One of the most common questions we can have when it comes to bringing awareness to the chakras is, How do I really know if I am blocked, imbalanced or open? Well, truthfully it begins with looking at your current patterns that are appearing in your day-to-day life.

So Let’s Review: What really are the Chakras?

Chakras are Energy Centers starting at the base of our spine in our sacrum, we have energy centers that are connected to our nervous system.

Our Chakras are the psychological components to where our energy is stored within the body.

Let’s just skip the textbook definition you can find on google.

This is what I have learned about the Chakras:

As you’re growing up, this is where the energy is stored throughout your endocrine system. The energy is stored in the body. This is why illness or disease is created from the body, it usually means the body needs a emotional detox or is having a hard time letting go.

Emotional, Mental, or physical energetic imbalances are the result of imbalanced Energy flow happening in the body. For instance, someone who is emotionally all over the place reactive at the drop of a hat probably has an imbalanced overactive sacral chakra. Someone who is constantly a workaholic barely eats, puts themselves last and burns out their adrenals has an underactive root chakra.
Each chakra center connects to a particular area of your life such as Relationships, money, self-esteem, career, communication, perception, belief systems etc.

Each Center then correlates to your growth patterns, habitual behaviors & even negative resistant triggers.

In very simple terms, the Chakra system is basically a psychological map of how your Personal Identity and manifested reality is created. ⠀The Chakras can systematically reveal all of your standards and boundaries around how you believe and expect in your reality. In other words, it reveals every dynamic you are having with ‘giving and receiving’ in every area of your life. How cool!

For example:
Blocked/imbalanced Sacral = Hard time giving or receiving pleasure or enjoying themselves.
Blocked/imbalanced Third eye = difficult to receive clarity of perception – clouded in illusions of fear due to the past.

Most importantly of all,
Your emotional triggers are stored in the energetic centers of the body. ⠀

You know those moments where you’re suddenly not ‘high vibe’ and either beating yourself up for having a negative thought, feeling negative about yourself or another person. Those reactive moments are dominated and operated from your chakra centers.

That is why when you work on your solar plexus, you may suddenly find yourself less pissed off or less likely to go off on someone – because you don’t need to anymore!

THIS IS HUGE for how we are manifesting in our life.

As everything interconnects back to our *vibe* or Energetic Vibration!

And Often our Emotional triggers are what are stopping our manifested outcomes or desires from happening.

This is due to the fact that we have two currents of energy happening.

The Healing Current And the Manifestation Current

We have the Healing Current that travels from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra most famously known as Kundalini Awakening or ascension. Then we have the Manifestation Current, less renowned which is also occurring that travels from the CROWN chakra of belief to the Root Chakra of Physical Manifestation. This is known as Kundalini Descension but really it’s simply Manifestation in action.

Why do Our Chakras become Imbalanced or Blocked?

Our Chakras often become blocked or imbalanced due to emotional suppression happening in the body. This is something we needed to feel or desired to feel but we never received it as a child growing up. This occurs due to our emotional behaviors and reactions of those behaviors over time. It is also the result of our past conditioned shadow self, such as our emotional wounds, traumas, injuries, or anything that caused a disruption in the nervous system. We basically offset our equilibrium and harmonic balance.

Why do we want to Balance and open the chakras, what’s the point?

When we balance and open our chakras, we can learn to bring the unconscious habits, conscious and detox the patterns that are creating illness, disease, misalignment or inauthentic vibrations in the body. Depending on the severity of the situation, we may just be in a state of misalignment and it’s like kinking a hose back in order so that water can flow freely again. In other cases such as illness or disease it may be a matter of looking at Emotional Triggers, understanding the past origin of behavior and often looking into what does the body need to heal. (this is one of my specialties!)

The reason we want to heal the chakras is so we can step into alignment in every area of our lives. Alignment is free-flowing energy where mind body and spirit are one. In physical practical terms, we desire good health, healthier relationships, a better body, mind, and spirit so we can enter a life of emotional fulfillment and purpose. When we have imbalances, we will inevitably attract misaligned situations or experiences because that is where our energy is desiring to heal. It’s important to heal the chakras if you desire a beautiful soul-aligned life built from the essence of true emotional empowerment. This is always available to you because healing the body is your birthright and it lives inside of you.

Now do the chakras take a long time to heal?

Not Necessarily! It depends on the situation or the severity of the imbalance but the key is understanding How to Identify the root thought that caused the symptoms to appear. We want the cause not the symptom. This means that Shifting energy can occur rapidly if you’re willing to put in the awareness and work to Emotionally heal. Now for someone who has had a severe trauma or physical injury, this can take more time such as breaking a habit or pattern would. If you think of building a muscle, it takes time to build up that muscle but it can be done.

So Now that you have a solid foundation, let’s dive into How do we Know if Our Chakras are Open or Blocked going through each of the Chakras!

Root Chakra: Our foundation

A person with an imbalanced root chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved Root Chakra: this person will be constantly in a state of Fight/flight mode, while their energy needs frequent periods of ‘reserve’ mode aka suddenly stopping or getting sick because of burnout. Often running from this thing to the next. they will display signs of escapism, have a hard time eating food or having eatting disorders around food, obsessed with work, money or physical materials because their root chakra is starving to be grounded into their body. they may have addictions or illnesses due to lack of being ‘energetically fed’ throwing off their nervous system entirely.

B. Overactive Root Chakra: This person is dominated in EXCESS – They never share only take. Frequently may be Gluttonous, Highly Materialistic over people, excessive shopping addiction but they never quite even like what they buy or dont USE it. A Hoarder. This person may be greedy or like to dominate. They may make money but there’s a part of them that acts more like a Scrooge rather than Bob Cratchett (most awakened folk wont be in this overactive category because their ego is in check 😉 )

Imbalanced Root Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Our Relationship to Money and trouble with Poverty/keeping money
  • Being Afraid the world is out to get them – never quite trusting
  • Lack of Support in their life and feeling unsafe in their body
  • Trouble with keeping jobs or unstable physical environments
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Often escaping the physical world or not wanting to be here

A Balanced Root Chakra will carry an Energy of Feeling Safe and Supported in their body. They will naturally attract supportive relationships, cooperation, and have a career that supports them. A Balanced Root Chakra will naturally open up the channel of abundance and allow feelings of stability in their physical world. This person will feel Safe in their physical world, Supported by Life and feel abundance all around them. Frequently people who have a balanced root chakra will have a very abundant or prosperous Home Environment and Stable Physical surroundings due to their Foundation being energetically stable.

Sacral Chakra: Our Emotional Identity of Expression

A person with an imbalanced Sacral chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved Sacral Chakra – This person will never have time for themselves. A People Pleaser. Often apologizes or feels guilty, saying its their fault. they will often be all work, no play attitude, carrying an energy of I put myself Last and often never have time for fun, pleasure, myself, excitement or adventure, including sexual adventures 😉 A starved sacral chakra will be a person who has problems in the bedroom, they may have a hard time expressing themselves or communicating their needs to their partner, They also frequently Deflect in compliments, gifts, or any form of receiving. They have issues with trust and receiving.

B. Overactive Sacral Chakra – Will be the exact opposite, this person is addicted to overindulgence and doesnt quite know when to stop until they burn out. Addicted to pleasure, food, sweets, sex, drugs, alcohol, the overactive sacral, this person is emotionally everywhere, not sure how to control their emotions, extreme high to extreme lows – there is no inbetween with an overactive sacral – all or nothing. Often drowning in their emotions or not wanting to deal with them at all. This leads to Suppression.

Imbalanced Sacral Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Trouble with controlling their emotions – extremes(outbursts to suppression)
  • They bottle up their emotions and project them onto something: food, sex, sweets, people, drugs
  • Trouble in the bedroom
  • Not communicating what they desire or want to the universe or a partner
  • People Pleaser – putting themselves last in their own life

A Balanced Sacral Chakra will illustrate a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy promoting a distinct balanced FLOW in life. Balancing their ebb and flow, knowing when to rest and give back, knowing when to stop, honoring their emotional flows and cylical patterns. A healthy sacral is like water dancing between action and rest, pleasure and work, honoring the shadow by holding the light. A Sacral chakra will be a person who indulges but listens to their body, has a healthy sex life, loves self care and daily pleasures that make them happy or creatively inspired.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Our EGO Identity

A person with an imbalanced Solar plexus chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved Solar Chakra – This person will feel powerless, have low self-esteem or struggle with taking action. they may be depressed, overweight or underweight, sluggish, lazy or never feel motivated to take new action. They may have issues with self-esteem or inability to break habits due to living in too much fear of change.

B. Overactive Solar Chakra – This type of person is the unconsciously controlling person, often because they actually feel powerless over circumstance so they try to control everything in their path to feel a sense of security. An overactive Solar plexus will feel shame and anger a lot of the time. Ranging from extremely Burning out and taking action to the point where they make themselves sick or Hustling so much they have to stop. An overactive solar plexus frequently has a hard time with the illusion of control and Letting Go – They are hoarders and have attachment issues.

Imbalanced Solar Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Not Following through or unmotivated
  • can’t break their bad habit if they tried – stop and start
  • Listening to the Negative worst case scenerio over their Best
  • Controlling relationships, abuse , or Unsatisified careers
  • Ego dominates the show
  • Hard time with Letting go and accepting Change

A Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra will illustrate a healthy balance of Rest and Taking Action – Knowing when to stop, knowing when it’s time to move in aligned action. A balanced solar plexus has a positive relationship to their ego or negative shadow self. They know how to deal with the fear of change and embrace fear with action. They may have purposeful careers that fulfill them or they feel fulfilled in whatever they do. They carry an energy of knowing change is inevitable so they can let go easily. Most importantly Balanced Solar Plexus know how to transcend the ego, and motivate themselves to take action. These people have positive self-esteem, determination, zest for life and often a DRIVE that passionately brings them forward.

Heart Chakra: Our Emotional Relationship to Ourselves

A person with an imbalanced Heart chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved Heart Chakra – This person has a hard time trusting and committing to relationships. Their Heart is guarded, may be a smoker of some sort. They may be suffering issues of grief, separation, divorce, broken heart or immense lack of appreciation in relationships. They may not like themselves, their body or speak negatively to themselves a lot. Frequently they create Deflection in relationships, distancing themselves from others, feeling an energy of disconnection with people.

B. Overactive Heart Chakra – The overactive heart chakra person gives it all in a relationship to the point of self-neglect. They think about the other person over themselves. An excessive overgiver and pleaser of others, never considering themselves. They often take care of their partner or have to deal with the partners problems. This arises in career as lack of appreciation, support and self-neglect.

Imbalanced Heart Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Negative Self-Talk and Lack of Acceptance of who they are as a person
  • Relationships Drama llama and Social Drama
  • Giving and Receiving Dynamic is off, no equal energetic exchange
  • Self-Neglect
  • Self-sabotage
  • Judgment, rejection and Criticism

A Balanced Heart Chakra will illustrate Loving Unconditional Relationships across the board of their life. They like themselves and accept who they are, flaws and all. A Healthy Heart Chakra Carries the energy of a very healthy emotional relationship to who they are. They attract supportive partnerships, collabs, networking and career partners. The healthy heart gives themselves ahimsa and compassion, knowing mistakes happen. They encourage over criticize and give themselves what they need so they operate with a full cup. They usually feel peaceful in mind and body, healthy, beautiful, and empathetic.

Throat Chakra: What we Affirm to our World

A person with an imbalanced Throat chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved throat Chakra – This person is afraid to be seen or heard. They may feel talked over or have a hard time getting someone to listen to them, maybe even ignored. They have a hard time speaking up in a crowd, or getting their opinion heard. They may attract people who are shouters talking or screaming over them. They are timid, often shy afraid to speak in some cases. They have a lack of self-expression due to fear and may feel misunderstood or as if their presence doesn’t matter because they are not seen.

B. Overactive Throat Chakra – The loudmouth. The overtalker. The person who forgets to listen. the overactive throat chakra is the person who is so on – they only hear themselves half the time. They are highly creative and vocal about their desires. they may also have mouth diarrhea and not know when to shut it so others can talk.

Imbalanced Throat Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Visibility especially in career or relationships
  • Not feeling heard or seen.
  • Inauthentic Liar or white lies
  • Not communicating what they want or need
  • Problems with Affirmations or speaking about what they don’t want

A Balanced Throat Chakra will illustrate a healthy balance of communication, self-expression and Authenticity. This person knows who they are and how to show it. They are authentic individuals who communicate their desires and needs in all areas of their life. They are probably creative, writers, artists, musicians, or leaders. A Balanced throat chakra will manifest healthy communication dynamics causing you to feel understood, seen, heard and promoting honesty in relationships. This helps us with understanding our authentic truth and how we are affirming onto our reality.

Third Eye Chakra: What we SEE IN our World

A person with an imbalanced Throat chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved third eye Chakra – Cloudy. Foggy. Unclear. A starved third eye will often be stuck and uncertain with making decisions. They just don’t quite get it. They don’t trust their intuition and don’t trust themselves to make the right decision. They would most prefer if some decided for them or motivated them back into action. They can’t see straight and it displays in how they take action. A Blocked third eye will only see very rigid views of the world, they are stuck in the limited mind.

B. Overactive Third eye Chakra – The ungrounded airy fairy resting in the clouds, lost in their head – escaping from the real world. The third eye chakra is overactive when it is highly lost in delusions or illusions, too much in the head not enough in the body. Spiritual burnout is the result of an overactive third eye which looks a lot like living from fear and having an imbalanced root chakra. The ungrounded overactive third eye is TOO OUT THERE, they may do a lot of drugs, psychedelics, hate the real world, be overly unmaterialistic, never go outside or think the world is on flames, when it really isn’t. They may believe the hype, dig into conspiracies, believe they are neo or often drink the new age koolaid ( but you didn’t hear it from me 😉 )

Imbalanced Third eye Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Disconnected from the real world or wanting beam me up scotty!
  • Lost in Vision no roots to stand on
  • Doing all the Inner work, never seeing results due to lack of action
  • Has all the best ideas, Lost in overwhelm and enters Freeze mode = inaction

A Balanced Third eye Chakra will have a strong intuition, connection to Higher consciousness, natural psychic abilities and often can See different perceptions of the world. A person with a balanced third eye is listening to their alignment and staying grounded in their actions. They receive the download and act. They allow soul to guide them, using their natural quantum abilities to move through any block. They see beyond their limits and enter new perspectives of seeing the world around them. They know how to move through the limited mind into the higher mind and see different perspectives that can breakthrough any block. They usually feel naturally intuitive, trusting, certain and open-minded.

Crown Chakra: What we Believe about Our World

A person with an imbalanced Crown chakra will often display two types of unconscious patterns:

A. Starved Crown Chakra – This person allows their disbelief to guide them. They don’t have faith, believe or trust in themselves, so they don’t feel a trust in the higher powers of the universe to guide them. They may be skeptical or overly want to prove themselves right so they can get to the bottom of things and actually believe beyond what they can see. Thus their ego often dominates the show and resistance stops and often blocks them from their desires. They sabotage and allow ego to steer them.

B. Overactive Crown Chakra – The Spiritual Narcissistic. They are the one. They may feel they are the only person in existence and everything else is an illusion. They may believe in a higher power but they have what is known as spiritual addiction where they are obsessed with knowledge and disconnected from the real world. they could be a cult leader or overly dogmatic person who is dominated around rigid rules, processes or even obedience. They are blocked by Attachment.

Imbalanced Crown Chakra will display itself as problems around:

  • Obsession with Knowledge & Learning, no Application
  • Spiritual Addiction – lost connection with the real world
  • Overly dominate higher chakras – starved lower chakras
  • Disbelief and believing in themselves
  • trusting in themselves and Higher Intelligence(higher power)
  • Lack of Feeling Whole, never quite enough.

A Balanced Crown Chakra will be a person who trusts and Believes in themselves. They have transcended the shadow of their ego stories and know they can shift their beliefs to help their reality. They are connected in both mind and body, listening to their body and balancing themselves. They have healthy kundalini flow and often are open to new perceptions of the world around them. A balanced chakra will feel the energy of elevation knowing they can try on new ideas and stay open to change. A crown chakra that is healthy will feel less emotional attachment and more emotional fulfillment knowing they always hold the power to change their beliefs. they know they are supported by something greater and realize quantum intelligence is a natural part of them.

Wooooo that was a doozy of a download!!!

I’d love to know in the comments: which Chakra Strongly Resonates with you the most?

Listen to your intuition here, What chakra stood out to you immediately when reading through this?

Where do you feel you have the healthiest chakras?
Where do you feel you have the most imbalanced chakras?

Let’s hear all about it below.

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