how energy work breaks patterns

This week’s episode is about Energy Work as a Whole. 

The thing about energy work that isn’t talked about enough is – it operates differently and has different rules than the physical paradigm.

Vibration, Energetics, and frequency is a whole different convo than
thinking the conditioning of
Doing more = receiving more. (it doesn’t)

Energetics operate from different rules as they are working with QUANTUM, not newtonian (cause and effort effect)

This often looks like: breaking free from the old paradigm conditioning that has you believe that you’re creating from physical efffort alone – you are NOT.

You are creating from energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical through the mind-body connection magnetically.

If you want to get unstuck, heal an emotional pattern, manifest a desired outcome, you must begin working with the energetics ,
otherwise the pattern will NOT fully change. What I often see is,

We want to create change, so we fundmentally don’t believe it can happen so our fear mind goes – I need to exert a ton of effort to get my result, so I push the energy forward myself physically – and then often we sabotage, and the pattern reverts…back to the old behavior/emotional response.

Why does this happen?

Because you were only working with the physical and didn’t change the internal state with energetic or mindset work.

This is why we self-sabotage. 

This week’s episode is about: 

How Energy work helps us get unstuck and break patterns

If you’ve been feeling stuck, lost, in a negative pattern or emotional place – You need to take the time to listen to this one. It could change it all for you. 

this is the type of work we do here at The Awakened state and what i take my clients through. 

The answer lives in the vibration 

On this week’s episode: 

+  Awareness of Energy Work and how it’s different than traditional models of habit and change. 

+ The Perspective Shift you need to really *GET* energy work as as concept 

+ How & why you keep repeating patterns and what to do about it. 

In today’s episode, I want to introduce you to the power and awareness behind Energy Work’s effect on breaking patterns. This will shed a ton of light for you on how energy works differently than the more traditional model of taking physical action steps alone.


Tune into the Youtube for the Full Download and Technique:

I’d love to know – What does the awareness of energy work bring up for you? Does this help you understand the difference? Let’s hear it below 👇 The answer lives in the vibration 🙏

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