The Easiest way to begin to understand your blocks is to start paying attention to your language and what you are saying to yourself about yourself – This is what the Heart Chakra is all about!

This week’s episode is a Throwback Video to a previous Chakra Activation Training, diving into bringing awareness to the Heart Chakra and common ways we have imbalances in the Heart space.

The Higher chakras show us a lot about Higher Consciousness and Mindset, in particular,
the Heart Chakra is the bridge between the Lower Chakras vs the Higher Chakras.

This means the heart is the bridge between the spiritual world and the physical plane, the giving and receiving dynamics we carry not just In our physical relationships but every relationship we have with our lives.

The Heart Chakra asks us:
?How do we feel worthy and deserving of our desires?

?How are we showing up Emotionally in our Relationships and for ourselves?
?And How do we Perceive Love?

Exploring the Heart chakra is about How we Perceive ourselves through Love and Relationships.

The Heart Chakra shows us a lot about What we Believe we accept, allow and Deserve in our lives. This, in turn, influences how we magnetize and Allow in our Highest Good.

In this week’s video taken from a previous chakra training, I share with you the common ways we can identify Heart chakra blocks and imbalances we may have.

Let me know how this topic lands for you and share your thoughts below <3

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P.S. I am doing something I never do – Join me for a Live Workshop experience where we go deep into the Heart Chakra & Expand our receiving capacity for what we’re attracting in our lives.

We will touch on all the various layers of the Heart Chakra,Understand your Worthiness “blocks” and How to Shift ThemDeepen your sense of Self-love, Self-worth, self-acceptance and care through Energetic work and Magnetism.Dive into the Magnetism of Love, Acceptance, Allowance, Giving and Receiving, Emotional Identity,Heal Self-sabotage and ways we unconsciously block ourselves in any type of relationship: Romantic, Clients, Friendship, Career, etc.Next Level Teachings of the Heart Chakra: Think Mindset, Belief work, Embodiment & Manifesting Magnetism



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