Alignment is Cultivated when our ability to meet the Solution outweights the problem running rampant in our mind.

Here’s the Truth: we ALWAYS make it harder when we try to justify giving pain a purpose in our minds.

It literally doesn’t even MATTER what is going on running around like an unleashed dog floating in your head, What always matters is the moment you remember you’re the one driving the car and it’s time to stop hanging out in the passenger seat – pretending you’re driving when you’re actually really not.

You’ve always been the driver – So What are you Choosing?

The Moment we create mind discipline is the moment we strike a cord and remember for a brief second, we are aligned, open and free –

If you think of any moment when you felt – deep peace wash over you on your meditation pillow, if you ever felt a moment where you just suddenly got it, then lost it,

If you ever had a moment where you instead of listening to what is outside of you, you instead decided to sink deeper, and deeper within yourself – where the exhale exists, clarity explodes from your body like an orgasm of release and pleasure at once

You felt the solution and walked away…

You felt the Alignment and then walked away…

So why are we so addicted to the spiritual practice, the meditation, the yoga, the breathwork, the journaling, etc.?

Because in those moments we feel the peaceful serenity of who we are, we feel the truth buzzing, pulsating through our veins and in those moments, We embodied our Truth. We embodied who we truly are —

If only for a moment, Then we let it slip away again, the excuses drew deeper, maybe tomorrow i’ll do it…

Maybe next week, Maybe next month i’ll make space for my soul to breathe,

You felt the Alignment and then walked away…


What if the beauty of each lesson of alignment is it’s not found only in your journaling, yoga, spiritual practice, meditation – but it’s actually unlocking, activating something within you – that you simply don’t stop to listen within to

What if the Lessons extends so much deeper but the reason we feel that way, is we have accessed a piece of you that needed to be returned home, a piece of you that you were suspressing and the moment you reclaim that,

It’s as if, bit by bit, stone by stone, the pathway of who you are, unfolds, bringing

you further and further down the pathway of your soul’s truth,

And as you go deeper and deeper down the path, you begin to see

It was all optional – All I had to do – was stop walking away.

It never came from me doing ANYTHING, but instead

It came from me,
Activating my Power and Alignment within,
From Being me.

Remember your core truth,
The Universe is inside of you and you hold the power to design your life,

P.S. Your alignment can only be unlocked and accessed by going deep within yourself, bringing out the pieces of yourself you’ve been suspressing, hiding, holding back, ignoring and It is Activated – when you start to find what

ACTIVATES your access points to your natural alignment,
This is something you cannot find on a meditation pillow – but rather an excavation of your soul,

A moment to go into managing your energy,
Deactivating the Fear and uncertainty,
And learning to step in deeper to who you truly are,
Accessing all levels of your natural alignment

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