Give In to Love

I am wildly supported by Love.

There have been so many moments where I could of listened to external influence
and not have the powerful Loving Supportive relationship I now have in my life.

A person who treats me like a Queen, respects me, supports my dreams, takes care of me, offers to help me, cook for me, listens to my crazy ideas, gives me space when i need or chocolates when i’m pmsing lol – I often ask myself, how did i get so lucky?

There was so many times, i could of gave in to fear, doubt, outside influence,
numerous people telling me:
‘he’s not right for you”
“he’s not a good provider”
‘I don’t think he’s the one, he’s an artist for christ sake”

And so many others who literally were telling me unconsciously
“don’t choose love, choose fear instead”

Dont listen to your heart, listen to the outside, listen to the doubt…

If I had listened, I wouldn’t be with the most amazing supportive, loving unconditional, deeply wildly fulfilling relationship that I have, who is father to my two babies
And we’re all doing just fine and healthy, thank you very much.

It gives me chills just thinking, What if I choose fear instead?
What If I gave in to my doubt? What if I listened to the voices outside of me, telling me what to do?

Luckily I’m a rule breaker and don’t like being told what to do…

Heres the thing, there will be plenty of people who sway you off path, who will try to dig into your insecurities, who will try to get you to frantically feel the fear and stop yourself,
There will be many moments where you can choose to let yourself feed into that,

Sway you off path, allow yourself to choose fear, doubt or external influence over the soul certainty of you heart saying,

“But just Give in to Love”

And I think it’s a choice in each moment to Remember, your intuition, your heart, your true soul longings will never sway you off path, because


And everytime you think otherwise, higher self is over there wondering what the heck are you doing? again? grabs the popcorn – waiting on the sidelines:

Best give her another lesson on love again,
Best give her another lesson on Trust again,
Best give her another Lesson on…remembering her intuition again,

And then we finally get it eventually, Give in to love.
Give in to Love.

Allow the Path to be Shown.
Accept the love in the unfolding,
Accept the love in remembering who you are,
Accept that Life can be good, it’s made to be good,
you just received some crazy ideas that said otherwise,
Let them dissolve in the wind.
Accept. Accept. Accept, higher self whispering to you, again and again,

Just Accept it. Accept it. Accept it.

Accept the pathway unfolding…
Accept and Give in to the Love.

What if it was that easy?
What if you allowed it to be that easy?
How would your life change?

What a breath of fresh air that would be…


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