Begisnners Guide to Crystal Loving

What the heck is the big deal with Crystals?  In new age circles and various spiritual groups, people mention these mysterious specimens called crystals. Crystals and crystal healing are healing methods passed on from our ancients. Once on the path, it is no coincidence that you begin attracting crystals into your life. Crystals are guided to us for guidance, healing, growth and revelation.

In many ways we attract what we are, Crystals are a perfect example of who we are innately and how we operate. In many ways I believe we attract crystals because we start aligning with our crystalline energy. We’ll dive deeper into that in a bit.

This article is for newcomers, if you are well experienced with crystals you can roll your eyes, read for fun or pass this guide along for others 🙂

In my beginning articles I went over the Power of Crystals and how they are substantial towards electromagnetic frequencies. Therefore I won’t go too deep into that because you can read more here.  However let’s break this down with a few Questions that I tend to get around Crystals.


As a beginner, believing and listening to a rock may seem a little out there to some and that’s mainly because of society’s modern conditioning. However people such as the Native Americans believed in the philosophy that the Earth is a living being and that everything is alive. Minerals such as Crystals are conscious, they think and perceive while generating a frequency.


Light is made from frequency and vibration. It is the belief that powers the frequency, the frequency fuels the action into being through the spectrum of light.


The trick to using crystals is the belief in them. Believing that these are very powerful beings of energy, they’re not just stones like a lot of people believe. They have a soul just like everything else in this Earth so we have to listen and love these creatures. In the same way like the tarot deck we are drawn to the stones that we need to help guide us on our life path towards healing and expansion.


 The natural raw stones have a geometrical matrix made from the platonic solids, their energy structure aligns with us because we both have crystalline nature within us. Crystals are chemistry at the basic level but deep on the energetic level they are built around geometric design.


If you think about it, our blood is water, water transforms through a process of cymatics due to the symmetry of frequency. Now if you are working on raising your vibration higher it begins activating the crystalline energy. What have we been doing this whole time “waiting for ascension” is really about raising our vibrations to oscillate at a higher frequency, carbon based bodies into crystalline.


Crystals find you, you don’t find them 😉


In laymans terms, you are being draw to these unique creatures to see that you are a crystal.


Not necessarily, It’s moreso about the vibration it’s emitting not the material weight or size. I have had positive experiences with very tiny stones such as cavansite which is as small as 1cm that have impacted me in a similar way that much larger stones have. Giant stones are great for big living rooms, bedrooms or sacred meditative spaces while smaller stones are good for carrying with you or crystal gridding.


Now many will argue here but I think they are all beneficial because everything is energy-based through chemistry. All Crystals have chemical properties which is what makes them so powerful energetically. The Quartz is made of one part silicon and two parts of oxygen, silicon dioxide, SiO2 . A crystal such as selenite is created from the evaporation of water in nature where it forms into a gypsum. So if you’re afraid of chemicals, remember Crystals are also Chemicals like you.

Tons of people are against man-made crystals or tumbled stones because they don’t feel as effective compared to others however there are stones like orgonite, opalite or bismuth which are great higher vibrational healing stones. It’s a matter of opinion when it comes down to it.


Usually when you place a crystal in your left palm you enable the geometries within your hands chakras to activate. The left palm is the receiving and the right palm is the giving. So when you have a crystal in each hand you feel an energy current radiating within. It is also possible that this relates to hand dominance, whatever hand is your most active hand may be the giving hand for instance if you are left handed vs right.


Crystals are all different so storing them varies by personal preference. I always say listen to what your inner mind is telling you on where to store them. I have some on my bedside table, a bunch on the shelf. Some in the living room, some in the car, some in my pocket or bra lol i mean they basically travel where they like to go. So there isn’t a set place to have them.

They are great for bubble baths, meditation sessions, placing around your house, crystal gridding, studying, placing under a pillow or anywhere you feel intuitively is the right place.

There are also crystals that don’t resonate with each other, like my moldavite hates being placed around other crystals and my cavansite likes being around only very high vibrational crystals or heart stones, it’s strange but they truly have their own personalities.


Crystals are very mysterious, because they work in the same way that we do through the laws of attraction. You have to keep in mind that everything we attract is really an external manifestation or projection of your internal reality. So if you are having trouble keeping crystals it means you don’t need them anymore 😉 The crystals are beautiful because they teach us the art of letting go, they will be drawn to you when you need them but they will also disappear, break, or you will get an urge to get rid of them when the time is right. Gifting Crystals to others is a great way to practice letting go of them.


Cleansing Crystals is essential as they can pick up all sorts of imprints. It’s also very symbolic to create a ritual of cleansing your crystals. It helps balance and calm the electromagnetics they emit.

Cleansing can be done by:

  • Water such as bathing in a sea salt bath, bubble bath, or running over water{make sure the stone won’t dissolve first!}
  • Fire by passing the crystal over the flame of a candle or smudging with sage or incense
  • The Moon by leaving out your crystals under the full moon it will charge and cleanse them
  • The Sun by Charging and cleansing by sunlight outside, be careful of light stones, they could fade
  • Burying a stone into the earth overnight

beginners guide to crystal loving
If you are just getting started on your crystal collection or need some energetic healing, here is a list of stones that are a great place to start.

RED JASPER – GROUNDING ENDURANCEf6ed63594ebef9d4bee0c3a019fbfbba

Red Jasper is most known for ability to help ground energies influencing the root as well as provide stability. It increases circulation, strengthens our energetic field and is a stone of courage if our energy is low. What’s interesting about red Jasper is despite it being a grounding stone, it is excellent for healing the three lower chakras {Root, Sacral and Solar}

Spiritual Advice: Red Jasper is a good stone for de-stressing, letting go, being able to neutral your negative energies into the earth and mind discipline. If you have issues with letting go, staying grounded or  battling endurance this is the perfect Strengthening stone for you.


Bloodstone is really cool for many reasons, it is a chalcedony dark green quartz that has red jasper inclusions making it look like blood. The ancients used bloodstone in war to help stop the bleeding of men and for protection against evil spirits. It’s healing properties are aligned to help cleanse the blood of toxins, power the circulatory system and brings vitality towards the body.

Spiritual Advice: This one is great for grounding, exhaustion, healing the root chakra, working on the immune system, healing wounds, decision making or childbirth.

If feeling fearful, timid or uncertain this stone will bring courage and strength through difficult circumstances. I recommend bloodstone if you have problems with your immune system, need extreme healing,  or are pregnant as it’s an excellent stone for birth, preventing miscarriage and hormonal recovery.


Petrified wood is also known as fossilized wood or agatized wood, it forms when a tree dies and silicon dioxide forms over it until there is no wood left only the remains of quartz in its place. Petrified wood is a stone to link towards Earth’s deepest history and past lives. It is a stone to clear old patterns and blockages you may have received.

Spiritual Advice: If you ever feel disconnected with nature, Petrified wood will be the best stone to enter your life. It is best to use this stone for intense grounding, recalling the past and connecting deep into the earth’s energies and your historical foundation.

Meditation with this stone will bring a renewed connection and understanding of the beauty of patience. This is also a really good one for doing past-life work and understanding more about your soul blueprint.

PYRITE – DIVINE MASCULINE VIGOR800_600_FFFFFF_14392497124efe96d9265ee

Pyrite or fool’s gold is not to be fooled, it’s a great energy booster that has an assertive and empowering energy towards the personal masculine within us. The Divine Masculine is the balancing act many individuals both male and female need because our left{masculine} and right{Feminine} hemispheres may be imbalanced. Pyrite is all about embracing that divine masculine vigor with strength, assertiveness, confidence and perseverance.

Spiritual Advice: When I think of Pyrite I always am reminded of “TAKING ACTION” and having that strength to persevere despite hardships. This is why pyrite makes an excellent beginners stone.

There is a lot to juggle during spiritual awakening, the hardships may come up as we let go of lifetimes of old energy which is why we all need a little balance when it comes to embodying the divine masculine.  This is also a good business stone and helps manifestation.


Calcite is a special stone although it is a very common carbonate mineral. It has an abundant energy which can often make it confusing. It cleanses and amplifies in a potent manner. In fact Calcite is also connected to the pyramids, the limestone blocks  of the Pyramids of Giza consist of mostly calcite mineral in various forms such as octahedron or triangular.

Calcite speeds up energy, making it a great motivator, it also clears negativity from an entire room, it amplifies the energy to increase higher vibrationally linking to higher intelligence/consciousness. It increases spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, and best of all it removes stagnant energy. Plus a ton more. Calcite is a multi-packed stone full of potential and it also comes in various shades of color that influence particular chakra points of the body.

Spiritual Advice: Calcite is pretty much thee stone to have on the transformation journey because it is extremely useful. I am crazy about calcite and have started to collect them all lol. Honey calcite is a good one for mental stimulation of the will, whereas blue calcite is a divine communicator.

Ultimately what makes calcite special is it removes stagnant energy, it gets you in touch with your awareness by removing the past and allowing you to be graced with the motivation to move forward. Learn more about calcite here


This collection would not be complete without the beginner stone Tiger’s eye. It’s beautiful and offers the gentle solar energy of  balancing the mind through will power. It is also a protection stone great for helping rid yourself of fear and anxiety as you remove old conditioning patterns.

What Tiger’s eye is really great for is balancing and harmonizing your energy. This is also a stone that stimulates kundalini energy but grounds that force into the earth focusing on both the root and the solar.

Spiritual Advice: Keep this stone close to the lower chakras or around the aura such as keeping in your pocket. On top of helping fear and anxiety is a good one to stimulate money through the grounding energies it possesses. What’s peculiar about tiger’s eye is that it’s a kundalini influencer, so it can really bring up some interesting energy dynamics despite it’s effect towards healing.  


Citrine Crystal Gemstone

Citrine is a form of Quartz, It is all about the solar plexus power. It stimulates mental clarity, digestive issues and enhancing our will power to better suit our needs. Sunny citrine carries the solar energies making it a beautiful stone to promote happiness and joy into your life.

We all need a happy belly and the citrine is all about helping us find it through understanding our ego and maternal relationship. What’s really cool about citrine is it doesn’t hold negative energy, instead it transmutes, dissipates and grounds that energy. If you’re ready to hold your own ground and enable personal power. Hook yourself up with some citrine.

Spiritual Advice: Mental clarity is truly the secret name of this one.

Use citrine if you have issues with your will power, solar plexus, the relationship with your mother, if you feel out of control of your reality or have digestive issues. Citrine is great for transformation because it allows you to understand your personal power and ultimately your Ego. Citrine is also a luck stone for money if you put some money under citrine, you might start to see some magic manifested money in your life.


Amazonite is the captive of creating emotional boundaries and aligning yourself with understanding your true self. It is known as the truth stone and stone of courage for good reason. While all crystals are healers, this one really digs deep into the wound and lets your heart heal. It helps soothe the spirit and best of all it’s a stone for awakening prosperity. It bridges the heart and throat chakra while also helping balancing the thyroid.

Spiritual Advice: This stone is perfect for recovering from emotional or physical traumas while establishing healthy boundaries. A good one to have during the Dark Night of the Soul Process. I gave mine away to a friend who was grieving from her friend’s suicide, it was amazing to see how this simple gift helped her move forward. Amazonite is a powerful provoker for the intuition and the emotions. Use this one for healing deep wounds.


Rose Quartz is the stone of loving and finding forgiveness better known as the love stone. It has a very soothing gentle energy that just about anyone can benefit from, this is a stone I love to gift to people who are hurting because the impact it has is amazing. Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, It provides guidance, emotional healing and allows the mind to understand what happened in the past needs to be forgiven.

Spiritual Advice: Rosey and I have a long history but ultimately use this stone as you go through the experience of a heart opening. When we start to suffer from past wounds that come up, this is the stone to help you through it. It is great for anyone suffering from a broken heart, grieving, issues of self-worth, jealousy, unforgiving, mistrusting or anything to do with emotional wounds.

Rose Quartz is a great stone for a beginner because even a child could benefit from this gentle tranquil energy. It helps you embrace compassion, self-lessness and awakens the heart


Green Adventurine is an Optimist. It gives the wearer inner equilibrium and it stimulates profound dreaming. It is said to have a positive effect on the psyche, strengthening an individuals sense of self, being the ideal stone for those who are looking for embracing the positive side of life. It supports the healing process of the body after illness while also being great for electromagnetic stress. It’s a de-stressor.

Spiritual Advice: If I could use a stone for meditating when i’m overworked this would be it. Green adventurine is great for all us spiritual folk who get overstressed from everyday living. It happens. It’s also a stone of aligning yourself with prosperity! In general Green Adventurine is the stone of opportunity.


Sodalite is a great stone for the third eye and throat chakra. It has the energy of shaking up latent creative abilities and psychic potential. It’s most renown for being a stone of communication making this stone great for people who need help finding their voice, public speakers and finding their truth. This is a good one for visualization & enabling you to communicate with the divine within you.

Spiritual Advice: Authenticity is very important towards understanding yourself, and this can be a big hurdle to jump when you’re awakening. Use sodalite if you have throat issues, trouble with communicating and your ideas. This is one to help you live up to your dreams by speaking your truth and unleashing your talents through open communication.


Blue Lace Agate is another very gentle stone but this one focuses on the Throat chakra. It offers a very soothing and tranquil energy to help you de-stress, rid anger and aids emotional healing. If you are shy or introvert, this is a beautiful stone to help push you out of your comfort zone. It allows those feelings to come up and be released. What is nice about Blue Lace Agate is it’s a stone for peace of mind, a perfect one for meditation or carrying with you at work.

Spiritual Advice: A clear Communicator is one thing, but being able to listen, discern and balance those energies is highly another. Blue Lace Agate helps create a space for you to communicate in a kind and gentle manner. It opens you up but more like opening up a flower petal softly.


Good old Lapis Lazuli is a great royality stone to get you in touch with your inner mind and awaken your third eye. It influences the throat and third eye but definitely highlights the pineal/pitutary gland. It is a powerful stone that can shake up old energy, activate psychic abilities, and deeply intensify visions. It stimulates the imagination, helps develop intuition and channeling. Plus so much more.

Spiritual Advice: Lapis Lazuli is strong and while it can be a beginner’s stone it also has profound knowledge hidden within. Be Prepared if Lapis Lazuli comes into your life, it is a great stone to help Stir up Kundalini, awaken the mind’s eye and open yourself into multi-dimensions of consciousness. Also if you place this one under your pillow, it may bring prophetic visions 🙂


fluoriteNo not the stuff in toothpaste…Fluorite is on the same scale as Lapis in terms of intensity. It awakens psychic potential and enables a third eye opening. However it brings something different to the table, it transmutes chaos into order. You may find with this stone a cognitive dissonance appears, the “mind chatter” but is soon replaced by clarity of vision as you push through. Fluorite comes in various shades and properties. Ultimately it’s a perfect stone for transformation, mind exploring and meditation.

Spiritual Advice: This is probably the best beginners stone to start battling the Ego, Dismantling illusions and old beliefs. It gets you into the root of the matter and helps you let go. Fluorite is a good one to use in crystal grids, it is also beneficial for beginners in that it helps you rid Fear.


Everyone has probably heard of amethyst at some point but do we know all the mystical properties of amethyst? Amethyst is another quartz with a purple hue, it is the stone of wisdom and Dreams.  It is most renown for it’s Greek origin under the name ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated” which makes it an excellent stone for those ridding themselves of addictive habits.

It is especially helpful for preventing drunkenness or overindulgence. Amethyst is a stone of the Third eye and crown chakra that helps awaken our intuition and inner stillness of mind. It’s a great stone for meditative practices and healing work as it is also known as one of the best healing stones for the awakened soul.

Spiritual Advice:  Spiritual Awakening brings with it many illusions, Addictions, nightmares, terrifying truths and insomnia, everything Amethyst is GREAT at reducing. This is a perfect beginner stone to help rid yourself of fear, addiction, insanity and anxiety on the path.  Use amethyst in meditation, healing but most of all use it during sleep!

Place Amethyst under your pillow at night to help stimulate your third eye and crown while disabling nightmares. It is perfect for those suffering from the ascension symptoms of insomnia and helps release negativity.


Selenite is nature’s fiber optic! It is all about the Crown Chakra, Aligning the entire chakra system and a potent healer. Selenite does something special it is a higher vibrational stone that clear the mind, cleanse the body of negative residue, and open you up towards Transformative healing.

Spiritual Advice: I remember awhile back when I had a kidney infection, selenite came to me and told me this was something from the past that needed to happen for clearing. Use selenite if  you want to kick in potent healing. It is a perfect stone to awaken past lives and dig deep into those karmic wounds to release them.

I recommend selenite for healers and anyone who is experiencing kundalini awakening. It’s a great stone to have if you suffer from the ascension symptoms often, have root or crown issues, need a bit of a tune up or in general feel lost during the transformation process.


Closing out this Crystal list with a personal favorite, I stumbled on this gem in a Florida shop in 2012. Spirit  Quartz is a a specific type of quartz that looks a bit like a cactus.  This quote sums up Spirit Quartz “It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them over and over again in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another so all can bathe in the combined radiance of the whole.”  [ref]Katrina Raphaell, Crystal Enlightenment[/ref]

Spirit Quartz helps balance the entire energetic field, it has a very high vibration that aids healing the body, meridians, and opening up our gifts. This is a stone of soul evolution in that it aligns the aura, amplifies the personal energy field and  helps energetic reading at the most subtle level.

Spiritual Advice: If you get your hands on this one, cherish it. It’s such a pleasure to have in your energy. It is a higher vibration stone but it’s also great for a beginner who is awakening and ready to take it to the next level.

While it comes it different colors, it amplifies, purifies and expands consciousness. When we’re going through the process of transformation, using this one in meditation, grid layouts or keeping it with you will help you when you need it the most.

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Hope you enjoyed this guide and learned a bit about the crystals!


If you’re a Crystal Lover, What other Crystals Do You Recommend for Beginners?


Further Reading and Info:
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