Awhile back my love and I were having a conversation about the concept of meditation.

He was having trouble relaxing so I suggested why doesn’t he just try hypnosis or meditation, which he quickly replied “That just doesn’t work for me”

Given my extensive toolkit of visualization,guided meditation and hypnosis that I turn to whenever I need a moment to relax, I was a bit taken back.

You can imagine my jaw-dropping at this moment,

“But it always works for me?”

It got me thinking…when it comes to spiritual practice, we need to throw out the rule book for how we expect it to be done. There have been countless people who have came to me in the past saying “I keep doing meditation wrong” or “It’s just not doing anything for me”

It’s not that you’re doing it wrong, Its moreso you’re not finding what spiritual practice actually lights you up!

Shortly after that conversation, I came back to him and said “Hey, I think I understand why meditation isn’t your thing” and he looked at me confused, “Why?”

“It’s because your art is your spiritual practice”

Authentic soul expression is your spiritual practice. He’s been passionate about art since he’s been 14 that’s a lot of authentic passion right there. Something he turns to every single day, without fail he shows up.

Now I’m more visual and I love writing! So naturally, my spiritual practice is based more on Visualization and Journaling. One of my favorite Ladies, Marisa she does custom channeled meditations but her passion is bringing spiritual practice into her MUSIC and improv songs.

My Point is It’s time to bring your Spiritual Practice outside of the Box.

It’s not always about running to your Meditation Pillow with candles, It’s an ART of your Authentic Soul Expression and what ultimately FUELS your soul.

The Soul Speaks through us in many different ways, the main one is your authentic self-expression, who you are as a creative- being.

So if you’re fully in your creative expression and being authentically you, that is part of your practice!

So before diving into today’s Video in our Spiritual Life series, I wanted to share some really good tips for your Spiritual Practice since this article is all about Spiritual practice.


#1 There is no right or wrong way to meditate

Contrary to popular opinion there is no right or wrong way to meditate. I have gotten way too many questions about, “I feel like i’m meditating wrong”.  You are not doing it wrong! Meditation is really about learning to be present and focused. Meditation teaches us to hone back in to our Home frequency. Who we are without all the noise, external voices, opinions & judgments.

#2 Treat Your Practice like a date with Yourself

It’s always good to Show Up. be present and be willing to listen.

#3 A spiritual practice is a feel good ritual. 

It’s meant to feel good. It’s meant to slow you down so you let go & relax. Let this be a fun part of your day to nurture you. Finding what feels good to you is the key to your practice.

#4 Don’t box in your Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Practice isn’t just fluffy pillows, candles & incense It’s a bit of an Art. Spiritual Practice can be different for different people. It can be headphones, a quiet room, A journaling practice, tarot/oracle cards, mantras, channeling, a walking meditation, Yoga, Questions, guided meditations, visualization, It can also be you utilizing your own creative expression like art, music, design, house decorating, creating things,
so much yumminess. It IS up to you.

#5 Treat your Practice like Brushing your Teeth

Make it a non-negotiable, do you skip the days you brush your teeth? Do you skip your daily coffee/tea/Juice? Nope. If you truly seek benefit, it begins with getting committed to a non-negotiable practice. That means start embracing consistency. It’s a commitment to saying YES to your soul. But if you miss some days or desire a day off, don’t beat yourself up, just get back up and do it again.

#6 Find your personal Sweet Spot

This is truly the golden nugget right here. Once you know your sweet spot, you have officially found the solution to cultivate your alignment style and practice.

Here’s the thing, it’s not that meditation doesn’t work for you, it’s more that you aren’t working with your personal sweet spot – your learning style.

Check this out:

The Seven Learning Styles

Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.

Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.

Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.

Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.

Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.

Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

Credit to :

So ask yourself:

Are you more…hands-on(physical)?
Yoga, Nature walks, ecstatic dance, breath work stretching, art, Creating things, woodwork, will be more your jam.

A Nice journaling practice, automatic writing, channeling or channeling affirmations, mantras, is what fires you up!

chanting, Singing, music & creating music, creating playlists is probably your sweet spot

Guided meditation, visualization, vision boards, pinterest fun, adult coloring books, design, pathworking, anything that screams dreamy visuals or gets you into that third eye fun space is your sanctuary.

What is your learning style? What truly fills you up and lights you up? What is your WAY of authentically expressing yourself?

That will help you figure out what type of practice fuels your soul more. I’m more visual – I need color, dreamy spaces, pathworking rituals…So a strict breathwork practice absolutely bores me and I don’t even desire to get into it.

Your favorite learning style will help you Align and direct you to the types of practices that ultimately fuel your soul the most.


Okay so I’m hearing you, you either don’t have time for your practice, you don’t have space for your practice or maybe it’s just too difficult to get motivated with your practice.

Babe I get it but those are all just excuses – It doesn’t have to take an hour, unless you want it to. You just need to start creating easy rituals and practices for yourself that you actually want to do.

Most of all practices that are FUN to do. 🙂

Here’s just it if you’re not passionate or comfortable with sitting down in stillness? then get up and move your body!

If you’re not into visualization and it feels like its hard to take it seriously, then simply write things down as a script and get into the feeling that way.

Make it easier on yourself by working with yourself.

Here are eight of my favorite easy-peezy practices to start incorporating in your life to help you anchor back into the present moment.



In Summary,

  1. Develop your own Morning Ritual
  2. Focus on what’s thriving
  3. Shower Release
  4. Create a light Bath
  5. Add More Mindfulness to your daily routines
  6. Bless your Food & Drink
  7. Know you can Choose again moment by moment
  8. Ask Empowered Questions

So What did you think? What’s your favorite learning style? I think i’m a cross between visual and verbal mostly. Have any awesome ahas about your own spiritual practice or ways you can start making easy rituals in your life?

Share with me below.


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