I was never meant to be a fan girl, It’s just I’ve been a leader my whole life and never knew it, but it makes sense why we suppress our gifting.

It’s easy to be the follower, the one who steps in line and flies flower to flower replicating success. Where we often Pine off the Model, the celebrity, the embodiment of the Leader of the Queendom and then try to be like her because well that’s easier than admiting the truth to yourself.

The truth that you naturally have a Power within you, a creative mad genius running wild with intuitive flow, just itching, just waiting to unleash itself on the world. So you keep it hidden, you decide, not today, She’s doing it better than me, and so is she and even so is he? So Why Bother…

Best push it down, keep settling. Tuck it back into your journal – Hide it. Be modest, filter yourself more, but deep inside you, you feel that nudge, constantly pulling on you,

The feeling you can’t escape, comes back again and again, reminding you of the magic.
That moment you can step into the movie of your life,
it feels like one minute you remember, one minute you don’t and again it starts.

You close your eyes to feel the sun on your face, the wind on your skin blowing your hair, and you feel like you just took the first exhale – you woke up for a second and remembered you are magic by nature.

Your eyes lit up with the realization that maybe just maybe you allowed yourself to access a secret portal where your mind emptied and you felt that spark glowing,reminding you of higher truth.

When you allow it to catch fire, you feel the wind speak for a second but then its gone again. 

poof. But it never goes away, like a nudge, like a flame going in and back out again, It comes back again, guiding you and pulling you to remember.

But when we say, no i don’t have time today, 
Too much to do today
No, I don’t have the energy to, 
too much to do today
No,  I don’t have space to, 
too much to do today

I won’t listen to music
I won’t stop to feel the sun on my face. 
Must get this done. 
Must feel enough today. 
Check the list off. 
Must feel enough today.
Go Faster.
I won’t stop to hear myself today. Must get this done. 
Must check the list off. 
Must feel enough today.

When have you stopped listening to your soul’s voice?

The one that lives inside of you, teaching you to own your power, own your gifts, and embody your highest truth within you. The moment where you let the world fall away – and remember.

It’s always there.

Why are you still looking outside of you, when you can hear it, again and again deep within you, your soul’s voice growing bigger and bigger, a spark blooming bigger and bigger, Saying ‘Listen’

How many hours will go to waste, forgetting to hear yourself,

How many days will go unnoticied, forgetting to see yourself clearly in the mirror,

How many weeks will past as you continue to fly flower to flower forgetting your own magic within you,

When wil you stop looking outside of you and begin looking within you?

Are you Choosing to be the Follower or the Leader of your Soul?

Because what if in the silence, you begin to hear yourself again,

And What if you’ve always been right?
When you stop the noise for a moment to listen,
You suddenly remember
There’s an entire universe within you wanting to breathe and expand into more life,
But will you listen to the beat of your soul, often screaming to be let out,
Often exclaiming to you, You are power itself, you are magic itself.

And What if you’ve always been right?
What if you did already figure it out?
What if you healed enough?
What if you are already enough?
What if you stopped the merry-go-round and breathed deeper into the knowingness all around you, that you are always Whole and complete in each moment.

So is it time to shatter the mirrors distorting your vision and keeping you from seeing your own magic?

Is it time you surrendered the doubt, the uncertainty and fear plaguing your every decision?

Is it time to fully unleash from Soul and Remember you are a born Leader?

I think so, Are you ready to Listen within and Remember your own power, living, breathing, pulsating within you like a fire you can never properly extinguish because you suddenly remember,

You’re made of it.

You are it.

You are the spark that brings your Soul Alive.
Now it’s time to Listen to it.

p.s. It’s time to Own your Power & Reclaim Your Energetic Wisdom that lives inside of you.

Learn to Manage your Energy so you can begin Reclaiming your life.

Understand How Vibrations Work, So you can Begin stepping back into your Alignment,
Ditch the Resistance and learn powerful tools to Connect back to your Soul’s truth.




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