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It’s time for an Updated version of The Phases of Spiritual Awakening. I’ve learned a lot since 2011 and Its time to break it down on the practical level. These are the 5 phases I’ve seen repeatedly show up for many people when it comes to Spiritual awakening.

There are moments in your life where you’re left questioning it all and then there are moments, where you realize – It’s all been leading up to this moment, right here. 

It was exactly 11 years ago today – I had my first taste of kundalini awakening, precisely on the renowned gate 11.11.11 

I saw energy as a shining blue orb of light and then i came home and decided to write my ex boyfriend a weird email channelled out – “do you sense the awakening?” – I thought i was just being poetic…lol 

It feels like a lifetime ago of growth, discovery and healing – yet its not. 

That’s the power of kundalini at work. 

I wanted to honor the sacredness of spiritual awakening and the clarity that knowledge has given me over the years. 

This is a special longer episode that goes over the Five Common Phases of Spiritual Awakening. This is what I have personally witnessed, researched, seen my clients go through and mentors/spiritual leaders experience over the years. 

I think it’s fascinating how 11 almost 12 years later, I have this beautiful bird’s eye view of Spiritual Awakening. 

There are so many 21 stages and 10 stages and top five signs and 50 signs you’re awakening – I wanted this to be….different. 

These I believe are the most pivotal peak phases of awareness that you need to acknowledge and know about on the pathway. 

It’s important to see how Soul Alignment and awakening your authentic self beyond conditioning has really been the purpose of awakening. 

The removal of the ancestral line and old paradigm matrix conditioning is part of our Soul’s work as lightworkers, changemakers, messengers, Healers, teachers and Leaders. 

Remember, Your Light Matters. 

Don’t be afraid to be the lighthouse,
in a evolving world 
on the brink of a Mental and Emotional Revolution, 

Be the change 
you wish to see in the world, 
Be the Light, 
Be the love, 


The Five Common Spiritual Awakening Phases

Tune in to the Video for the Full Visual Guide and explanation of each Phase of the Journey.

I truly believe Spiritual awakening is like a spiral.

The more you go deeper within your awareness of your authentic self, the more your perspective builds to see more of the spiral staircase you’re standing on.

The further you go into a state of alignment, naturally your soul’s evolution teaches you a ton about your personal authenticity and Self beyond conditioning.

These are the common stages I have seen myself, my clients, mentors and spiritual leaders often go through. What Phase do you feel you’re in? Let me know in the comments!

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>>> Spiritual Awakening Phases Every Lightworker Needs to Know 

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