As a society we are connection starved, we obsess over social media and we tend to view Spirituality as something separate from the real world. In this focus we tend to separate Physical Reality from our Spiritual Identity forgetting our basis nature that Life itself is Spiritual. I began to notice this pattern come up with myself and others in the past where we have this escapist mentality of how we are treating the Spiritual and the Physical.

We tend to over-complicate this issue when it literally doesn’t have to be so hard. We tend to make it much harder than it is. What we are striving for is Alignment. So I began noticing this amazing process that I learned from Andee Love, we must honor the mind-body connection. This most definitely includes how we are treating spirituality with our bodies and our connection to the physical world.

As we strip back these layers – The answer becomes obvious we are starved for connection and alignment with our present reality. Therefore I began to Question:

“What if I did the opposite? What If I started applying these principles into my daily life rather than just escaping into meditation?”

The tides started to shift. Why?

Because I began honoring the mind-body connection.

In short, Spiritual principles and concepts must be integrated through our bodies. This means honoring our Authentic spirit and embodying our truth into our physical world.


Over the past year or so this concept has radically been shifting my life, It’s what I like to call, Practical Spirituality – no filler.


At the end of the day, as much as I love channeling, talking to the archangels, invoking archetypes like Thoth and saying I’m a starseed, all of that means nothing if I’m not applying what I’ve been learning and starting to fully integrate that into my physical reality.

And this IS the hard truth to swallow – Daily committed application towards our soul is the nourishing secret we are striving for in a connection-starved world. In fact this alone stops us from “striving” period and we begin to relax more into mindfulness with our present experience.

I started to notice this pattern, whenever  I was exhausted, overwhelmed, battling resistance or angry with myself – It was because I was not taking the time to put myself back in alignment. I wasn’t present, I wasn’t being mindful and most of all I wasn’t doing any form of spiritual practice. Spiritual Practice is where the inner work comes in which is why many of us don’t want to do it – it means facing ourselves, the light and the shadow.

Between potty training, real life happenings, finishing up the course, and daily life grind – It hit me – when we don’t choose to nourish our soul, we don’t water the connection. If we continue to do this we inevitably become starved for connection and usually have a pretty bad day or week…

In the same way a plant must grow, we must choose to make daily commitment towards nourishing our soul and the inner work necessary to transform.

Therefore I began to really strip back these layers and I started a new project for myself called


This meant scheduling in time each day to “nourish me”. What it really translated to was daily commitment to feeling good and making that my primary intention. This didn’t mean ignoring my shadow but rather choosing to look at it and choose again (I go into this deeper in the video)

The thing is if we’re not looking for a daily joy in our lives, something is wrong here. We’re choosing to avoid ourselves. We are ignoring what makes us feel amazing and lit up. We have been conditioned to look for the bad in life and through that we have been conditioned to avoid our home frequency – our soul. our essence.

Feeling good is our natural birthright and while the shadow is there to teach us, we are way more comfortable with looking at our faults than we are expecting to feel positive vibrations in our life.

Why is that?

We focus on the opposite by default.  It’s the way we’ve been programmed.

When we choose to make daily committed practice towards our soul, our life will inevitably start shifting because we are moving away from this separation mentality and into a place of nourishing our connection to our soul.

This choice is what helps teach us how to raise our vibrations naturally!

In today’s video Join me in this new conversation about how we can start applying Awakening into our daily life and choose to focus on what lights us up. When we choose to focus on the good of life, what lights us up and how to start activating more joy in our life – this is when it all starts to radically shift.

(And I’m not just talking about meditation either… 😉 )

Plus  for fun I added a few empowering Questions to get you started today.



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What Nurtures your vibrations?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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