Let’s talk about Chakras & their influence on Manifestation.

It’s been awhile my friends, lots have been happening behind the scenes at The Awakened State, including two new programs I just released this month! I’m happy to introduce I have a new shop that I’m calling  The Awakening School 🙂  This will be home to my new products & courses as I step into this next chapter of being a Spiritual Coach.

Today I’d like to talk about two of my favorite topics. Manifestation and the chakras. I don’t always talk about manifestation but honestly, It’s my favorite topic 😉

It’s what all this awakening stuff is really about deep down, We’re all co-creators of our reality!

A lot of people have mixed concepts about manifestation and I think that’s part of the problem with how so many people get confused about the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation is truthfully the concept of bringing something non-physical into the physical, by using Energy, Focus, Intent and the big piece many often miss: Aligned Action.

Often we get confused at manifestation because we were never really taught the ins and outs of how it works.

Many people get caught up in this idea –  If we make a pretty vision board, recite our daily affirmations and wait with spiritual surrender – the Ferrari will land in our living room.

This misses the entire point.

Manifestation is innately about Energy work and utilizing Energy Principles.  


For instance, the whole point of manifestation is learning to become an energetic vibrational match aka better known as Alignment 😀

The short answer to this is you can recite all the affirmations, do the journaling, make the pretty dream board, sniff the oils, hold the crystals – but if your energy isn’t in it?

There is a disconnect happening between the mind and the body.

This is truthfully the part that needs to be addressed.

How do we step in fully to that?


Our body is vastly intelligent and communicates to us.

For example,  Sickness is usually a sign that we are healing something from our past, we are protecting something, we don’t want to do something or we’re unable to fully let go. In fact, A big piece of understanding the ascension symptoms is the inability to let go.

In many ways, we must realize that being sensitive is also about learning to be practical towards how we are managing our energy.

Many sensitives are feeling this disconnect because they are not tuning into the body and listening to its messages.

This easily interconnects into the chakra system.

This is why for the most part the ascension symptoms don’t even bother me at all anymore. I keep my energy in check. It’s so important to keep your energy in check.  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Here’s the thing, if we keep getting all of these downloads but we’re not grounding our energy and keeping it real, by real I mean attuned to our body.

We can easily become disconnected from our present reality which is where the fun happens. Here in the physical. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
we also become disconnected from our lower chakras, which means we get lost. we lose direction. we tend to have dissociative habits and usually turn into emotional sponges.

It’s within Body Awareness that we can begin to tune back into our bodies and anchor our energy with a solid foundation.


Here’s something simple you can do:

Do a Body Scan – What does my body need right now?
Where am I feeling this in my body? Is it in my chest, my throat, my back, etc.?

Our nervous system is always communicating to us, Our Body is our map. It is the container of our intuition.

If you are EVER feeling off or lost, always just tune back into the body.

When we realize that we need to get our body involved, we are literally anchoring our cosmic energy(divine downloads) back into the physical world.

Our Body is what creates the beautiful Rainbow bridge from the cosmic energies back down into the Earth.

Heaven on Earth loves!


Our Chakras are the psychological components to where the energy is stored within the body.

Let’s just skip the textbook definition you can find on google.

This is what I have learned about the Chakras:

                        As you’re growing up, this is where the energy is stored throughout your endocrine system.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The energy is stored in the body.
Each chakra center correlates to your growth patterns, habitual behaviors & even resistant triggers.

In very simple terms, the Chakra system is basically a psychological map of how the Personal Identity and manifested reality is created. ⠀

Most importantly of all,
Your emotional triggers are stored in the energetic centers of the body.

THIS IS HUGE for how we are manifesting in our life.

As everything interconnects back to our *vibe* or Energetic Vibration!


Each center connects to your beliefs, Emotional patterns
& limited beliefs in a particular area:⠀⠀⠀

Root chakra
Fear, Security, safety, money, how we feel we belong in the world

Questions to Ask: Do you feel Supported, Connected, financially secure & safe?

sacral chakra
 The Emotional body, masculine/feminine flow, creativity, our sensuality and sexual identity

Questions to Ask: Do you feel Emotionally Open, In touch with your sexuality/sensuality and easily enjoy Receiving?

Reclaiming our personal power, mother wounds, our EGO, self-esteem, our will power and
personal Identity for how we take action⠀

Questions to Ask: Do you own your personal power by feeling in control of your life, feel confident or take action that moves you forward in life?

The illusion of separation, Love, The energy of giving & receiving, Our Self- Worth,
Relationships and Emotional Relationship with our self

Questions to Ask: Do you enjoy giving, feel worthy and deserving of love or most importantly love yourself?

 Effective communication, Our Authentic Self, Our Truth, How we SOUL EXPRESS

Questions to ask: Do you feel authentic, express yourself effectively and have active listening?

Our Vision process, Inner Knowing, Decisions, our intuitive abilities & Tapping into our guidance system

Questions to Ask: Do you have an open mind, do you honor your intuition or
are you stuck over-analyzing & trying to prove yourself?


Our Faith, Relationship with Divinity, Embodying our Highest Self Energy,
Transcending our Beliefs, Spiritual experiences⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

   & inevitably Kundalini/ Spiritual Awakening.

Questions to Ask:  Do you believe in yourself, Believe in a higher power and Are you able to Let go of what no longer serves you?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Kundalini is the creative force that moves through our lives and creates MANIFESTATION


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So If we have a disconnect in any area of your life, you bet you can ALWAYS connect it back to a particular Chakra center
because that is the psychological womb where it is stored.

So Let’s put this all together, so if you’re having trouble manifesting love in your life, connect that back to the Heart Chakra.

If we’re a control freak or have lack of motivation, it will always show up in the solar plexus chakra.

If we’re a people pleaser or have trouble expressing ourselves, it will always show up in the sacral chakra

If we feel ungrounded, have money troubles or disconnected from family, we often have Root work to do.

And so forth!


They don’t often say that in the books, right?

The Process of Healing and clearing our chakras
is about digging into the psychological roots of our limited beliefs.

Journal on these Questions to see what comes up for you:

Where do you feel you’re stuck?
What areas of your life feel out of alignment with what you desire?

Connect it back to the body:
 Where is the resistance coming up in the body and how does it connect back to your past?

  How Would it feel to let go of this resistance, what would you be willing to see?

It is when I healed my Heart Chakra my entire life shifted and changed before my eyes.

Energy work can be a powerful experience.

As we heal our limits we begin to influence our energy body.

This means we inevitably begin shifting & Changing our Physical Reality.

Which Chakras are you personally feeling need the most work?
Drop your soul takeaways in the comments below

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The Truth is I could spend days talking about these topics,

If you’re new to the chakras, need help with bringing that awareness in or just want something fun to do, check out my free chakra alignment quiz that helps you identify which chakra needs healing. Link Below. ?

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