Let’s break this down. Energy aka Chakras connects to symptoms, connects to healing connects to how you’re attracting in your Life through the observer effect via manifestation. It is all interconnected and today i’m going to break it down for you so you walk away knowing exactly how it connects together.

Here’s the thing, when first discovering Energy many people might not be putting the connection back to Manifestation. 

I see this ALL THE TIME. 

It’s like we walk around going, ‘everything is energy, everything is spiritual, don’t let thoughts control you, la la la, 

at the same time, we’re contradicting those thoughts with ‘ego is bad tsk tsk, manifesting is too materialistic and desire is wrong…’  🤦‍♀️

And then we wonder why we’re so damn miserable? 

You’re fighting your basic nature of Oneness and Interconnection with all things – including manifestation. 

It’s a little like this and if you’ve been around here for a time, i’m sure you heard me say this before, 

Energy influences Thought, influences feeling, influences embodied behavior influences action influences HABIT which creates your circumstantial results. 

what’s at the top of the food chain? 


And What my friends is how we understand energy? 


So when we say get your chakra’s aligned, you have to realize that we’re not just talking up the WOOO – 

We’re actually talking about the Mind-body’s connection to manifestation. (see chart above)

As I reveal in this week’s video, how do we connect the dots to Energy behind the chakras and manifestation?

Once I understood this missing piece in how I was attracting in my life, everything made sooo much more sense.  

The chakras are interconnected to the manifestation process. 

Here’s How: 

Tune into the new episode to find out how the breakdown works:

What do you think? Does this help you understand how manifestation plays an important role in understanding our energy behind the chakra system?

Let me know in the comments!

until next time,

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