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When we choose to tap into our loving guidance system. We truly can become unstoppable. However It is a choice to be connected. When we choose to be connected, we have a hold team of cosmic forces that are ready to work with us.

This is ALWAYS in our best interest because we naturally live in an universe built from love.

The universe is always willing to guide and support you but you must be willing to ask for guidance.

This is a critical step on the Awakening journey We all have a Loving intuitive guidance system of our own understanding.

Although When we don’t allow ourselves to feel supported or guided, we become Disconnected.

In the process of being disconnected we truly act, feel and believe as if we have ‘blinders’ on and therefore we cannot see what we need to see.

We literally close off our energy, our inner knowing and disconnect.

When we disconnect we don’t feel the loving support of the universe, instead we generally feel pretty lost, and fall into illusions of separation.

However we don’t always have to stay in this place of Stagnant Energy.

We often make things way bigger than they seem, we get in our way, and start relying on our own strength.

When we rely only on our own strength we fall into this trap that we are alone on this spiritual journey which is merely an illusion.

I’m here to tell you, you are not alone.

You have an entire team of cosmic forces who are ready and willing to work with you. When we choose to Know and Believe that we are divinely guided.

We Let ourselves be supported and through that support, what happens is you will be led.

You will be led to the teachers, resources, people, relationships, assignments, lessons, tools, courses, and whatever else you need will come to you.


Because you are no longer relying on your own strength, you are co-creating with the Universe at your side, helping you along the way.

This is something i’ve seen happen in my own life, when we stop thinking we’re alone on this journey, everyone begins to start helping you out.

When we strip back the illusions we have created, we begin to see that the Universe works through people and we are all here helping eachother.

The Universe is designed to work WITH you but when you constantly disconnect, rely on fear or believe you’re alone, you’re forgetting something amazing. You are a part of a network, a beautiful glorious light network of cosmic beings, forces, humans, and everything in the universe is ready to support you when you say YES.

But you cannot jump into the whirlpool (vortex) until you actually realize this awareness. You are ALWAYS supported & Guided.

Always Be Connected & Tap In


It is through our willingness to change and shift that we begin to see differently.

And through seeing differently we begin creating space for new opportunities, new understandings and most definitely new experiences.

This all starts with you.

I see you,  I know what it is like to be relying on your own strength, I see the struggle, the hardship but I also see another way.

This starts with opening up your energy towards your intuitive guidance system.

And let’s be honest, if you always knew that you had a whole team of cosmic forces ready and willing to work with you on speeddial. You bet your ass you’d be making that call. 😉

I’m here to shatter the illusion for you, YOU ALWAYS HAVE DIVINE SUPPORT.

All you have to do is Tap in and ask for guidance.

In Today’s Awakening Tip, I share how we all have a spiritual guidance system of our own understanding and why we always have the choice to Tap in!

Some ways I ask for guidance:

  • What is the Aligned Thing to do?
  • Dear Universe, teach me about….
  • I call in my Higher Self to guide me about….Here’s my favorite mantra to support me in this process:

The crazy thing is it’s SO SIMPLE, and yet we sometimes forget the obvious. —- Always Be Connected.

Because you secretly are 😉

You just don’t always see you are, hehe

So what do you think? I’d love to hear about your favorite ways to stay connected in the comments.

Let me know what you think below


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