One of the Most common Questions when it comes to manifesting is about Action, Inspired Action, & What is the difference between inspired action and fear led action?

In this week’s video drop – i’m breaking it down why the RIGHT action is the most pivotal part of Manifesting and most LOA teachers often are teaching it wrong.

I’ve been reflecting on some of the most pivotal things i’ve learned this year and the top one has been: Increasing my perception of Magnetism within Manifestation.

The concept of Magnetism used to really mess with me – I just couldn’t quite grasp it – until I really experienced it firsthand the more I practiced manifestation. (the only way to learn is to practice more!)

It was in the moment that I defined it for myself from first-hand experience – that everything simply clicked and it just made so much sense after that –

Some people i’ve noticed feel the same way when it comes to the concept of “inspired or aligned action” in the manifestation process.

The ego can have a hard time grasping ‘inspired action’ because it quite literally goes against our ego…

it works with our intuition – not our ego.

I have seen SO MANY misinterpretations of Inspired Action. Partly due to teachings that heavily neglect Magnetism and teach you instead to write a to-do list to acquire your manifestation.

that is not how the law of ‘attraction’ actually works at all. I used to fall into this trap a lot of times – It’s not that you don’t take action – it’s the WAY you’re taking the action. Read that again.

It’s the way you TAKE action not whether or not you’re simply forcing action or pushing action. it’s a different vibration entirely.

The Law of Attraction aka Manifestation is not remotely about Writing down a to-do grocery list in order to grasp and conceptualize how to receive your manifestation.

no no no – Put ego aside for a minute and realize, when you want intuitive possibilities of results – you do NOT use Ego to acquire those results.

This is Magnetism at work – Attraction at work – Universal Laws at Work – it is sooooo different and it’s important to bring awareness to How they operate so you can easily see when you’re in:

Inspired Soul Led Action

Vs Fear-Led Hustle.

which is why this week i wanted to honor that exact conversation with a throwback video clip featured from the Manifesting Detox Bootcamp

Here’s your breakdown on

What exactly is Inspired Action Vs Fear-Led Hustle?

As always the answer is Alignment. 😉

Let me know how this episodes resonates with you by dropping a comment.

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