Today I really wanted to talk about a powerful process that has guided me on my path repeatedly, Opening up the Heart Chakra.

In fact this process is so powerful, it really took me two weeks of resisting to post this article to really get a grasp on the power behind the heart chakra. I felt like I really had to let it stew in my mind for awhile but i’m glad I waited because I have such good tips to share today!

All in divine timing as they say…In today’s video post i’m diving deep into heart chakra work, how to start healing the heart and how we can start opening up the heart.

Also featuring a heart opening meditation to further help you start activating the heart chakra!

When we decide to start healing the heart Chakra, it can honestly be the catalyst towards major life change.

A big part of the Awakening Process is about evolving with the heart center through honoring the mind-heart unification. In short this is really where we start moving from directing our energy from the mind(ego) into the heart center. As our heart chakra continues to heal, open up and evolve.

We are faced with this beautiful realization of creating a marriage between the mind and the heart.


In short the mind or ego is directed by our WILL and WILL POWER but as we start to elevate this understanding, we start creating an amazing healing process where we begin moving from reacting from the Ego into directing more and more energy into the heart. This means our Will is evolving to be in alignment with our heart center.

We start to create more experiences by having a Divinely higher will that guides us.

What this creates is a powerful process of healing the heart chakra we move from directing our will from the ego and instead we choose to act from the more intuitive loving lens of the heart. And let’s be honest this doesn’t mean you never experience a negative thought ever again but moreso your perspective changes.

You find it easier to snap back into alignment, it becomes like this dance with spirit, flow.

What really connects this process is all about how we start to heal the heart center and truly let our inner guidance begin directing us more and more.

Our inner guidance system is connected through our higher chakras so the way to connect the bridge of understanding is by unifying the heart and mind as one.


This enables our higher chakras to create a bridge into our lower chakras, thus all of the cosmic energy we’ve been learning and acquiring begins integrating with the earth plane.

This means that after you start doing the inner work, we start physically seeing these changes through the manifestations we create by directing our energy through the heart center. This is powerful stuff!

In the video Below I go into some easy ways we can start jumpstarting this process to heal and elevate our energy through the heart center. Also there’s a special meditation at the end to help you re-calibrate your heart energy.

Here are the simple tools I use to start opening up the Heart Chakra.


Self- Judgment is very real and the reason we hold ourselves back. Begin to evaluate how much you may be causing your own self-attack & start being aware of it to remove it.

Soul Medicine: How Often do you Judge yourself on a daily basis? Begin to keep track of how much you may be causing self-attack. Write it down even if it helps you become more aware.


A big part of healing the heart is really about acknowledging self-acceptance. Often times we can’t make peace with our past identity because there is a part of us not willing to accept ourselves. We fall back into judgment and self-attack. This is your invitation to Accept yourself where you are at. You’re doing a great job just being you! You are Worthy & deserving.

Soul Medicine: Accept where you are standing today.


When you Nurture your vibrations, you nurture your body and thus nurture your reality. Self-loving starts with being more kind and gentle to ourselves like a loving parent to a child. Would you really say the same things you say to yourself to another person?

Enable self-loving rituals: Try doing  a Body Scan and asking “what does my body need in this moment?”


Forgiveness is the root to start clearing up our past.  Begin to ask yourself: Who Do I need to Forgive?

Soul Medicine: Do I need to forgive myself or someone else? Do I need to forgive an aspect of my past? Try Writing a forgiveness letter


When I was first starting on my chakra journey, crystals were a great tool to start activating my energy body. When it comes to healing the heart, definitely invest in Green or Pink stones.

Crystals to help aid in healing: Rose Quartz, green calcite, jade, malachite, any Green or pink stones.

Learn More: Beginnings Guide to Crystals


As we decide to start opening up the heart center, we begin the journey of healing our love for ourselves and being more aware of our true self.
This meditation is designed to activate the heart and start the healing process.

If you need radical healing of the heart, I recommend trying this meditation daily or weekly. Enjoy!



P.S. Looking for More Help on the Chakras?

Check out the Chakra Realignment Meditation!

Learn a Powerful clearing Meditation to help cleanse your Energy and realign your chakras back into balance. This is one of my favorite practices whenever I need to recharge or recalibrate my energy, enjoy!  



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  1. hi everyone . i’m pralay sarkar from India . every night before going to sleep , i do meditation . yesterday when i was meditating on mid night about 1 pm with closed eye’s . i had seen a black color something like rose flower and a black bettele nut like tree . i couldn’t figure it out what it could be ! any guess for me ? everyday i see 1111 , 111 , 10.10 , 11.12 , 11.33 , 12.13 , 123 , 143 , 12.12 , 13.13 ,13 , 143 , 222 , 333 , 33 , 31 , 444 , 555 , 66 , 777 , 888 , 88 , 999 , 99 , 789 . most of the time i see 31 or 13 . my date of bith is 10.09.1991 . is there any information or message hidden on my date of birth ? anyone can give me some advice ? please please please give me some advice , i’ll be very happy . my email id is . have a blessed life everyone .

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