Today’s topic is a sensitive one but it features one of my favorite topics I used to talk about a lot in the past, “Blackhole thinking”.  Black hole thinking is this concept I discovered after observing how we can displace ourselves from “time”. I go much deeper in the video. Let’s take a moment to talk about why healing anxiety is so important on the spiritual path.

Tons of people, myself included have went through feeling anxiety due to energy shifts. This is actually one of the very common symptoms we first experience as we start awakening.

For instance, even before I knew what “Awakening” was or even what “energy” was, I started experiencing anxiety attacks around 2008. This uncertainty created such an intense fear that I would go to the ER thinking something was wrong with me only to get checked out and discover i’m 100% healthy. Surprise!

Little did I realize what I was actually experiencing was feeling the vibrations and tingling sensations moving through my body. Basically I was feeling energy but this was such a foreign experience to me, I felt like I was having a deathly allergic reaction, out of nowhere. Looking back at this, it sounds absolutely ridiculous but this is how  my mind coped with the experience.

Anxiety can be tricky. It can turn our world upside down and make us feel like we’re screaming from the inside. Let’s face it, it isn’t pretty.

It often feels like your body is crawling out of it’s skin and it just plain sucks. That is why today I wanted to touch on how to start healing your anxiety.

This is something I have gotten better with over time, in fact I wasn’t even reminded of my anxiety FOR YEARS until last week when I received a reiki healing treatment through my coaching session.

The universe brought all of these stories and memories for me to heal. It was fascinating how I was brought this experience and yet I healed it through using my own Energy tools I have created.

The energy we hold is powerful, Don’t ever forget that.

Long story short, Anxiety can be cured but we first need to learn to understand what anxiety is and how it can control us.

Let’s dive in.


Full Disclaimer: If you do feel something is physically wrong or have continuous problems with anxiety, do not hesitate to seek medical practitioners or professional consultations.  This is just my personal experience with anxiety and how I learned to heal it.



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