On Today’s Conversations with Soul: Let’s Demystify Subconscious Reprogramming!

We Explore into:
+ Where do our reactive Repeated Patterns come from?
+ Why is it important to release them?
+ What do we do when we’re stuck in fear?
Also Bonus – I will be sharing how Kundalini awakening connects to subconscious reprogramming.

This Question was from Instagram (shoutout), Convo with Soul Asks:
“I’d like to hear more about subconscious reprogramming because I still have some repeating patterns coming up & I don’t know where they come from or how I could release them.”

Subconscious reprogramming is one of the core principles of what I teach.

I honestly didn’t fully understand kundalini awakening until I began studying subconscious reprogramming. To me, it fills in so many missing pieces for how the mind develops, why it’s important to rewire the mind, and what it means to step into our Authentic higher self.

The Number one thing we must remember is that our beliefs, Habits & reactive patterns are inauthentic vibrations that separate us from our Authentic Self.

These are all Beliefs that we have learned over time that eventually became normal and expected in your Paradigm.

( Here’s a Question to consider & get you pondering: Think about what you choose to make normal in your current reality? )

But that’s just it, they are behaviors we have learned over time.

Which means, we can un-learn them, get out of autopilot thinking and remember We hold the Power to Change our Mind. Always.

Let me tell you something, Beliefs Can Change how we Choose to Show up to Life.

Here’s a Great Example.


Let me ask you something important, are you one of those people who feels:
I have to work extra hard to get what I want?
I have to constantly hustle more to receive?
I must do, do, do all these things to get my way. 

If you are, I completely understand this is a societal belief that makes us believe that struggle, sacrifice, pushing, striving and working extremely hard to the point of exhaustion is the way to get what we want. 

Over time I’ve really learned a lot about why Hard work equals success isn’t sustainable and actually is a BREEDING ground for imbalances, even illness when we ignore our bodies for so long. 

Why? Because we’re teaching ourselves to manifest from pushing, striving, chasing and hustling vs. our own personal alignment. 

This means the majority of the world is manifesting BACKWARDS. 

We’re chasing everything outside of ourselves and forgetting to work with our internal guidance system – Our Mindset,
Habits, and most importantly 
Our resistance patterns

When we have a belief system that is saying: 
It isn’t safe to receive until I Prove my worth. 
It isn’t safe to receive until I do, do, do, 

We’re essentially getting in our own way and choosing to rely on our own STRENGTH, instead of the entire strength of the universe, that lives, breathes, and flows through us. 

When we tell our Nervous system: Its hard, I can’t receive until I prove myself, I can’t receive until I do all these things to the point of exhaustion THEN by god I will be happy, I will feel validated, I will feel enough. 

We are actually manifesting backwards. 

we are relying on everything outside of us to validate our sense of worth and deservingness – in other words

we are relying on everything outside of us we CANNOT control. Therefore what happens? 

We try to CONTROL everything outside of us. 

That solar plexus goes into overdrive like a bat outta hell and We push, strive, control, control, push again, hustle some more, oh shit, not doing enough, push more, more more, more – fuck I’m exhausted. I’m feeling unease, now im not feeling well…and need a spiritual smackdown to rest. recalibrate and recharge now. 

We Force it – instead of allow it to come to US. 

We also over-compensate our Masculine energy to the point where we burnout and get a spiritual smackdown to stop, rest and recharge. And for some this is usually when we get sick, have a sudden illness, get stuck in upper limits or just self-sabotage. Because our chakras are on overdrive – spinning those wheels – 

You are just SPINNING in circles. Funny right?  ( I mention this in the video this is why)

I know Allowing and alignment can sound like a foreign language when you’ve bought into the societal belief of hard work equals success

But As I’ve been doing this work for years – I’ve learned 

There is ALWAYS an easier way, 

We’re just too stuck in the problem, forcing our way through our manifesting to see it. 

We often do this because we’re refusing to listen to ourselves and our personal alignment. 

And I’m here to say, 

No more striving. 

What if the struggle wasn’t required to receive? 
What if receiving could be easier for you? 

How would your life begin to change? 

In today’s Video, Let’s Dive into demystifying Subconscious Reprogramming and what it truly means to begin shifting your beliefs. Enjoy!

So what do you feel from the above video? does it get your brain going, Ohhhh well now that makes sense, 🙂

Have any Questions about beliefs or subconscious reprogramming? Share with me below.

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Hope you enjoyed this Soul conversation

Love ya,

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So What if you began to validate your sense of worthiness from inside of you.

How would that change how you accept yourself, how you see yourself, how you approach your Ideals?

The truth is a lot of that stuff that makes you fit into a box and feel contracted, lost, overwhelmed, and Fear-ful that if you don’t do x, y, z you’re just lost in the crowd – not being spiritual enough, pretty enough, smart enough, abundant enough,

Keeps you from accessing your Authentic, Aligned, Higher Self & keeps fear driving your car.


The magic is inside of you and it begins with a willingness to Shift, Do things differently and Change your Perspective,

Remember the universe is inside of you,
and you hold the power to design your life.

A habit can be shifted in 21 Days.
Awareness and perspective shifts allows us to start clutter clearing the noise so we can hear ourselves again.

Let me teach you how easy it can be – when you stop listening to the noise, and start Listening to your Personal Alignment.

Let’s create some radical perspective shifts and strip back the noise to hear yourself again.

Join us!



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