The last few months have been emotionally intense for so many of us. Our lives and foundations have been shook up like a snowglobe. The ground beneath us feels like its shifting and changing. Many careers & routines have changed. We’ve been moving through an eclipse triad and so many of us are asking the same question – How do I navigate this shift emotionally with a firm foundation to stand on?

How Do I find a firm foundation amidst so much uncertainty?

In today’s vlog, I recorded an exercise that goes deep into how we can begin to work with our Emotions and shift out of download spirals.

So many people believe that we need to overcome so much just to have an emotional breakthrough, but honestly, as I’ve studied emotional work for many years it’s actually way more simple.

It’s never been about 0-60 shifts that give you whiplash. It’s actually about Shifting and pivoting your emotions in your every day, daily habits & routines.

When it comes to understanding our negative emotions we must realize one critical thing, resistance is always revealing our past shadow. Our Ego shows us what is emotionally triggering us from a past association of memory and that trigger is rooted in a core wound we experienced growing up.


This means, in order to deeply heal and get out of download spirals, it is so important to not fight against yourself and your own emotions.

This can look like:

  • Unconsciously beating yourself up over little things
  • Accidentally self-sabotaging yourself
  • Allowing other people to determine your worth & value
  • Having a High Win and then immediately kicking yourself back down again.
  • Putting yourself LAST and operating on empty

All of these types of behaviors are when you’re fighting against your emotions because they enable a fight/flight response to ‘protect’ yourself emotionally.

It’s all kinds of backward when you think about it, So what you actually need to do is learn how to WORK WITH your emotion instead of against it.

When you choose to work with your emotion, you’re working with your body, not against your body, What you choose to work with your shadow, you’re bringing awareness to your ego, instead of shaming the ego.


What most keeps us stuck is our ability to attach more energy to fear vs our souls higher truth.

One thing I’ve been reflecting on is How I really love to teach others on how to get back into alignment and ALIGNED action. It’s kinda my favorite thing to do!

I think alignment and action are really those secret ingredients that help us move the needle more than anything.

When we allow the fear to drive us, we tend to operate from our ego and past fears. Some people stay this way their entire lives, its devastating to me.

However what we really must-see is the ego isn’t bad at all. In fact the ego actually points us towards clarifying our personal alignment and happiness.

On the other spectrum soul teaches us how to expand through higher truth and belief systems that serve our highest good.

What most loa gurus wont tell you though is that RESISTANCE has a momentum. So if you energy is pointed in the opposite direction, you’re building up the wrong momentum, taking action that breeds burnout and giving pain a purpose.

Your car does not like to go 0-60 in the opposite direction. It is not sustainable and it completely goes against how the body works.

The easiest way to turn the car is to get back in alignment and nourish your soul consistently.

I explain this Deeper in the video with a fun exercise called the focus wheel process that you can personally try at home.

For the record this exercise is great if:

  • You’re completely unmotivated
  • You’re not following through anymore
  • You feel emotionally spent and ready for recharge
  • You’re feeling scattered or lost right now.

Report back & Let me know how the exercise goes by sharing a comment below!

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