Here’s Why you have Low Vibration

heres why you have low vibration

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “How do I raise my Vibration?” this one’s totally for you. 

I hear this literally all the time – it’s kinda a running anthem in the spiritual awakening communities. 

How do i stay positive?” 

“How do I manage my vibration so I don’t go low vibe” 

But How i do I get out of low vibe situations?” 

“What do I need to do to raise my vibration and stay in a high vibe state of mind” 

And So forth…. IF you ever found yourself asking any of these questions and i’m totally in your head right now – you forgot to ask yourself, the MOST IMPORTANT ONE: 

“But Why Is my Vibration Low and What can I start to do about it?” 

Let’s talk Vibration

So say you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, Do you know what actually helps the law of attraction so it works? 

The Law of Vibration. 

The Law of Vibration is dominating our lives every single day.

the law of vibration decrees “nothing is ever at rest, all is in motion, vibrating and oscillating all the time.” 

In this week’s episode let’s talk about the power behind the Law of Vibration, Why Low Vibes happen, and how we can begin to understand how to create emotional fulfillment with the chakra system.

Let’s connect the mind to the body in this episode all about Vibration!

In this episode we go into:
– What is the Law of Vibration and why it influences what we attract into our lives

– Why Low Vibration Occurs and how to fix it with true awareness

– how the chakras work in relationship to vibration

– How to Begin Raising your Vibrations to become more Magnetic, change desired results and manifest differently

Here’s why you have low vibration and what to do about it – Tune in the episode to find out: 

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Moving into Shadow Scorpio season tomorrow 😉

There’s definitely a Big Portal Opening – the Season of Deep Transformation and Change is afoot (like any given tuesday in our world right? haha)  

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Sending love and abundance,

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They can be a psychological guide map that gives you a roadmap to access more alignment, flow, passion and purpose in your every day life.

it always makes me giddy to talk about the chakras there’s soooo much goodness in store when you begin to work with them.

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