When It comes to overcoming resistance a big piece of understanding our resistance is learning to let go of those pesky thoughts. However If you’re not used to letting things go or you’re stuck on the struggle bus, How do You even get started?

We must learn a valuable Lesson in Detachment.

Detachment has been coming up heavily for me these past few months mainly as a Lesson of Releasing Pressure and Learning to Receive.

Detachment also connects to the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra relates to our Beliefs in our Divinity, our Higher Power, and our connection to Source/God/Oneness.

So as I’ve been exploring this lesson of Detachment, it’s also been revealing this beautiful lesson of The Art of Receiving.

Here’s what I know:

Detachment creates clarity
Clarity creates certainty
Certainty creates confidence
Which allows space for new energy
New opportunities
New possibilities
To naturally expand into our lives.

When we naturally detach, we create space for possibilities

But first we must be willing to get out of our own way, Like a boss
In order to fully receive the message
Otherwise we simply get lost in our own b.s.

So I began thinking about:

What are some ways we can begin to Train our Mind to Let go?

If we’re not familiar with Surrender, Releasing or Shifting energy, the idea of detachment can honestly be a bit foreign or weird.

Therefore if you’re new to Detachment, it’s important to start training your mind to Let go and Knowing HOW the mind actually lets go.

Here’s some of my favorite ways to get yourself familiar with Letting Go


1. Meditation Or Spiritual Practice

When we are Committed to Soul through a Spiritual Practice we learn how to Re-calibrate our Energy Body. In many ways when we have a personal Spiritual Practice we basically have an ALIGNMENT practice that we can use to help us process emotion, Release, or receive Guidance.

I personally use my Spiritual Practice as a way to tap into Observer Consciousness. It’s a way where I can go within to find out what my mind is doing, release the noise that is blocking me and then let go to receive guidance. Sometimes when we need to Let go, we simply need to just Recalibrate our energetic field with a short meditation.

This allows us to get Focused and Centered which in my opinion teaches us to be more mindfully present in our lives.

2. Kundalini Yoga or Other Yoga Practices

Kundalini yoga is unique it carries this ability to hold asanas for a particular length of time that teaches the body to merely surrender and Let Go. There is one kriya practice in Kundalini where you practice opening up your arms for about 2 minutes or longer and motioning them in a circle. It teaches the mind, mental discipline and energetic endurance to Let Go of the Resistance and keep going anyway.

If you’re not familiar with Kundalini Yoga, you can also turn to other Yoga Practices such as Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Similar in Nature, these practices are focused more on Movement and harmonic sequence with the breath.

Encorporating a Yoga Practice into our day allows us to Snap back into the Body, Making us more present, mindful and Gives us an easier ability to remove stagnant energy we may have been clinging onto throughout our day.

Yoga in general is great for stress release and removing tension from the Body. I highly recommend it if you’ve never given it a go.

3. Orgasm

I can think of no easier way to practice Letting Go than receiving through Orgasm! When we are at the peak of Orgasm, we are in a moment to surrender and fully let Go. This is usually when we have a peace enter our body, we feel pleasure, sensual and receive divine clarity as our body is flooded with Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is known for reducing our cortisol levels(stress hormones) which means it can help us RELAX more. It also can help our Sleep, our personal well-being and in general is a great way to fully Let go of the monkey Chatter as it relaxes our mind.

I think we should also mention that choosing to Rest and Relax more in general can help reduce your cortisol levels especially if your body is screaming at you to do so but that’s a whole other topic in general.

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4. Decluttering

Decluttering is an Act of Releasing the Old and making literal space for the new. A lot of people are prone to clutter, so if we have a hard time letting go – I bet your house also looks that way! This is how most hoarders are born. They have a terrible time releasing and letting go of their pain, trauma, hurt and wounding, this manifests into their home environment.

Therefore if you’re scared on letting go, a simple Practice of getting your booty up and Decluttering an area (or multiple areas if you’re up for it) can be AMAZING on the energy body. Why?

We’re literally creating space for the new to enter our lives.

There naturally will be resistance when we declutter. I invite you to watch these thoughts, notice how they bring up resistance and then realize you can let them go like the wind.

This is what training the mind to let go is all about!

p.s. decluttering is also great for both our Root & Solar Plexus Chakra 😉

5. Forgiveness

Forgiving our Past can be difficult sometimes but there is love behind our act of forgiving. When we Forgive, we create space to heal, Release and Let go. We can begin finding Closure and realize we don’t need to cling and hold onto this pain anymore.

I remember when I wrote a Letter of Forgiveness, it was the first time in months I finally felt Peace. I felt like it’s okay now, I knew that I finally received the closure I needed to move on.

Say this to yourself when you’re really ready to heal: “I am willing to Forgive you, Thank you for showing me the Blessing in this lesson. I am ready to Heal and Move forward Now. ”

When we are willing to Forgive, we begin to let go of our pain that is holding us hostage. That isn’t always easy at first but inevitably Love yourself so much that you deserve your own forgiveness to move forward.

 And take this with you:

When we forgive our self or others who wronged us,  we forgive the aspects of ourselves that are longing to be set free

Inevitably when we train our mind to let go, detaching becomes easier over time.

For instance if we have some negative thoughts that pop up, we don’t immediately have to go back into ‘reactive’ mode, we can witness them and choose to consciously release them.

Sometimes we may have to coach ourselves back to reality or take a week or even a month to recover.

However, the truth is we always carry the ability to choose again.

And that begins with training the mind to Let Go


So what do you think? What are your own favorite ways to Let go? Any stories of letting go?

Share with me below!




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