Fresh New Podcast Episode on Eclipse Season! So one thing I’ve been doing this Fall season, is I’ve been really focusing stronger on listening to my intuitive impulses from Soul guidance.

Part of the relevance of this is, I noticed I was getting into a bad habit of ‘over-thinking’ and it was cutting off my intuition from empowered decisions. So I’ve been working on increasing my receptive awareness (it’s been a pretty big shift) and this episode was a loud one that just couldn’t be ignored –

Introducing the next FRESH episode from the Podcast.

Episode #24 The Eclipse Season Energetic Breakdown (2022 edition)

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This episode is an updated version of the popular Article I wrote in 2016-2017 on the blog. I added some fresh perspective and awareness to what I’ve personally experienced during Eclipse windows over the years.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, We are in the mists of an Eclipse Season!

The next one is only days away and it’s more focused on our EMOTIONAL and FEMININE SIDE ( I explain more in the episode). this will be wildly different energy than the Solar Eclipse Vibes.

Here’s why I created the episode:

If you ever wanted to know more about the energy behind eclipses or how to personally navigate them in your spiritual life,

This episode is exactly what you need.

If you’ve personally been feeling off, having everything in upheaval or maybe you’re getting deeply inspired for some life change, You’re starting to feel the energies of the Eclipse window.

I don’t know about you but I’m in the mists of an identity shift season, craving the new and drastic changes in routine and habit – but that’s just me lol

Eclipses are a big part of how we create paradigm shifts and transformation in our day to day lives.

In this episode – we’re going into the energetic breakdown of both the Lunar and The Solar Eclipse Window.

How they are different,

How you can use eclipse energy to navigate successfully each eclipse season.

and some classic Tips on What to Expect during each Eclipse Season.

This is an evergreen episode that you can return to, each eclipse season if you ever need a refresher.

( I decided to not personalize the astrology of this episode so if next eclipse season you want to revisit, you can)


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