down so it’s simple to understand how different dimensions work.


3RD Dimensional Consciousness

The World of Duality

In 3d we live in a constant state of duality(black and white, good and evil, I am right,he is wrong) – we believe everything we read, absorb information and tend to be very emotionally reactive towards our environments.

When we stay in 3rd dimensional consciousness, we can never live beyond our fear or our excuses because we stay in a state of duality aka separation.

Our ancestors especially probably only lived in 3d as this is the state of the survivor OR fight/flight mode.

4th Dimensional Consciousness

The world of Perspective & all thought.

4th dimension is really where a lot of us play with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It’s the playground of thought.

4d is the world of ALL Thought, Imagination, magic, and wonder, where the 4th dimensional formless moves into 3th dimensional form.

It is also the place of endless possibilities. It is most known to be called the astral plane and it’s where you go when you step into dreamland each night. 4th dimension is FULL of illusions of perception and delusions we create with our mind. This is why our thoughts can sometimes control us or we feel stuck in our heads over-analyzing a situation. However, we also know in the 4th dimension we can move to higher thoughts and Choose to take control back of our mind aka mindfulness.

4th dimension is the emotional guidance scale, it has lower thought-forms such as fear, grief, despair and higher thought-forms such as euphoria, peace of mind, contentment and feeling good.

In 4th dimensional perspective we don’t believe everything we hear and read. we begin to step into curiosity knowing there is a good guy and a bad guy so our choice of seeing the world is what we believe to be true.

This is where We begin to Question things and move into higher thought.

5th Dimensional Consciousness

The world of the Quantum Field aka Oneness

5th dimensional consciousness is where we move into the Quantum field of unified consciousness. We move into ONENESS and step into Observer consciousness.

We step into the place of mindfulness of knowing there are multiple perspectives of seeing the world around us, different facets of light and dark energy. We move away from feeling “the world is out to get us” and into “the world is here to support me”. Essentially we step into Higher truth where we begin merging our Higher Self back into our physical world. We step into the energy of Acceptance & All that is.

Many of us have experienced 5d consciousness, we can experience 5d when:

  • In a state of deep meditation, yoga or visualization
  • when we have a massive knowledge bomb, aha moment or divine download
  • During orgasm or deep sensual pleasure/euphoria/ecstasy
  • Feeling purely in the present moment at absolute peace of mind
  • An absolute rush of Joy running through your body,
  • In an Intense Flow State where everything aligns and flows seamlessly without effort
  • During Ego Death


What’s cool about dimensions is we find ourselves as multidimensional beings who move between 3d-4d-5d all the time. It’s not one mystical dimension, but multiple ways of seeing the world around us. It’s a natural and practical part of who we are as human beings.

This was such a fun topic to explore. Hope you enjoyed this convowithsoul!

I’d love to hear your biggest soul takeaway in the comments. If you have an awesome Question you’d love me to answer. Drop it below with hashtag #convowithsoul

Love you guys!

Stay positive during quarantine,

we will get through this together.



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