The Awakened State has always stood for Practical Spirituality and today we are talking about the Practical bits when it comes to Alignment.

Peace of mind isn’t something you just experience on your meditation pillow, it can be something we start to bring into the practical aspects of our day to day life.

One of the most common limited beliefs in our society is ‘hard work equals success’ and it generates as a punishment vs reward cycle in our daily life.

For example we reward ourselves when we do enough and we punish ourselves by ‘shoulding’ or beating ourselves up about the expectations we didn’t meet in our head – This kinda thinking is often what promotes unconscious sabotage.

As i’ve learned about this concept It’s helped me realize that we can choose to make things easier in our lives when we start questioning our belief systems around struggle and hardship. Instead we can start to look at what hard work equals success is really about.

It’s often about Proving your worth and feeling Good enough to Receive whatever we desire.

This can also display in our every day lives through how we show up and take action even outside of our work. I want you to think about:

what are the ways you make things harder for yourself then what they actually need to be?

What are ways you often justify the struggle or justify that self-sacrifice is required for success?

What are the ways you accidentally make habits that are harder for you than necessary?

I want you to take a minute and challenge your own belief system with an empowered question:

How can I begin to make things easier in my life?

What if the struggle was never required, what would i begin to do differently?

In this week’s video, I felt guided to talk about how we can start to activate alignment in our every day life by first learning how to do it in the subtle practical and easy shifts we can make by doing things differently.

Included is silly examples and tiny tweaks to make your life easier,

Let me know how this topic lands for you by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Also If there’s a Topic or Specific Question You’d love me to Cover Drop them below or in a comment,  as i’m always looking for fun new topics for the Blog.

It helps me to know what the community is desiring help with or needs support around. 

love ya

P.S. This is work we explore much deeper in the Alignment Reset 21 Day Challenge featured on the Shop

This Challenge goes deep into the different ways we can personally access our own alignment so we can start to naturally work with our vibrations to create more ease and flow in our lives.
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