For this week’s guest author, I interviewed my favorite lovely Coach and personal mentor, Andee Love to talk all things spiritual business. As always this conversation is inspired as an Awakening Story.

Andee Love is a spiritual success coach. She believes deeply in living from a place of soul-alignment and wants to teach people how to be confident at what they’re doing, so they can create LONG-TERM, sustainable abundance and happiness.

She is most known for combining Spiritual & Business Growth through her Coaching Programs, fantastic exotic retreats and We will Rise Mastermind.

Andee has personally been an amazing teacher in my life for a few years now that’s helped with my own Business & Spiritual Growth. She approaches business from a totally different organic place where we combine mind-body healing work and implement that into our Business.

This is something that I feel isn’t talked about a lot in the coaching industry and Andee has made it her mission to change the way the coaching world defines success.

So Let’s get started!

What made me originally drawn to your work was How you strongly talk about the Mind-body Connection, How did you first discover it on your spiritual journey?

When I was 20 I was struggling with some serious health issues.I had gone to doctor, after doctor only to leave with no answers and a medication in hand that “might” help my symptoms.

At the time, I was living in Madison, Wisconsin and I went to the hip downtown area to take a walk and clear my head. During my walk I was having a conversation with God, and said something along the lines of “there has to be a better way to heal…” 

Within minutes, I walked past a metaphysical store, Shakti, and there was a book in the window that caught my eye. I went inside, grabbed the book and never looked back. 

The book was on chakra health and healing. I started practicing yoga daily, I became allies with my body and from there it has been a journey of learning. 

As a crazy chakra lover & mindset coach, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you feel the Chakras interconnect to manifestation? I know you mention being a teacher of chakra healing, I’d love to hear more about that!

I believe manifestation comes from the feeling. In order to feel, one must be EMBODIED.

Often we are walking around life on autopilot, disconnected, blocked, or numbing out. 

An understanding of the chakras allows you the wisdom of understanding the way in which your body communicates, the language it speaks, and how it holds energy.

This wisdom gives you the ability to release resistance and drop into feeling states with more ease. 

Do you feel a big part of your spiritual awakening was connected to your Business growth & how you viewed success?

100%. The inner work was a game changer for me.

I was very successful in previous business ventures, however internally I was not happy or content. 

I believe success is measured by the amount of peace in your life. 

Now, I have both.

What originally inspired you to start doing things differently in the coaching industry?

My own struggle. The comparison game and really wanting to inspire people to know that it CAN be done differently and to not just talk about that, but to be an example of it.  

You talk about creating a Business from Soul Alignment & Strategy with soul,  What does that mean for someone who’s new to your work? 

Allowing the truth of who you are to shine brightly, without holding back and to take little actions everyday inspired by that energy. 

You mentioned recently in your Soul -Aligned Success training,

“the feeling is where the manifestation takes place and how embodiment activates the feeling”

I LOVE that.

If we desire to start more Embodiment work, How would we even get started?

Yoga, dance, self-massage, body-scan meditations.

At the Awakened State we’re big on rituals, practices and energy tools: What would you say is your favorite spiritual tool or practice?

Salt baths, ecstatic dance, meditation.  

Finally, Do you have any Awakening Tips for someone just getting started with their spiritual business?

Trust yourself, find a support community that will walk alongside you, stay consistent. 

It’s been a pleasure interviewing you Andee 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more on Spiritual Business with Andee, I invite you to check out her Soul-Aligned Sucesss Training for FREE. It’s amazing for mind-body work, manifestation, embodiment, working on limiting beliefs and how to start getting your message out there.

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p.s. Calling all Changemakers, Lightworkers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and people ready to get their message out there…

IF you’re ready to uplevel your Spiritual business,

If you’re desiring to get clear on how to create a soulful business,  monetize your gifts &  take it the next level.  I am so Happy to Announce I am teaming up with Andee Love to share with you her POWERFUL course, The Soulful Academy!!!

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Along with announcing if you join through me, you will receive FREE ACCESS to Empower the Chakras, my energetic Clearing & Empowering Program on the Mind-body work of the chakras!

This is a course I strongly believe in, Andee’s work has honestly changed my life and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you.

I remember before I even knew there was a term out there called ‘spiritual entrepreneurs’, I didn’t even know this was a thing… 

I was so tired of approaching my business from this place of struggle, finding the right strategy, doing all the things and ending up – burnt out and exhausted from figuring it all out on my own. 

I set an intention to find more people who were building spiritual businesses and I ended up meeting Andee through Gabby Bernstein’s SJM! 
Long Story Short, 
Andee approaches Business from a totally different place
a place of Soul-Alignment.

Immediately I knew I was in the right place and she was divinely guided to me. 
I reframed my entire business, I threw perfectionism out the window. 
I knew with clarity what I was doing, I started attracting the right people
I began Healing & transcending Stories that were keeping me stuck from sharing my gifts.

And Most of all I began showing up more and more in my authentic truth.

The Soulful Academy is a 5 month Group Coaching Experience where you combine mind-body work and Soulful biz strategy together so you have a powerhouse of potential to get your Spiritual Business out there into the world.

This is a course I strongly believe in and If you feel the call, I’m inviting you to check it out below.



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