Body Awareness is something that has been largely on my heart for the past year or so. It all started as I begin to explore more about the mind-body Connection and its’ influence surrounding the chakras.

The reality is our Body is vastly Intelligent and Intuitive. When we choose to start tuning in more to the body and its personal needs we begin to co-create from a place of alignment.

When we start to open more to the subtle world of energy, we often forget that it’s actually our body itself that is always this magnetic, vibrating energetic being that underlines everything well in our lives.

So we tend to look for our problems outside of ourselves but it’s actually when we decide to tune back into our body and get present that we begin to tap into the messages that are being relayed back to us.

For example,  When your body gets sick It’s a red alarm going off that we’re pushing ourselves too hard. It’s usually a sign that we are healing past wounds, we are protecting ourselves, we don’t want to do something or we’re unable to fully let go.

Now sickness is just one example, another one is feeling drained or depleted. Do you ever notice when you yell or you’re feeling a bit distraught about something, your energy levels change?

Yeah that’s not a coincidence, your body is like ‘ugh…that doesn’t feel too good’ And suddenly you notice after yelling you feel drained, depleted, lethargic, or just off?

What’s fascinating is the body is always communicating back to us through our Emotions. Our Emotions are our indicator of how far we’re moving into or pulling away from alignment.

However, most of us are taught to either shame our emotions, escape from our emotions and in general not honor our feelings as they come up. Why do we do that?

The reason for this is the majority of us are purely Disconnected from the Body.

What do I mean by Disconnected?

I mean we’re *checking out* either by escapism habits, future tripping, or not wanting to deal with negative emotions.


As a society we are connection starved, we obsess over social media and we tend to view Spirituality as something separate from the real world. In this focus we tend to separate Physical Reality from our Spiritual Identity forgetting our basic nature that Life itself is Spiritual. 

I began to notice this pattern come up with myself and others in the past where we have this escapist mentality of how we are treating the Spiritual and the Physical.

We tend to over-complicate this issue when it literally doesn’t have to be so hard. What we are really looking for is Alignment.

Alignment is created when we begin reconnecting to the body. When we begin tuning back into the body, we start to reconnect with our soul, our authentic self.

This is really what the Mind-body Connection is all about, merging mindset with body awareness.

5 tips to reconnect to the intuitive body

Here are my top 5 tips on How to Begin reconnecting to your body:


One of the simplest ways to begin reconnecting to the body is Movement.

When we’re feeling disconnected, foggy, spacey or simply way too in our head about things, it’s an immediate sign to snap back into the body. We can easily do this with MOVEMENT.

One thing that I love I learned from my coach is she says “Emotions means “energy in motion” “. This means if we’re feeling stuck, we’re more than likely in a place of INACTION which you better believe it, creates stagnant energy. Therefore, getting the body moving either through physical activities or making sure you get consistent movement breaks throughout the day will easily help us feel more grounded in our body.

Get that body moving!

Some Examples: walks, exercise, Yoga, Jumping Jacks, Doing house chores, or my favorite, dancing to music!


When It comes to talking about the Mind-Body Connection, there is no better explanation than doing energy work with the Chakra System. The Chakras serve as a map into understanding how each area of our life works energetically.

In the spiritual community, there is so much emphasis on the Third eye, but It’s actually the lower chakras that help us build a strong energetic foundation.

The Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus are what helped form our Personal Identity so when we’re working on building a solid foundation to co-create our life from alignment. The Lower chakras are in many ways more important than the higher chakras because if we don’t have a solid foundation, we have no roots to stand on.

The Root Chakra goes into our feelings of safety, support & security.
The Sacral is connected to our Emotional Body and ability to RECEIVE.
While the Solar Plexus is connected to how we take ACTION in the world

So if any of the lower chakras are feeling imbalanced, we will feel that in our foundation.

To start Healing these Areas Begin to think about:

Root: How is your foundation, do you feel safe & supported in life?
Sacral: Do you Honor your emotions or beat yourself up about them?
Solar Plexus: Do you follow through and take action?


My favorite way to tune into the body is Directly doing a Body Scan. This practice may seem silly if you’re not used to communicating with your body. However we have to remember our body is an intelligent being vibrating and communicating 24/7 – so why not talk to your own body asking what it directly needs? Seems genius in a way.

This simple practice while quirky is life-changing.

Tune into your body, what does your body need?

Does it need more rest, are you craving a particular food, does it need to move, more nurture, love, slowing down, spiritual practice, etc.

Ask: What is the Aligned thing to do right now?

Bonus: Give Loving energy to a particular part of your body that needs it especially if you find yourself giving negative self-talk to it or that part of you feels in pain. Life-changing, loves.

When we begin to tap into our Body, We’re Communicating with our Soul Aligned Actions.

Sometimes these body aches or when we physically feel drained can be easily fixed with learning to communicate with your body and it’s natural rhythms


While this tip seems obvious, it’s actually a good reminder that when you’re feeling disconnected you’re not being present with yourself.

This usually translated to a. you’re not feeling grounded because you’re caught in a wave of airy fairy behavior OR b. You’re not present because you’re Time Tripping about the past or future.

So this is my tough love reminder: Get your butt grounded and Present.

Grounding can be as simple as making sure you’re fed, have enough protein rich foods in your diet or making sure you do physical activity that snaps you back in the body.

While Being Present is about Slowing down your mind to get centered back into your body.

My Easy Hack for Getting Present reciting a mantra like this:
I choose to be Aligned & Present in my Body.
I choose to focus on the good.
I choose to feel good.

Or if you’re feeling particularlly disconnected or Off your game, Tune into a Spiritual Practice like Meditation or journalling.


If you’re someone who over-works, burns out easily or is a people pleaser, you might find this last suggestion to be ridiculous. However, it’s EXACTLY what you need to recharge your energy.

If you are one who’s burning out, it means you need an energy smackdown to start listening more to your body.

We must realize our energy works a bit like a battery. When we take the time to tune in, listen to when we need to slow down and rest, we’re actually doing ourselves a favor.

It’s funny we live in a society that thrives on DOing so the idea of rest is usually frowned on as lazy. But that’s actually a very masculine driven mentality, when we tap into the divine feminine magic of FLOW. Sometimes that requires slowing down, relaxing more and tapping into your inner joy.

Plus it’s proven that when we rest and relax we increase our serotonin levels (Natural Happiness Boost). Also Ladies this is one of the many reasons why it’s good to rest during Menstruation, it recharges us for the next cycle.

What happens when we slow down is we tune back into our energetic home frequency and we detox from all the noise we picked up. This helps us recharge our battery and I think it’s a bit like this quote.

“”I’m not lazy, I’m in energy- saving mode” 😉

Alright so those are my top 5 tips to start getting you reconnected back to your Body and it’s natural Rhythms. Body Awareness and becoming aware of our natural body intelligence is truly one of those missing ingredients we often over-look towards our well-being.

It can truly be a game-changer once we begin to tune in more towards our body.

Our Body is our map. It is the container of our intuition. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
When we realize that we need to get our body involved, we are literally anchoring our cosmic energy back into the physical world. Our Body is what creates the beautiful Rainbow bridge from the cosmic energies back down into the Earth. Heaven on Earth loves 

What’s one of your favorite ways to reconnect back to your body?
Share with me below ?


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“Ashley, thank you for putting together these challenges, they in themselves are so helpful!!!! “

Why I felt called to make this challenge for our community:

Many of us are feeling uncertainty, low motivation, stuck in inaction or falling into procrastination right now. This is the perfect time to get reconnected to soul and amplify our intuition.

When we reconnect to soul, we feel motivated to jump into action.

We need a spiritual tune up & a mini challenge is a perfect way to do that. 

If you are feeling:

+ You have trouble with following through

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+ cultivate your intuition

This is probably the challenge made for you!

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Sending love + hugs,




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