Let’s stop sucking the fun out of manifesting and talk about how “Fun” is the vibe you’re actually looking for because it helps you get into alignment the fastest! hehe 

The new Manifesting series has been so fun for me to explore and give you awareness on how much we can take Manifestation out of the box. 

And This week i wanted to go a little sideways and talk about: 

How can we have more FUN Manifesting with the Law of attraction?

As we get older sometimes we can either get bogged down by our responsibilities, obligations and life happenings that Fun is an after thought. 

I am always about making sure I fit more fun into my life, whether that is making time to laugh more with Solar opposites(that show is insane lol), play Mario party with my kids or simply HAVE FUN creating Manifestation games and potent as fuck rituals with the Moon for Manifestation. 

I’m a firm believer in awakening life’s magic. 

In this week’s video in our series, Let’s talk about two things:

How to Have More Fun with Manifestation and

How to Manifest with your Kids!

There is often sooo much emphasis on making manifesting serious, doing a ton of healing work and often it sucks the magic and absolute joy right out of manifestation!

I mean, am i right?

Manifestation is not complicated, it is meant to be FUN, Playful and Enjoyable.

That’s why Awaken your Power to Manifest my new book on amazon is made for you to have fun and practice manifesting- Its supposed to be fun 🙂 

Sometimes it is essential to remind yourself of this, especially as an adult. 

If you’re NOT having fun manifesting, then there’s something going on – that you’re missing – having FUN and detaching from the seriousness of it so you release the outcomes 😉 

And spoiler alert – When you do that – It’s actually soooo much easier to manifest and receive, why? 

Because you just freakin got out of the damn way yo! 

Here’s the thing, 

I totally get it if you are someone who is committed, devoted, and doing the inner work but this episode is about – let’s put that aside and get you detached from the “Work” and into the world of Real Manifesting.

Getting Present and Enjoying the Life’s work of Manifestation.

So whether that is getting up and dancing your tooshie off

or creating a really fun ritual with the moon to set your intentions, 

or Playing  Fun Manifestation Games with the Universe 

Please Remember you can walk out of your house today and manifest a butterfly just as much as what your soul is longing for – I think we miss this step and forget the magic, the hidden wonders and it sucks our soul soooo dry – we forget the hidden nature of reality, that we are more energetic magnetic and powerful than we realize. 

And the energy of Fun, Playfulness and Feeling Silly actually is the Vibe. 

Oh and Today 

I am also including a bonus on How you can use Manifestation games with your Kids!

I’m sure we have conscious parents out there, I have two little ones and we love to manifest together. 

It always warms my heart to hear my kids run up to me and go “hey mom guess what i just manifested”  🙂 

I thought i’d spend some time sharing a few of our games we use together for manifesting.


In this video let’s talk about:
+ Let’s talk about my 3 tips on how to have more fun manifesting
+ Manifestation Games & Methods that are sooo easy to do
+ how to Manifest with your Kids with easy games to allow them to have a better encouraging life and have fun with manifesting. 

And oh so much more.

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And Next week we will talk about Tips on How to Manifest your Dream Career (in this world, this convo is beyond necessary)  stay tuned!

Have you tuned into the whole series yet? it’s such a vibe. Enjoy More from the How to Manifest series here:

Sending love,

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