It’s been a while my friends, in the pursuit of starting this series on applying spiritual principles to my life – I Literally had the universe show me some lessons on doing exactly that. I feel this past month has been a real lesson of ‘ you teach what you need to learn’. As I set off to create this series my intention was to start spreading more awareness towards how we can apply spiritual principles to every area of our life.

In that same month, I had to do just that with my son who’s been a static cling monkey about starting school for the first time.

And it threw all my plans out the window, but that’s just it sometimes we’re clinging hard, refusing to let go of the outcome, the plan & it blocks us from receiving what we actually want.

So while I was supposed to be making new content, writing articles & working on my business, I found myself energetically spent, overwhelmed & not using any of my usual tools. This was a great lesson to learn because it illustrated to me where my values & priorities were and how I needed to start shifting around my priorities as I literally move into a completely different routine. (yay back to school time ?)

It also made we realize, even when we give up or feel defeated if you fall off the horse you just get back up and do it again. Here I am feeling better than ever 🙂

Which leads me into Part 3 of Creating A Spiritual Life: How can we Begin transitioning Spiritual Work into our Career.

When it comes to career ( or honestly anything we’re manifesting), one thing I learned a long time ago is Intention is everything.

The real truth is If we’re not defining what we actually want, we’re usually focused on what we don’t want by default.

Case in point – this is exactly what happened to me the past few weeks…Lesson learned.

Part 3 of spiritual life series tips to transitioning spiritual work into our career

How does this connect to Career & Spiritual Business?

Regardless if you have or want a Spiritual Business, we can STILL apply spiritual principles to how our Career is shaped and what we actually desire for our Job.

This is some tough love advice: Are you getting super intentional with your values & priorities you have for your life?

Our Values interconnect to Alignment, what we feel good about within our own life. A lot of times we don’t realize if we’re not aligned with our values, it will always influence our results aka our manifested outcomes.

What are values?

What you deem as radically important in your life.

Our Values are part of our core foundation that creates fulfillment & Feel-good vibrations in our life. If we’re actively not honoring one of those values, we will naturally feel depleted, exhausted, resentful or even angry at insignificant drama because we are not fueling our soul.

In other words – when you’re not feeling fulfilled, your ego gets pretty bored and causes you to go off into default autopilot mode(blaming, guilt, shame, fear, jealousy, resentment, overwhelm etc. etc.) Which is all a result of being too much in your head(your ego) and not enough in your body (your soul intuition)

So the lesson here is one of the easiest ways to get back into alignment is to start understanding what your core values are.


If you have trouble with this, just take a few minutes and write down what are your top 10 important things in your life that are your non-negotiables. Then look at ‘well what is absolutely important, i can’t live without it.’

Then Create a List of your Top 5, Those are your core values.

Your Values can always change, evolve and shift. What we value also helps illustrate how we desire to heal, so digging into WHY it’s important to you is also something to explore for clarity.

To give you an example here’s my current top 5:

Prioritizing self-expression & creativity with writing & projects
Engaging fun time with my family & my man
Spiritual Practice & journaling
Creating Impact, helping others & transforming lives through
cultivating community
Freedom & time freedom

Some powerful awareness can come out of looking at what are your most important values.

For a personal example, I realized Creating things incredibly lights me up but I haven’t been prioritizing it at all this past month! I’m ready for this to change.
I spend too much time on social media and not on prioritizing my own Soul desires which is my creative process. My Spiritual Practice is part of my daily morning routine, & my personality thrives on spontaneous flow & freedom so it makes sense that’s one of my core values.

However if i’m not touching one of these values, such as making more time for family connection or say my son is in meltdown mode needing support out of nowhere, my foundation starts to collapse. This means making time to nurture the values that energetically fill me up. And to lean on my last value, time freedom by being more flexible with my time & where it is going.

See? Clarity is Power. Try this for yourself and see what ‘aha’s you have, it’s a pretty cool exercise.

I can go really deep into values & priorities but that’s not what this article is about! So let’s move on.


Alright so if you did the exercise above, you now understand your values and what helps bring you fulfillment. Now Let’s go deeper, once we understand our values we can interconnect that back to our career.

Here are some easy ways to do just that.


If you are currently unsatisfied with your job, desire a new job or just feel plain lost with your career, this step is for you. I want you to sit down with yourself and get more intentional with your career.

  • How do you desire to feel in your career?
  • What would you like to do if you could do anything?
  • How about your work schedule, the times you work, your boss unless you’re the boss, the people you work with, your work environment, BRING IN THE DETAILS.
  • Now Intentionally write it so it’s specific and measurable.

    I am grateful and Happy now that I Have a Career doing _______________, It makes me feel ___________________, _____________________, __________________.
    I am Now Making _____________________________ a Month.

    This is a process I’ve used with both my love and myself, it’s what caused me to start a spiritual business. It’s also what brought my love into a great work environment, a promotion and supervisor position at his job. So yeah, if you’re ready for clarity, definitely take the time to do this process 😀

2 – Write down the Ideas & Stories that are telling you, you can’t have it.

A lot of us are getting caught up in our head saying all the reasons & excuses why we can’t have what we want. This is what causes us to feel frustrated, annoyed, disconnected and full of doubt.

So I invite you to write this statement down and see what stories you’ve got playing to help bring new awareness to them. Clarity is power.

Write This on a sheet of Paper: I deeply desire _____ But I’m afraid that….

3 – Now Despite the fear, What do I Believe are some action steps that I can begin taking to bring this into my reality?

So we did the mindset component, now we must allow ourselves to get into action. What is something you can do right now to move this forward?

Write 3-5 things.

Like Go do that, give yourself permission to go do it now 🙂


Alright! that’s my three-step method for getting you out of your head and Back into your body. Don’t make it overcomplicated, simply define what you want and why you want it.

The truth is it isn’t hard to bring spiritual principles into our career and business, the problem is simply we’re not getting INTENTIONAL ABOUT IT.

So I invite you to start bringing more intention towards your career and share with me your soul takeaways below with what ahas you’ve had & how things start to shift 😉


p.s. After all the crazy I decided to make this one into two separate articles, mainly because I feel like I could cover a lot of ground when it comes to spiritual business. Rather than squishing all this into one post, there will be a second post all about Spiritual Business: Tips on Getting started on bringing more Spiritual Principles into your Spiritual Soul Aligned Business.

Because, why not? I’ve learned a lot since I’ve started my business. 🙂

Stay tuned!



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