In our Soul Tribe someone asked an interesting question about the Difference between action vs. When to be in inactive? How many of us are getting stuck in the hustle, pushing, striving mode?


To be Honest I’m so over this mentality of “Hardwork” or ” hard work equals success”.

We have been conditioned to get stuck in this idea of things being hard and that we must constantly struggle to validate this point of human effort. Well after learning from some spiritual teachers on my path, I’ve come to learn  the idea of the hard path is a complete b.s. illusion.

This is something we’ve been conditioned to learn is real and can effect a big aspect of our life.

Take for instance my original idea to do video, I decided to do video at our old home we’re talking like early 2017 and then my mind started thinking of everything I need. It went a bit like this:

I need lighting equipment, I need a background image, I need a tripod, I have to find a location to film, I need to invest in film school and editing software and I need to research allthethings then when I went to record.

It just didn’t work. It was like constant mind chatter. The lighting wasn’t right, the editing wasn’t right and so forth.

I basically tripped myself up about it because I felt I needed to do it a “set way”. This was complete b.s. I kinda gave up for awhile…

Then I tried it again and this time I was like i’ll get a webcam. Then I followed into the scenario of now I need to move my entire desk so I can have a better background and WOW, do you see how ridiculous this is?

I was literally going to move my entire desk(and my desk is pretty heavy lol) just to film a video. Haha.

Instead I was like what if I just move my screen, hit record,  and be DONE with it.

Do I think it’s perfect? um No. but there are a million different ways you can do video, I could spend more time editing and doing the fancy lighting but that isn’t what matters.

What matters is the message, everytime. What matters is following my heart and intuition by sharing in the easiest way I know to share. Maybe at some point I’ll have cool lighting but it doesn’t matter!

None of that matters because what we are doing here is we are making something way more complicated, way more involved, and way more BIGGER than it actually is. In short, we make things way harder than we need to…

So I created a new series called Awakening Tips where I will be sharing Qs from our tribe and other fun things I discover along the way. Once upon a time The Awakened State was a Q&A blog that’s how this all started, so this is a great way to expand & honor topics  in my new direction for The Awakened state. 🙂

But back to my point, This is literally how bizarre our minds work when we think we need to do  “work hard” to be successful at something.

It’s as if we buy into this illusion of hard when it could be easy. It could be way easier than we let it be.

After going deeper into this limited belief, I started asking myself the question of “How can I make my life easier?


So I set an Intention and discovered something incredible,

This started with getting radically honest with myself.


I was done with the hard path.

I decided to expand and choose the Easy Path.

I was done I put a line down in the sand and

I started reciting this powerful mantra “I believe and trust it’s going to be easy”

So how we do know the difference between inaction(surrendering to the universe) and taking Aligned action?

In today’s Awakening Tip – I share with you an easy way to get out of your own way and back into the beautiful flow of Ease & Alignment!

This is one you don’t want to miss 🙂




What do you think? What are easy ways you create more flow in your own life? Do you Create from the hard path or align with the easy path?

Let me know in the comments below!









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