Have you ever wondered about the journey of transformation and what it looks like to Shift your Mindset? I wanted to bring awareness to the process of Transformation. Often, when we think about mindset, we are probably not considering the process itself, more likely we think about the end result.

The Journey of Mastering my Mindset wasn’t always easy, there were many ups and downs. I am still working on my mindset and energy as it’s a daily practice to condition your mind for success. It’s a daily process to repeat and understand that Mindset is everything. All your symptoms and habits you feel, and what you created in your daily life are dominated by the results of your Mindset.

It’s an inner game you’re playing! This is why I decided to release this podcast episode all about the Mindset and Energetics behind transformation.

As you know(or maybe not) I released a new podcast called Awaken & Manifest Your Best Life. 

You can tune in to listen on Itunes and spotify.

Here’s My unfiltered talk on Transformation:

In the Second Episode, I released a powerful conversation on my unfiltered talk on the journey of personal Transformation.

This is one of my special podcast episodes as I take you a little behind the curtain. I NEVER did this before, aside from my Mind-body Revolution series. 

I know its long, so you have to really set aside some time to listen but OMG…

This is an unfiltered talk on How I personally see Transformation since originally waking up on the spiritual awakening path in 2011. 

I think it’s important to note: There’s a lot of gloss in the personal development space. There is a lot of fluff. I’m ALL ABOUT getting into the real, the grit and the practical advice of spirituality because THIS is what actually matters. 

Not that you have psychic potential – but what do you DO with it?

Not that you’re a starseed – but how do you apply the downloads you receive?

Not that you have ascension symptoms – but how do you navigate those negative emotions, change and heal yourself? 

How do we Navigate Change & Resistance in our Daily Lives?

If there’s anything i learned when first discovering energy is that I don’t see a lot of people out there actually talking about the repercussions, the navigation and How to Actually APPLY information. 

i’ve read so many new age books that tell me to meditate, hold crystals and pray, but

i’ve learned FEW, that actually communicated How to successfully navigate how to emotionally heal myself, regulate my nervous system and rewire patterns in my mind. 

So I asked myself: 

What Do The Mindset Shifts of Entering Transformation from Healing yourself internally to Manifesting a better-desired outcome, actually look like?

I reveal it all in this new podcast episode, exclusively for you. 

Let’s discuss:

+ How I really went from an Ungrounded Airy Fairy Stuck in emotional Overwhelm Into Authentically Reclaiming my Personal Power and how you can too. 

+ What it really means to Embody Spiritual awakening and Move away from the misaligned symptoms & stories that stop us in our tracks in fear.

+ Let’s have a real down to earth conversation as if i’m in your living room on the unfiltered version of what it really looks like to be on a journey of Transformation.

what we stand for at the awakened state – 

Practical Spiritual – No filler required. 😉 

I am so excited to bring this powerful episode to you! We are going DEEP into The journey of where it all started for me.

Some of what we cover in depth in the episode:

My thoughts on Soul Purpose,
Why our soul wakes up, Energy Shifting work,
Why Emotional Healing is so important for Awakened ones & How we can start to Manifest a Better Life for ourselves.

Here’s a little quote preview: 

“you are not alone on this journey, there are so many others, like you out there in the world who are experiencing exactly the same thing as you.

And not only do you have that power within you, you have intuitive capabilities, amazing gifts, transformative soul work that is just burning to come outside of you. Because you have a purpose” 

Tune in to the Podcast on your Favorite Platform here:
Episode 2: From Lost Ungrounded Empath to Mastering My Energy & Mind – The real talk 

Enjoy the Episode!

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