Alignment is often talked about in the spiritual community but most of the time the message gets lost in translation. So honestly what the heck is alignment?

I get asked this question so many times:
+ What actually is alignment? 
+ Why is alignment so important anyway? 
+ Do I need to align all my chakras to access alignment? 
+ What are things I need to do to maintain the flow of alignment?
+ I am totally in the flow than I immediately kick myself back out of the flow, what gives?

Does this sound similar?

We often make alignment way bigger than what it is. The hugest thing to understand with alignment is Remembering the Mind-body Connection.

 Whatever we are feeding with our mindset, directly has a physiological effect on the body.

In other words, What we think about ourselves, influences the beliefs we have about ourselves, influences the emotions we feel in our body and that becomes our energetic state.

One of the things I love to teach on and is a core piece of my foundation is understanding how the mind-body connection influences our beliefs & how we manifest. In other words, this directly affects how we learn to Shift our mindset and reprogram our mind.

This means Alignment is not a fancy concept at all, it’s linked to our Energetic State and our mindset.

Alignment is best understood like this:

Our Paradigm is composed and ruled by our Beliefs & expectations.

The mind is created through the thoughts and beliefs we think,

influence the Body, which expresses through our Emotions 

And our Emotions illustrate and radiant our Energetic State through the mind-body connection. 

Thus connecting Mind, Body, to Spirit, our energetic state.

A lot of times the reason we get so frustrated is because what is going on is we are resisting alignment vs becoming an energetic match towards what we desire.

I explain this more deeply in the video.  

Soul Medicine: One thing to take away from this is asking yourself, Do you feel your results are moving in alignment or resisting alignment?

How do you personally define alignment?

In summary:

So What is the mystery behind Alignment? 

The easiest way to understand alignment is to realize 
Alignment is when our Thoughts, Beliefs, & feeling are all free-flowing as one through the Mind-body Connection.

This means

When we’re in a state of Alignment: we’re accessing the path of least resistance which allows more Flow, Ease, and Fulfillment to enter into our life.

Alignment allows us to be an energetic match towards our desired manifestations and receiving the thing we deeply want. 

Alignment literally creates your vibrational set point. 

Alignment is what directly influences our Results through our mindset, habits & actions.  

This video is taken from The Alignment Reset 21 Day Challenge which is open for enrollment right now, 
If you desire to learn more about it check the link below.  

* What do you think about Alignment, Share with me below if what I said resonates or brings any aha moments ? 

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This is a 21 day challenge to Release the struggle & Resistance, To allow yourself to work smarter instead of harder. When we begin to Shift our mindset, we start to change HOW we’re approaching our results. If we begin to work with our alignment, we change our vibration and become a vibrational match for how we can let life be easier for us.

In other words, this is a 21 day challenge to get you back feeling good!

Allowing you to deepen your connection to spirit

Y ou can Begin Moving Forward with your Goals & Intentions with ease and flow aka alignment.

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