We Receive from the overflow, however, a lot of us are manifesting from a totally different energy that is leaving us caught up in lack and struggle. The exact opposite of overflow. In today’s Vlog, I’m sharing some easy tips on how to get into Receiving mode.

I had a major aha moment with this Full Moon in Scorpio.

The majority of our problems dealing with limited perception, connect back to this concept of Receiving.

We’re either in a state of lack, fear, or struggle (or all of the above, you pick)


abundance, love, faith, ease, flow and miraculous blessings.

Detachment is a funny thing, when I find myself experiencing writer’s block I don’t push and pull my way until I have what I want to be written.

I listen to soul and simply detach from it all.

Detaching isn’t always easy, sometimes it has an obsessive grip, where we strive to hold on even though we know it’s time to let go.

It’s a feeling of literal pressure, we actually tighten, grip, cling and as a result, it’s like trying to receive with your hands in fists. It doesn’t work.

When we detach, we release our emotional charge on the issue, regardless of what it is.

We soften our grip, we open up our energy and inevitably we rise up.

I find that to be incredibly liberating because if you think about life and our day to day problems, isn’t the majority of what we’re stressed out about rooted in struggle, lack, and fear?

When our mind is rooted in fear, we tend to literally lower our vibrations and operate from a lower density, that energetically weights us down.

We feel heavy, drained, impatient, even aggressive, low…pressured.

That isn’t to say that it’s bad but more so, It is separation. A division.

A Disconnection from Soul.

What we are giving an emotional charge is the driving force for our life

If you’re not sure what that is,
just ask yourself what do you think about when you go to bed at night?

Where do you find your thoughts lingering throughout the day?

What’s that thing you’re obsessed with or that person?

That’s your emotional charge.

The thing is…We have to stop and ask ourselves:

Is that emotional charge a positive force or a negative force in your life?

A lot of us let our wounds, our pain become the driver in our story and because of that, we continously hold ourselves back, we dim our light, we shrink.

But what we really need to understand from all of this is what you are giving power to has power over you.

So from an Energetic standpoint, What does this have to do with Receiving?

When we let that emotional charge dominant our life towards the negative, that pain, that wounding becomes your personal Deflection from receiving.

I recently had a few experiences where I was offering advice and immediately received rejection. At first, I let this get the better of me, connecting to an old wound of rejection from childhood. But then I dug deeper into what was really going on,

Deflecting was the mirror being shown back at me.

The point of the story wasn’t rejection at all, it was moreso about Acceptance.

So when you’re faced with resistance, you have to ask yourself:

Am I deflecting or accepting?

And which part of myself am I rejecting to let in the good in my life?

And which part, am I choosing to Accept in the good in my life?

Think about that for a minute…life changing stuff.


When we’re in a state of Deflecting, we’re actually in a form of cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance by definition is “the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values simultaneously.”

Cognitive dissonance is the point of separation, the threshold to let in new information, perspectives, ideologies and beliefs.

Therefore when we’re in a state of Deflection, we’re actually resisting the new information that could potentially bring us back into alignment.

(If you’ve been with me for awhile now, we know this from the powerful book, The Power of Now – don’t get lost in psychological time, cause it takes you out of alignment 😉 )


When we’re deflecting advice and healing, most of the time something deeper is going on, 

we’re either in a state of avoidance, denial or separation aka disconnection from SOUL.

We usually act out in similar ways:

  • we believe our problem is much bigger than what it is,
  • We’re too arrogant to absorb new information,
  • we don’t believe we’re worthy or deserving of receiving healing,
  • We believe more strongly in the emotional chaos, the struggle, the survivor inside of us because deep down that is more familiar and safe than something new.

So what happens?

We Resist,

And inevitably  we get in our own way and block the receiving channel

When it comes to manifesting, getting into the Receiving mode is essential.

We Receive from the overflow, however, a lot of us are manifesting from a totally different energy that is leaving us caught up in lack and struggle.

This is the exact opposite of overflow. In today’s Vlog, I’m sharing some easy tips on how to get into The Receiving mode.

Where do you feel you’re not receiving in your life?

What areas of your life do you currently feel out of alignment?

That’s where we need to start doing the deeper level healing work, and begin to change the story.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts below or subscribe to my new youtube channel! 🙂



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