Do you have a hard time figuring out your Intuition? how about figuring out if its your ego’s voice or your intuition’s voice? How do we know the difference? This week’s episode are Questions Straight from the Community! Almost everyone who did the survey said they needed more on Developing your Intuition, well guess what? That’s what this week’s episode is all about. Enjoy.

Here’s the Thing,

When it comes to your Intuition you must have three things on absolute lock to balance your Third Eye Chakra:

🎯1. Develop and cultivate a solid relationship to your higher self/your inner most authentic part of you.

🎯2. Have SELF-TRUST – if you are constantly second guessing yourself, over-thinking and obsessively analyzing yourself, you need to work on developing your self-trust to strengthen your intuition.

🎯3. Understand your Decision Making Process – You can use human design authority & definition to better understand that if you’re slow, emotional or quick(hd nerds 😏 ), but also just tuning in to HOW you make decisions: Are they coming from fear hesitation or intuition, your soul? Are you hesitating or initiating?

this is a pure indicator if you’re coming from your EGO vs, your souls’ intuition.

Last week’s youtube was ALL ABOUT INTUITION, Opening up the Third Eye Chakra and

Most importantly:
How do you know if it’s your Ego or your Intuition’s voice?

Find out on the new episode below 👇

What do you think when it comes to hearing your intuition? What helps you easily connect in to your intuition? Do you have a hard time? Let me know in the comments!

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