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So you’ve heard of Energy Work but you’re not even sure where to get started? Maybe you’re saying, I like reiki but I want MORE. What is beyond the basics? What is energy work in relationship to the chakras? How does it work? You, my friend, are in the right place. If you’ve been curious about the Chakras or want to enroll in the Chakra Academy but you’re not sure if Energy Work is for you, welcome to the chakra master post guidebook.

I’m gifting you a master blog highlighting some of my key articles on the Chakra System and their relationship to energy work. I’ve written a lot on the chakras over the years and while you can look them up, i thought it would be nice to have the best ones together in a master post. Let this serve as a reference guide for you!

Let’s Begin.


Chakras are Energy Centers starting at the base of our spine in our sacrum, we have energy centers that are connected to our nervous system.

Our Chakras are the psychological components to where our energy is stored within the body.

Let’s just skip the textbook definition you can find on google.

This is what I have learned about the Chakras:

As you’re growing up, this is where the energy is stored throughout your endocrine system. The energy is stored in the body. This is why illness or disease is created from the body, it usually means the body needs an emotional detox or is having a hard time letting go. Read More below.

But Are The Chakras Even Real? Let’s Prove it!

Maybe you’re a little bit of a skeptic or are questioning but are chakras actually real? How do they really work?

See it makes me sad to hear things on the internet how chakras are ‘pseudoscience trash’ when in fact I have seen with my own eyes, my friends and clients go through transformations while highly benefiting sooo deeply with healing their own chakras. I don’t even think i would be here writing this blog to you if it wasn’t for healing my chakras! so crazy.

It reminded me of an exercise i was taught long ago that honestly turned ME, into a real believer. It makes me giddy to share it with you.

SO LET’S BUST THE MYTH – With an Exercise you can do yourself at home! And I want to hear all about it in the comments once you try it.

Or Try the chakra Quiz: How Do I Know what to heal with my Chakras?

I specifically created this quiz with the knowledge and understanding of knowing specifically which chakra you’re OBSESSED WITH. This will help you easily pin point which chakra needs the most attention and healing. When you take the time to do the quiz, you will be asked a series of questions that help you diagnosis what chakra you’re getting stuck in. This will help you immediately know which chakra you need to begin working with to help create alignment back into your life.

How the Ascension Symptoms connect to Energy healing

One of the hugest shifts I made on my spiritual awakening journey was connecting the dots between ascension symptoms and energy healing work.

 I wanted to talk about how working with the symptoms of awakening has helped evolve my own healing journey. 

This is a bit of an elephant in the room. For instance, many talk about what the symptoms are, how they happen but I don’t always see the addressing of what the heck to do with all this information. how do we process it or what we can personally do to speed up our healing? 

Through my own journey I’ve definitely reached some full circle moments of how the symptoms interconnect with the Chakra System.

However, through my new studies I’ve also discovered something even more powerful how the symptoms interconnect with our Resistance patterns and limited beliefs through the Chakra System. 

How Manifesting Connects to the Chakras Part 1 & 2: 

Each chakra center correlates to your growth patterns, habitual behaviors & even resistant triggers. In very simple terms, the Chakra system is basically a psychological map of how the Personal Identity and manifested reality is created. ⠀Most importantly of all, Your emotional triggers are stored in the energetic centers of the body. THIS IS HUGE for how we are manifesting in our life. As everything interconnects back to our *vibe* or Energetic Vibration! Read more below.

How Manifesting Connects to the Chakras Part 2: 

It’s a little like this and if you’ve been around here for a time, i’m sure you heard me say this before, 

Energy influences Thought, influences feeling, influences embodied behavior influences action influences HABIT which creates your circumstantial results. 

what’s at the top of the food chain? 


And What my friends is how we understand energy? 


So when we say get your chakra’s aligned, you have to realize that we’re not just talking up the WOOO – 

We’re actually talking about the Mind-body’s connection to manifestation. (see chart above)

As I reveal in this week’s video, how do we connect the dots to Energy behind the chakras and manifestation?

Once I understood this missing piece in how I was attracting in my life, everything made sooo much more sense.  

The chakras are interconnected to the manifestation process. 

Here’s How 

Why you Have Low Vibration in the Chakras & What to Do:

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “How do I raise my Vibration?” this one’s totally for you. 

In this week’s episode let’s talk about the power behind the Law of Vibration, Why Low Vibes happen, and how we can begin to understand how to create emotional fulfillment with the chakra system.

Let’s connect the mind to the body in this episode all about Vibration!

In this episode we go into:
– What is the Law of Vibration and why it influences what we attract into our lives

– Why Low Vibration Occurs and how to fix it with true awareness

– how the chakras work in relationship to vibration

– How to Begin Raising your Vibrations to become more Magnetic, change desired results and manifest differently

Root Chakra: Here’s How to Actually Get Grounded

We’re taking it “old school” this week to talk about the importance of Grounding Your energy and why it’s a bit easier than putting our bare feet in the dirt all the time.

While I admit Earthing is fun and can certainly help, there are so many ways to ground our energy.

But First let’s talk about What Grounding really is in case you’re new to the whole thing or WHY it’s so important to stabilize your energy.

Pssst Extra Bonus: Root chakra Meditation: Grounding into Abundance

How to Begin Healing the Lower Chakras

It’s important to discuss on how healing the lower chakras begins to take us out of being in that fight/flight ungrounded response and back into Flow. Back into our bodies.

A year ago I created an article vlog on how Spiritual burnout creates third eye imbalances in the spiritual community. I feel this conversation is part 2 to that video. In the spiritual community, it’s really common to experience a third eye imbalance because we are often over-compensating in the higher chakras while neglecting our physical world. By doing this, we are actually neglecting the lower chakras.

How to Identify Heart Chakra Blocks – Behind the scenes Look

bringing awareness to the Heart Chakra and common ways we have imbalances in the Heart space.

The Higher chakras show us a lot about Higher Consciousness and Mindset, in particular,
the Heart Chakra is the bridge between the Lower Chakras vs the Higher Chakras.

This means the heart is the bridge between the spiritual world and the physical plane, the giving and receiving dynamics we carry not just In our physical relationships but every relationship we have with our lives.

The Heart Chakra asks us:
?How do we feel worthy and deserving of our desires?

?How are we showing up Emotionally in our Relationships and for ourselves?
?And How do we Perceive Love?

Exploring the Heart chakra is about How we Perceive ourselves through Love and Relationships.

The Heart Chakra shows us a lot about What we Believe we accept, allow and Deserve in our lives. This, in turn, influences how we magnetize and Allow in our Highest Good.

How to Open up the Heart Chakra ( Guided meditation)

When we decide to start healing the heart Chakra, it can honestly be the catalyst towards major life change.

A big part of the Awakening Process is about evolving with the heart center through honoring the mind-heart unification. In short this is really where we start moving from directing our energy from the mind(ego) into the heart center. As our heart chakra continues to heal, open up and evolve.

We are faced with this beautiful realization of creating a marriage between the mind and the heart.

In short the mind or ego is directed by our WILL and WILL POWER but as we start to elevate this understanding, we start creating an amazing healing process where we begin moving from reacting from the Ego into directing more and more energy into the heart. This means our Will is evolving to be in alignment with our heart center.

Third Eye Talk: Is it my Ego or my Intuition?

When it comes to your Intuition you must have three things on absolute lock to balance your third eye chakra :

1. Develop and cultivate a solid relationship to your higher self/your inner most authentic part of you.

2. Have SELF-TRUST – if you are constantly second guessing yourself, over-thinking and obsessively analyzing yourself, you need to work on developing your self-trust to strengthen your intuition.

Read more below.

Third Eye Chakra Imbalances Leads to Spiritual Burnout: 

There is so much to cover when it comes to working through third-eye imbalances.

Let’s break it down.

I am talking to the people who are doing all the things.

They’re feeling overwhelmed, spacey, maybe even a bit of ‘too muchness’ and more than likely they are possibly feeling intense and creating tons of hypersensitivity.

This is something that is incredibly common as spiritual people and for me takes daily practice to keep in check. It’s something I have grown stronger from as I’ve done energy work. It’s very easy to fall down the philosophical & analytical rabbit hole.

I totally remember being one of those people who are OBSESSED, doing tarot daily, buying all the crystals, addicted to my spiritual practice, focusing on all the things, researching all the things, studying all the things, and completely getting lost in my own HEAD, resulting in forgetting to eat, change my outfit or just getting sucked in completely. Read More Below.

Expanding & Opening the Crown Chakra: A Mindset Breakdown

This is a chakra that I usually receive a ton of questions about because of its association of Spiritual Enlightenment.

However I think its even more fun to breakdown how simple it is to begin working with the crown chakra and move aside the rule book that it’s just a center for ultimate enlightenment.

The Crown Chakra actually is the center that holds the systems, habits & belief systems we’re operating on.

If we want to begin really changing anything in our life, it begins with getting in touch with the crown chakra.

ALL Your EXTRA Chakra Questions like: But How do I know if i’m blocked vs just imbalanced?

One of the most common questions we can have when it comes to bringing awareness to the chakras is, How do I really know if I am blocked, imbalanced or open? Well, truthfully it begins with looking at your current patterns that are appearing in your day-to-day life. Get Your Full on Chakra Breakdown here. Read More Below.


Enjoy the Guidebook!

Do You have any Questions about the Chakras or energy work?

Let me know in the comments!

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P.S. Want your own Deep Dive into Learning to Master Energy work? Enroll in The Ultimate Chakra Academy today!

This is the program that combines:

The energetic and the practical foundation of Energy work. 

What I love about the Chakra Academy is it really combines the best of both worlds to create a solid Mind Body Connection. 

We have the Energetic Side: Energy Tools. Energetic Clearing Audios to Cleanse your Chakras, Chakra Amplifiers and Potent Mindset Work to Energetically clean up what isn’t working. 

then we have the Practical Side: Action steps, Chakra habits you can implement, Movement practices and All things how do you apply the chakras to your daily life? 

We cover it all. 

What I first discovered with energy work is that – 

Unfortunately we have unconscious patterns running in our N.S. that do NOT SERVE OUR WELL-BEING. 

And We are often addicted to them. 

They tend to cause resistance and make our vibration much lower – therefore attracting low standards and lower vibrational stories that do not serve our personal well-being. 

Our Energy often can manifest in physical manifestations the more we decide to keep choosing these unconscious patterns. 

Most people don’t see the world this way. 

You’re either living by your unconscious patterns 


There really is no in-between on the road of growth, 

The pathway of duality has us realizing: 

We’re either stuck in unconscious shadow inheritted to us from manifesting from our parents generation. 

or We’re in conscious quantum connection manifesting from the universe and our soul’s intuitive desires. 

This is the bold truth – 

You’re either in unconscious resistance towards what you want focused more on what you don’t want. 

or you’re consciously magnetizing IN FULLY what you want. 

Inside the Chakra Academy, we unearth what isn’t working or serving us anymore 

and we alchemize, clean, and transmute the shadow stories that are causing misalignment in our lives. 

It’s time to open the Pathway to more 

Emotional Fulfillment, Passion, Purpose and Flowwww, 

Ready to get Started? 

The Ultimate Chakra Academy is officially open – Get your Full on Two Program Energetic Deep Dive into Energy work! 

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This is a signature program that goes deep into the Energetic Work behind healing the chakras with the Mind-body connection.

While in the Bonus Bundle, the masterclass teaches you to Next Level your Chakra Practices into Sustainable Habits for Manifestation. 

If you’re ready to journey into Your Own Energetic Map and learn how to practice working sustainably with your Chakras, 

Explore the best of Both Worlds with the Ultimate Chakra Bundle experience! 

And you receive both programs for the price of one. 



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