Deflection is one of those things that I experienced a lot of my life, I constantly deflected help. even when it was completely available and everyone around me wanted to help.

You know there is something wrong when you get into an argument with your significant other over dishes because YOU want to do them instead of him, even though he’s offering to do them for you, willingly. LOL
Sometimes being a control freak can actually get in your way, where you don’t allow in the good simply because you’re used to focusing on trying to do it all yourself.

And it feels more normal to let things be harder than simply ask for help.

There was a part of me that didn’t know what it was really like to lean back and be taken care of on such a loving and supportive way, where I was being supported unconditionally.

So I deflected it, I argued, I got in my way soooo many times – Either with arrogance, “I can do this myself I don’t need anyone else to help me do this,” or with unconsciously controlling the situation around me – “I will PUSH everyone away from me so I can simply do what needs done.”

” If you want something done, you best just do it yourself,” my mother’s voice ringing in my head reminding – of course people don’t actually want to help you.

So DEFLECT – Deflect all of that support, that love, that help, that receiving and do it to a point where you realize,

you’re starving for it, you’re trying to juggle ten plates at once, multiple hats at once, and it’s all falling down on you, because you have decided to only rely on your own strength.

But there are a million angels, human or otherwise, cosmic forces of good who ALL want to get behind you, the moment you say yes to yourself and allow them in,

But instead we deflect it all, choose the hard path, and cause weird shit like fighting about who’s washing dishes because deep inside we’re actually afraid to let go and allow in the receiving,

We’re actually afraid to let go and fully drop into the web of support, allowing the people around us to take care of us and BE supported, to feel into what it is like to actually loosen your grip and realize – There are so many people who want to help you – but you have to allow them in. You have to LET them in.

You have to be willing to get the fuck out of your own way and simply say yes to it. Simply say, I can let go and feel the loving support all around me.

A lot of us don’t know what that feels like because we forget we live in a giantic interconnected universal web of infinite collective consciousness and through that we are connected to that – through that – as that.

We literally LIVE in an interconnected web of support but we don’t fully see it that way.

When we Deflect – we cut ourselves off from tapping into so much magic, support, abundance, love, beauty available to us because we have fallen down the illusion that we’re separate from it.

We have fallen so far down the path of illusion, we have forgotten what it is like to feel that love, that support, that openness, that softness of Allowing, instead of Pushing. We have forgotten what it feels like to have a force bigger than us, guiding us and magnetizing us towards the right answers, the right solutions, the right everything

and it is all available for us – when we choose it but instead we deflect –

Instead we fall down the illusions that say – it’s better to cut off support, it’s better to cut off that feeling, because my ego obviously knows better –

But what if it was never about that at all, what if the moment you stop deflecting you open the doors to limitless possiblity all around you but you couldn’t see it because your eyes were pointed in the opposite direction.

It’s like suddenly waking up from a dream and realizing – All I had to do was Let go and Allow,

All I had to do was Simply Allow, Allow the support to guide me,

Allow the possibility to expand me, Allow myself to see beyond what I can currently see and into the infinite sea of possibility shall I go – expand – RISE

As I WAKE UP to the opportunities around me,

The Resonance awakening me as I am guided back on the Path of TRUTH

The illusions begin melting, falling away, the distortion, the ideas I bought into suddenly dissolving,

The More I Just STOOD in my Alignment of Being,

And Allowed the loving support of the universe to guide me,

The Deflection dissolved the moment I said – Show me, Guide me,

I am ready to be Led and I finally woke up

And decided to Listen

That was all it took to Fully Let go, Allow and see the possibilities all around me,

The Moment I said Yes, I accept Support, I accept safety, I accept Loving guidance.


What are you ready to Accept?

Where is it time to Step into FULL ALLOWANCE – and dissolve the deflection of the Mirror

so you can see your reflection again,

Because it’s time to wake up from the illusions that bind you

And Accept the Life that was meant for you

The universe is inside of you and
you hold the power to design your life,


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