This is a topic that keeps coming up for me so I wanted to revisit it and talk about the subtle ways we can block Spiritual Guidance. Often we don’t even realize how easily we can block guidance by getting in our own way. In today’s video topic I offer you some easy ways to start opening up your energy so you can see that you are always being guided, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I recently had this experience that I felt was such a bizarre hit of inspiration. For instance, I got asked to go with my friend to a Teal Swan workshop and to be perfectly honest with you guys, I’m not remotely a fan at all. However I decided to use some discernment and say yes. I could of easily said No because I’m indifferent to her but I thought maybe there is something I need to learn here.

Not to go too far off track but after going, while I didn’t agree with a lot of her messages or how she chooses to play mind chess with her audience to dig into their wounds, I did come back with some deep inspiration of honoring my shadow. I also saw her and was reminded of a deep appreciation of why I am here doing this work and the love I have for our Awakening community. There was a group exercise where we all got to connect with 10 strangers  and I was  reminded of the power of Connecting with like-minds and the beauty behind that. I actually had more joy with that then the entire workshop because it showed me:

We’re meant to find our soul tribe and you are sooooo not alone. You Matter and Your story does matter. Your Wounds are your Wisdom.

My point is It’s okay to not love every Spiritual guru out there but if you’re open, you may just learn a thing or two about yourself in the process.

Did I 100% love it? heck no but it was like an intense learning experience to say the least lol

While leads me into today’s topic:

How do we Shut ourselves off from Spiritual Guidance?

Many times I’ve personally been the girl who’s said “well I already know that…” then I shut down and move on.  In many ways when we create any limit around how we are perceiving our spiritual progress through any lesson of dogma or a specific set path – we unconsciously block our spiritual transformations.

For instance if someone is telling you you need to check out this video, read this book or try out something new, and then we turn them down without going within to listen. We can shut ourselves off from the spiritual guidance.

A lot of the times we can get stuck in this trap of “waiting for inspiration” to hit, right? the classic writer’s block or trying to wait for an authentic lesson to come through the ether and give you guidance.

However I’ve found that it’s really the opposite because all is spiritual. 

When we’re waiting for the perfect inspiration, the perfect teacher or even the perfect lover to come to our door – we’re being of disservice to ourselves.

We’re blocking ourselves by getting in our own way.

In this way, it’s a good idea to realize that all is spiritual. Whether we are meditating, getting into a fight with our loved one or worried about finals. All of that is spiritual.

It’s creating an understanding of unlearning and remembering who we truly are as spiritual beings.

Therefore when we’re putting ourselves up on this arrogant pedestal of “I’m not listening to that”, we may be directly missing the spiritual lesson and the guidance that is coming through.

It’s really funny but you can find a spiritual lesson in a cartoon as much as you can find one in a self-help book. The lessons are all around us because we are always within the spiritual experience, every second of our lives.

Here’s some tips on how we create very subtle ways to blocking spiritual guidance from coming through and how to start opening up your energy!


1. Stay In Beginner’s Mind

If you think of the newborn, who’s open and willing to learn anything they get there hands on – soaking up everything around them. That’s truly the beginner’s mind. We’re open, receptive and willing to commit to change.

When we’re open, we’re more mold-able and allowing our energy to open up to awareness. For instance, rather than shutting down every suggestion, offer or bit of advice you receive, instead be open to what the universe is trying to tell you in this moment.

Stay Open to what is coming through and what is being represented in your daily awareness. What message is coming through right now?

2. Surrender to Change

A big part of letting go of what I’ve been working on creating has been my unwillingness to change directions. I will get real and personal here, it was because I wasn’t ready to surrender to change that it took me two whole years to figure it out.

Think about all the ways, you may be stopping yourself from surrendering to change. Maybe you’re afraid to make the leap, you’re uncertain about a commitment or maybe you’re even terrified with fear in your heart that something bad would happen if you do it anyway.

All of that is b.s. – Belief systems that are holding you back from committing to change. When we allow ourselves to fully let go and ride into the unknown with grace, we begin to unlock the beauty of limitless possibility. The more we cut ourselves off, the harder the resistance becomes because we’re not willing to shift our energy.

It’s when we decide to fully let go of our comfort zones that we begin stepping in fullytowards our spiritual power.


I wholeheartedly believe that our biggest obstacle is teaching ourselves to get out of our own way, let go and let God. In our toughest situations, the way we allow ourselves to keep pushing through is by taking our hands off the wheel and letting someone else drive. The universe is like a parent, keeping us safe and guiding us towards our highest potential. I’m sure most of you probably even learned to drive from a parent, well the universe is just like that. The universe is teaching us to drive correctly and align with our highest good.

Like a stubborn child, we can often tell ourselves we know what is best, we know what we need and we know all the answers already therefore we stop ourselves from guidance. If you began to realize that the universe is carrying you, how would you life change? What would stop you but yourself?

Dare yourself to challenge what you know and realize that there’s always an easier way. The easiest way is to learn how to get out of your own way and let the universe finish the job.

When we allow ourselves to have a beginner’s mind that is open, willing and ready to surrender to change, we unleash the floodgates towards our limitless potential and begin to awaken divine support.

Allow yourself to be open towards your highest good.

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