Spiritual Business has been one of those topics, i’ve been shying away from and I’ve been thinking about how silly that is…Mainly because I spend a lot of time devoted to everything Spiritual Business. This next part in our series is aligned for the lightworkers who are ready to work it, the changemakers, those deeply desiring to start a Spiritual Business or have a Spiritual Soul – aligned Business needing some tips on gaining momentum.

I remember when I first started my business, I didn’t even know there was a term out there called ‘spiritual entrepreneur’ or insert the latest cute name title for soulpreneurs these days.

I leaned heavily on the masculine side of business, soaking up everything I could on structure/strategy and it left me inevitably confused, lost and in burnout not really getting anywhere.

sometimes when we start this idea of having a spiritual business, we can get caught in this hamster wheel of busy work things, like getting the perfect logo, obsessing over font & the right colors, the website built and posting on social media – not getting anything that truly moves the needle done. All the while, we may suddenly feel like we’ve been investing in an expensive hobby, not a business.

I realized I didn’t know what I was doing…besides getting overwhelmed lol

It wasn’t until I began setting some intentions around finding other Spiritual Business owners that the universe lead me to some powerful teachers such as Gabby Bernstein, Andee Love & Melyssa Griffin. These women began to open me up to Creative Possiblities and began showing me It was possible to do this. I started getting out of my own way and realized I needed some solid support systems to really get clear on how to build a business from a good foundation.

This guided me to some powerful teachings around why I was really tired of seeing the masculine approach to business. In fact, it nauseated me because I was so tired of the HUSTLE. THE STRUGGLE. THE DREAD. 

It didn’t even occur to me that I could create something from this totally organic place of SOUL, VIBRATION. ENERGETICS. FUN. 

I didn’t even think this was possible I was used to hard work, this was my belief around career. This was a terrible limited belief that was making everything way harder than what it actually was…

and then I learned something pivotal: 

It’s your energy that creates your business

And I was buying into a lot of old beliefs about hard work that weren’t serving me and kept me from serving my message.

So I began to recreate my entire business model from a place of my Soul-Aligned Authentic Truth. I did the deeper level healing work with mentors like my coach, Andee Love & invested in my growth.

I learned that if we have a desire to share our gifts with the world, it’s there for a reason and a purpose. We are being of disservice by suppressing our gifting and not being willing to share the work, the healing & tools that others need.

A Spiritual Soul-aligned business isn’t just about getting paid for your services, it’s about Creating Impact & Transformational containers to support others to heal, release & empower their life.

So If you’re ready to ditch the hustle and stop throwing things at the wall, hoping it works, it’s time to Dig into your Authentic truth.

Let’s start Waking up your Vision for a Soul-aligned Spiritual Business, here are some of my personal Tips to start applying to your own Business.

I believe in these tips fully, especially if you are out there struggling to even start or have an intense desire to start a Spiritual Business based on your gifts, skills & services.

I get it and here’s some of what I learned since starting,

1. Get Clear on your Vision

What do you deeply desire to do that you feel incredible passion for?
who do you desire to serve?
What have you already mastered, that you desire to teach?
What transformations do you desire to create?

How are you defining your business:
what is your work schedule like?
How many days do you work?
Where does your time/energy go? how many hours do you spend on your business so you can also do self-care, family time, relationship time, social life, etc.
How much do you desire to make a month?

What kind of course/program/ services/products do you want to create?
What would feel fun & Lit up doing?
What social media platform is the most fun for you to create on?

We must really get clear on How we desire to Design our Business, if we’re not clear on our vision we will inevitably just feel cloudy and uncertain about what we actually desire to do.

And if i’m honest with you this is usually when we get overwhelmed, start downloading random things and obsessing over what brand colors are more true to you.

The universe thrives on certainty so if we’re not getting clear on what we actually desire & envision for the business itself, we’ll just get lost downloading freebie after freebie sticking things at the wall, not moving the needle forward.

2. Understand your WHY

Most importantly once you understand your full big picture vision of your business, why do you want it? What is your WHY behind it. Our Why gives us passion, drive & Energy to move forward. If you’re getting lost on your business or confused on what to do, chances are you don’t have a strong enough WHY behind it. Or you forgot your Why and need to rekindle it.

When we let go of the outcome and Reconnect to our Message, everything shifts.

How does doing what you do serve you?
How does it serve & support your family and your client, & their families?

What happens if they don’t find you?

Reconnect to your Mission and you will find the strength to move forward.

3. Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energies

When it comes to waking up our vision, we can also find ourselves getting stuck and inevitably LOST in our own vision refusing to take action. This is where we start to see, we actually need to balance both the feminine & masculine aspects of business, otherwise we will fall down the rabbit hole of inaction.

Here’s what I mean:

Feminine Business:
Vision, Why, Your Story, Mission, intentions/goals, Mindset work, Limited Belief work, Energetic Healing work, Alignment practice.

Masculine Business:
Strategy, Structure, Daily Content Success Rituals & Habits, Schedule, Automation, Product development, Marketing, Email, Funnels, etc.

That’s a really rough example but it’s easy to fall in one category over the other. We truly need a balance of both to create from a place of soul-alignment in our business. This is something I wish someone would have just told me because it was so frustrating in the beginning.

So here’s the thing, If you are finding yourself stuck in the hustle and flailing, chances are you need to balance out with more feminine energy. Do some Alignment practices, reconnect to your why, dig into the healing work, and energetic beliefs behind your business.

If you’re overdosing in your feminine, getting lost in your vision & doing too much mindset work, you probably just need to kick your ass to get into some masculine aligned action & set up some structures.

You’re welcome 🙂

4. Create Support Systems

Both in and for your Business. You are Always Supported, but you have to get out of your way and Ask for More Support whether that is investing in a book, a program, a coach, a membership or simply diving into some new fb groups to network with others.

Support is necessary both on the internal mindset level and also with the External Support systems through the networking, community and relationship building that comes with creating a business.

You cannot do this alone, support is necessary as it helps us have solid anchors when we DO fall astray.

I can’t even tell you how many times, I have gotten lost and then leaned on my brothers and sisters to guide me back home through connection.

We are a co-creative team, create support systems for yourself.

You can do it through:

  • Having inspiring & empowering email subscriptions in your inbox that light you up
  • Networking
  • masterminds
  • in-person retreats
  • fb groups
  • memberships
  • investing in your growth with books, courses, teachers, etc.
  • Feed on Possibility & a Success mindset

It’s important to remember proximity is power and the more we open up our space to be around people in the same mindset as to where we desire to go – we are fueled by possibility & motivation to keep going.

5. Get Clear on your Money Shit & the Stories that stop you from Serving

Stepping into something new and powerful will definitely bring us out of our comfort zone. Naturally, this will bring out resistance and self-worth issues. However, ultimately it’s about reducing the noise to reconnect back to your message. It’s really normal to get caught up in the stories that tell us: Who am I to do that?’ It’s easy to fall down the rabbithole of ‘not enough’ ness but in reality, what is happening is we’re just leaning on fear rather than faith.

This begins with getting clear on your money story, clear on your self-worth, your standards & boundaries around receiving.

It takes an honest moment of looking at: how do you see yourself & your work as valuable?

And also really getting clear on cleaning up those limited beliefs around your money mindset & abundance mindset. Remember you are worthy and deserving because you are!

We cannot serve from an empty cup.
We cannot support others if we are not first taking care of knowing our own needs are being met.

In other words, charging for free will eventually exhaust you, leave you in a place of low self-worth and confidence and ultimately keep you in a place of survival mode.

I often see many lightworkers charging for free or incredibly low cost for their services without first energetically checking in with Root Chakra Healing which is our energetic foundation.

We need a solid foundation to stand on, if we’re falling into survival mode, that will reflect back in our business. If we don’t feel fully that we are safe, supported and infinitely abundant, that will naturally reflect back in our lives through LACK.

How we are serving, what shows up for us, what clients we are attracting, will align with the energy we are emitting.

it’s all an energy thing babe.

We must realize that when we choose to create a spiritual business. we need to get clear and own our truth that Our Work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation. This might mean you need to heal, forgive, set boundaries, release, and let go of some things holding you back. Be gentle to yourself.

Also we need to get clear on WHY our business as a career needs to be supported. We are worthy and deserving of support, and you have the Universe/God to back you up. Lean into guidance!

God isn’t running out of people to help, so it’s okay to get out there and shine bright.

Repeat it after me: I choose to feel supported in my work and I am open to receive support for my business.


It’s a beautiful thing to activate your gifts and merge that into your own spiritual business. I am rooting for you.

Our gifts are meant to be shared.

When we share our authentic truth, we don’t even know the lives we touch when we’re willing to get out of our way and share our message.

Be willing to share your truth with the world 🙂

Maybe in the future, I’ll eventually create a course on spiritual business, it’s not feeling in the cards right now, so I thought I’d share my own personal tips on starting a Spiritual business.

These are truly the lessons that have served me.

Hope you enjoyed!

Are you a Lightworker, changemaker looking to start or struggling to start your spiritual business? What topics do you struggle with the most? Share them below in the comments, I’d love to help you out.

p.s. Next in the series, we’re going to start bringing our meditation out of the box with some easy rituals & new spiritual practices you can start to incorporate into your day. The bonus thing is they don’t have to take a long time to do – so it’s easy to apply them, stay tuned!



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