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Over the years I’ve truly evolved my Manifesting Practice, and as a result, I’ve done a LOT of techniques. 

Some are pretty fun, 

Some worked, some didn’t, and some felt like an absolute joke. 😆 

Today I wanted to feature a couple of them and how much my practice has changed over the years. 

We’re going behind the scenes to talk about different manifesting practices that work and what DOESN’T. 

Since practicing manifesting since 2013 I’ve learned a thing or fifty…about what will get you results. 

I’ve really learned how to stop wasting my time on things that don’t matter when it comes to manifesting 

And I’ve also streamlined my practice so that it’s way EASIER than I was originally making it out to be. 

If you recently watched my Free training Masterclass, You will also find a similar conversation on the 5 Manifesting secrets I believe you should be focused on vs wasting all your time, energy, and effort doing things that BARELY move the needle forward. 

This week’s youtube episode – 

Let me take you a little behind the scenes of what has worked fast and what hasn’t worked for me at all. Plus added commentary, visual props and spilling the tea on WHY I changed my manifesting practice over the years.

This is such a needed conversation in the manifesting space. 

Find out what I mean by Tuning in to this week’s episode. 

Watch on Youtube:

What are some of your favorite practices? Do you find yourself more drawn to particular manifesting practices than others? Do you find yourself ever focused on what beliefs would help support my manifesting or what habits would help support me?

Let me know in the comments!

Remember, the universe is inside of you
and you hold the power to design your life.

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Thanks so much for your Support!

Happy Manifesting 😘



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