If you tuned into the free masterclass this week, you know we are all about the chakras and continuing our chakra series, I thought we’d go a different direction today. So some of you may be thinking or considering: but DO chakras work? how do they work? and are they actually real?!

Well, this week’s episode drop will end that confusion for you. See despite my “woo” nature I actually am HIGHLY analytical and like digging into practical methods to understand things. I DO want to see it to believe it! I want proof.

So let’s do just that.

See it makes me sad to hear things on the internet how chakras are ‘pseudoscience trash’ when in fact I have seen with my own eyes, my friends and clients go through transformations while highly benefiting sooo deeply with healing their own chakras. I don’t even think i would be here writing this email to you if it wasnt for healing my chakras! so crazy.

It reminded me of an exercise i was taught long ago that honestly turned ME, into a real believer. It makes me giddy to share it with you.

SO LET’S BUST THE MYTH – With an Exercise you can do yourself at home ? And I want to hear all about it in the comments once you try it.

Alright, so Have you ever wanted to prove that chakras exist?

How about how to know if a chakra is blocked or balanced?

Maybe you’re a little skeptical about how they work on the physical sense.

Today I am here to bust the myth that chakras don’t exist & how we can easily begin to do our own at-home exercise to understand our personal chakras & How to work with them in our solar plexus chakra easily!

Let’s talk about two things: How to do an easy at-home exercise on your chakras so you can know if they are overactive, underactive, balanced or blocked. This is sooo fun and then let’s apply this to the solar plexus so you can see this in ACTION.

Is your Solar Plexus Chakra: Overactive, underactive, balanced, or blocked? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Alright, Watch this week’s video below:

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